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Odette Goulet

This is it.

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Odette had never been more nervous in her entire life. Not when she had come out to her parents, not when she had started transitioning or started taking her hormone potions, not even when she had started dating her boyfriend. But today was different, today she decided to give Apollo "the talk". They had been out of school and living together for some years now. They slept in the same bed as she had always liked cuddling with him. But that was the most that she had ever let happen. She loved him with everything she had and she knew that he loved her just as much. She had not had any sort of gender reassignment surgeries or anything of the sort, so as such there were still some parts of her body that she didn't like. There was absolutely no way that she had ever let Apollo see her naked but now she wanted to do more than that. She trusted him, there had been plenty of times when he had helped her when she was feeling insecure about her body. Now she wanted to take that next big step with him.


Right now she was taking one last look in the bathroom mirror and taking deep breaths to calm her nerves. She had put on some cute lingerie that she hoped Apollo was going to like underneath a cute dress that was both easy to get on and obviously off. She had hidden bottles of lube around the house as she knew that they were going to need it but wasn't sure where they would end up actually doing the deed. Now all she had to do was wait for Apollo to get home.

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