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Kensi Westcott

In the Square

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The thought process behind this game comes from this picture.




We're in a great square in some wizarding space. There are tables and couches over there... A fountain bubbling away over here. Food is plentiful and any one who is still active on MA, including OOC mods, are fair game.


I have a ball. Its big and bouncy and red.


The question is can you keep the story going in 2 paragraphs or less?


Ready. Set. Go!


Kensi was sitting on a bench people watching one bright and sunny summer afternoon. Spotting @Alexander Cahill across the way the girl used both hands to lob the ball she'd been holding at the back of his gloriously blond head. She then experienced a pang of regret, but what was done was done.

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Alex had been sitting by the fountain when a thud across the back of his head snapped  him out of his thought process and splashing into the fountain "what the.." He said as he looked to find a big red ball beside him and kensi on the other side of the fountain, guilt on her face.


Deciding on joining the impromptu game, Alex picked up the ball and with both hands hurled it towards @Professor Ashley Rose

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