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01. A creature is defined as an animal or a person. Here on MA, we have consolidated the immense world of creaturedom. While we only offer a certain amount for actual characters, we offer secondary creatures that can be used for threads.


02. The creatures that we offer to our writers have been divided into two categories: alpha & omega. Writers are allowed to have three alpha-type creatures in the UK! We currently have no limits on omega-type characters and no ratios for both.


03. Due to the fact that creatures can be born or turned, we ask that writers fully read the descriptions given for each creatures. Some creatures are opened to a broader population of writers while others have slight restrictions due to the nature of the creature status. We attempt to provide a wide-range of creatures for all so that we can ensure everyone has a chance.


04. As always, we reserve the right to a seven day grace period from the time of posting to the time of addition to the wall for all requests.


05. Characters can be born as creatures or they can be turned into them. Our definitions for the allowed creatures are clear how a character can become a creature. All definitions are taken straight from the ENCYCLOPEDIA MAGICA. We attempt to offer a comprehensive set of guidelines for creatures, while remaining concise to ensure people have structure to follow.


06. With the exception of vampires and ghosts, all creatures (both born and turned) grow up, age, and die at the same rate as humans. Adulthood is universally reached at around seventeen or eighteen, aging is equivalent to that of humans (a fifty year old looks like a fifty year old, although those with veela blood tend to age more gracefully), and death from old age comes after somewhere around a century of life. Like witches and wizards, it is not uncommon for creatures to surpass a century of life; however, it is also not uncommon for them to live no longer than your average muggle. Vampires and ghosts, being already dead, neither age from the moment they became such, nor die of natural causes.


07. No creature may be turned into another creature, with the exception that all creatures (except vampires, who are already technically dead) may become ghosts when they die. Most creatures are simply genetically incompatible with each other; however, in the specific case of dhampirs and vampires, dhampirs already have contracted a partial case of vampirism and so are immune to the full thing. Likewise, human children of werewolves who do not present as werewolves at puberty are immune to contracting lycanthropy.


08. As mentioned, writers are allowed to have three alpha-type creatures per writer. This can be a combination of different alpha-type characters or it could be all the same. However, we do hope you will spice it up whenever possible. We currently have no limits on omega-type characters since these tend to be slightly more common.


09. Only the creatures that appear on the following list are the approved and accepted creatures for Magical Awakenings. The descriptions given are the only approved and accepted variations of the creatures of Magical Awakenings. The Site Owner(s) reserves the right to remove or add any creatures as they see fit for the good of the forums.


10. Creature claims are only held for NINETY (90) days. That means, regardless of the character or writer, you might lose your stuff if your last log-in date is NINETY (90) days past.




If you have not heard back on your request within SEVEN (7) DAYS, please send a message to the @SITE OWNER!






born this way, can't be turned.

Dhampirs are the offspring between a male vampire & a female mortal. While not a full vampire, Dhampirs are born with certain abilities that are found mainly in Vampires. While they do not feed on the living for survival, they have an immense sense of sight and smell and do have the occasional craving for very rare meat. They are not immortal. Many are highly trained in the art of Vampire Hunting due to their ability to connect with Vampires and understand their secretive movements. 

As mentioned, Dhampirs are the offspring between a male Vampire & female Mortal. However, the pregnancy and resulting birth can result in the death of the female Mortal if proper precautions are not taken leading up to the birth.


born this way, can't be turned.

Merpeople are sentient beasts that live underwater, and are found all over the world. Their customs and habits are mysterious, and, like the centaurs, were offered the being status but refused in favour of beast, as they didn't want to be placed in a status with Hags and Vampires. Merpeople can breathe above the waves for a time, while other sub-speices can live out of the water. These subspecies have the ability to grow legs and remain on land for certain amounts of time. 

Merpeople are creatures resembling half-human, half-fish hybrids (though they are not, in actuality, half-breeds). Like humans, merpeople come in a variety of appearances, though colors uncommon in humans appear to be widespread in merpeople. For instance, the majority of the Black Lake Merpeople colony had green hair, yellow eyes, and grey skin, all traits that would be very uncommon, if not impossible, for a human to naturally possess. Merpeople also seem to be taller than humans, with seven feet appearing to not be an unusual height, at least for a selkie. Merpeople are divided up into various sub-species or races, depending on where they live. The earliest merpeople lived in Greece, and were known as sirens. In modern times, those merpeople living in warmer waters take on a more beautiful appearance, while those in colder waters, such as the selkies of Scotland and the Merrows of Ireland, are less attractive. 

Merpeople are a sapient species, and would qualify for full being status if they did not, as a race, reject the classification. Their exact level of intelligence as compared to humans is unknown, however, they possess many traits beyond those of mere animals. Merpeople have a developed language, Mermish, and have even created music (which they are known, as a whole, to be fond of). 

Evidence that the Merpeople have a thriving culture is that they live in highly organized communities, some containing elaborate dwellings made of stone, and have been known to domesticate creatures such as the Grindylow, Hippocampus, and Lobalug (the latter being used as makeshift weaponry). Other signs of their intelligence include jewelry and weapon making, production of art (both paintings and statues), and an ability to understand basic communication via gestures. 

Merpeople with the ability to walk on land are able to breed with Beings. However, the birth is usually a difficult one and usually ends in a premature birth, miscarriage, or stillborn. Humans and merpeople by the physical nature cannot breed if the merperson doesn’t have the ability to walk on land. Likewise, most Merpeople prefer to mate with their own kind.


born this way, can't be turned.

For a great deal of time, Nephils were not recognized by the magical community, due to their rarity, and seemingly un-human characteristics. Nephils have long been described as the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men". They are part angel, and only a select few have wings. When blessed with wings they are beautiful and breathtaking, varying in size, color and design. Nephilims are usually very strong, almost inhuman, and beautiful. There is no other way to become a nephilim other than to be born one. 

Nephilims are the offspring of angels & mortal females.



usually turned, rarely born.

While in wolf form, Werewolves are classified as a Beast. However, when in their normal, human form, they are given the same classification as a Being. 

A werewolf is a human being who, upon the complete rising of the full moon, becomes a fearsome and deadly near-wolf. This condition is caused by infection with lycanthropy, also known as werewolfry. Werewolves appear in the form of a wolf but, there are distinctions between them and regular wolves. 

A mixture of powdered silver and dittany applied to a fresh bite will seal the wound and allow the victim to live on as a werewolf, although tragic tales are told of witches and wizards begging for death rather than becoming werewolves. The Wolfsbane Potion, invented by Damocles, allows the werewolf to keep their human mind during transformation. 

A werewolf cannot choose whether or not to transform and will no longer remember who they are and would kill even their best friend given the opportunity once transformed. Despite this, they are able to recall everything they have experienced throughout their transformation upon reverting to their human form. 

Lycanthropy is a magical illness known to be spread by contact between saliva and blood; thus, when a transformed werewolf bites a human, the bitten will become a werewolf themselves. Most Muggles, however, will die from the extent of their injuries. If a werewolf is in human form and bites the victim (or their saliva comes in contact with an open area), they will merely gain lupine tendencies such as a fondness for rare meat. Any bite or scratch obtained from a werewolf, whether in human or animal form, will leave permanent scars. 

Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for lycanthropy. However, some of the worst effects can be mitigated by consuming Wolfsbane Potion, which allows a werewolf to retain his or her human mind while transformed, thus freeing him or her from the worry of harming other humans or themselves. It is a very difficult potion to make, with many complicated ingredients. 

Though they can live otherwise normal lives, on every full moon a werewolf will go through an incredibly painful transformation from a human into a wolf-like creature. They lose the ability to think in a human way, becoming highly aggressive towards humans — even those to whom they are close. Though werewolves usually only infect their victims through biting, they sometimes take it too far and kill their victims. 

Without any humans nearby to attack, or other animals to occupy it, the werewolf will attack itself out of frustration. This leaves many werewolves with self-inflicted scars and premature aging from the difficult transformations. 

Werewolves can be easily distinguished from regular wolves by their shorter snout, more human-like eyes, the tufted tail, and their mindless hunting of humans whilst in wolf form. At all other times, they appear as normal humans, although they will age prematurely, and will gain a pallor as the moon approaches and then wanes. 

Lycanthrophy can be passed down in the blood of a parent. Due to the nature of the disease, it would be a full-blown case of Lycanthropy. However, children resulting after that will not be affected by the disease. If two werewolves mate at the full moon, in their animal forms, something very strange happens. The result of their mating, which has only ever occurred twice throughout history, has been a pack of wolf cubs — actual wolf cubs — who grow to become very beautiful wolves and can only be distinguished from true wolves by their near-human intelligence.


can only be turned.

Vampires are one of the most well known creatures in the world and are also haunted by the most misconceptions. Many vampires you will encounter on do not fall into most of the common stereotypes. 

Vampires are turned by being bitten by another of the undead race, nearly drained of their blood, and then drinking from he vampire who originally bit them. Upon being turned, they remain the age in which they were bitten. Their physical appearance is maintained by drinking blood. They are able to eat normal food, but do not do so for it makes them sick. Holy water, crucifixes and other religious symbols do not affect these creatures, as that is a myth. Garlic doesn't bother them either. The only sure fire way to kill them is to stake them through the heart, or to decapitate them and burn their bodies. Thus, they have an unhealthy, but reasonable, fear of fire. 

Vampires lose their shadows and reflections gradually, as do their senses become more pristine over time. After full development, they will be able to hear the pulse of their prey from very far away, varying on their development. They have a very killer sense of smell and are able to see in the dark. Sunlight hurts their eyes, and their skin, though they do not burst into flames at contact. They can be burnt by sunlight, but the ministry has created potions and articles of clothing they can wear to allow them to dwell in the day time. Though they do not need sleep, most prefer to "Rest" during the daytime to avoid having to register with the ministry. 

Certain vampires are gifted with the ability of being a day walker. The ability is normally seen in older vampires. 

It is impossible for two Vampires to breed, however a male Vampire can breed with a female Mortal which will result in the birth of a Dhampir.






A ghost is the disembodied spirit of a once-living wizard or witch. Only magical beings can become ghosts. These fleshless spirits were either afraid of death or have some extraordinarily strong connection to the locations they haunt. In their paranormal state, ghosts are unable to have much physical influence. They are visible, and appear as a greyish-silver apparition of their former (living) selves. They pass through solid objects without damaging themselves or the material, but create disturbances in water, fire and air. The temperature drops in the immediate vicinity of a ghost. Their appearance can also turn flames blue. 

In passing through an object, they may impart a sensation of icy coldness. Ghosts also appear to celebrate their deathday. They tend to be very sensitive concerning the circumstances of their death, often showing great hesitancy when asked by others how they died. 

They are also weightless and may fly in any direction. Ghosts cannot be destroyed, however, they may be petrified with the gaze of a Basilisk. Ghosts may also be repelled by magical light, and therefore will retreat from a Wand-Lighting Charm. Ghosts can also be frightened and retreat from a Skurge Charm, which will also clean up any ectoplasm that they have precipitated. 

As ghosts are imprints of souls of the said deceased wizards and witches, they are unable to move beyond the veil, and are forever trapped in the world of living as intangible beings, knowing nothing about the afterlife. Due to this, few would choose this path. 


Half-giants are beings with some, but not a total, amount of giant heritage or blood, as well as part human blood. For instance, a human might have a giant mother and a wizard father or vice versa. However, the logistics of a normal-sized witch bearing a half-giant baby are difficult if not impossible to imagine, let alone the logistics of this sort of conception. 

All known half-giants had magical blood, and were capable of producing magic, traits they received from their witch or wizard ancestors. It is unknown as to whether they will still have magic if the human parent was a muggle; they may receive magic from the giant parent, but as there have been no known non-magical half-giants a definite answer cannot be deduced. From their giant family they usually retained a large height and build, they were usually considered extremely tall by human standards and short by giant standards. They also retained the natural resistance to most types of magical attacks from their giant blood. 


The Veela are a race of semi-human, semi-magical humanoids reminiscent of the Sirens of Greek mythology. Little is known about their biology; they appear to be young, beautiful humans. Their looks and especially their dance is magically seductive to almost all other beings, which causes them to perform strange actions in order to get nearer to them. 

Veela are thought to have their own type of magic which does not require a wand. When Veela are angry, however, they transform into something more like Harpies — their faces turn into cruel-beaked bird heads while long scaly wings burst from their shoulders, and they can launch balls of fire from their hands. Veela seem to be quite an irascible race. 

Veela have been known to marry outside of their own race, although it is unknown whether any have married Muggles. 

It is possible for Veelas to breed with other Beings. A full veela is someone born to two veelas. A half veela would have one parent who is a full veela. A witch or wizard with 1/4 of veela blood would have come from a parent that was a half veela. Finally, a witch or wizard with 1/8 of veela blood would have come from a parent that had 1/4 of veela blood. 

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