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Magical Awakenings {MA}

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It was a few days before their big day Helios and Zella were going to be joined together under god. Well if you believed in that anyway Helios didn’t he didn’t believe in the afterlife or god or anything in between. They had decided to get married in Venice and they had all arrived a few days before everyone else. One to make sure everything was in working order and two so they could enjoy some family time together the three of them.  Helios, Z and their son. Checking into the hotel Helios smiled as they had a big family room until the wedding, traditional man Helios he didn’t want to see his bride until the actual wedding so they would be sleeping alone for one night. 


Being checked in he asked if their bags can be taken up straight away before turning to smile at his beautiful fiancée and son. he walked over letting z know they were checked in. The hotel even has child care facilities if they needed to take a small break. Taking her hand he kissed it as he then kissed Damon’s head. Perfect family, “so baby what would you like to do, we can go check the venue, have lunch, swim, gym, relax in the gardens, unpack some stuff, um we could enjoy the spa and leave Damon with someone or we can hang out in our room” he said wanting to give her he first choice, knowing she wouldn’t pick going to the gym but that’s what was on offer. 

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Zella was stressed out. So many things left to do before the big day. She wanted it to be perfect. She had no issue with the whole do not see the bride before the wedding, she thought it was adorable that Helios wanted that, made it more exciting for her. She was cooing at Damon pointing to random lights and objects talking non stop to him as it helped him not to cry. She smiled back as Helios turned to her and as he walked over to them, she brushed her lips against his after he kissed her hand and Damon's head.

Having given up all hopes of seeing her parents attend the wedding, she had decided not to have any bridesmaids or any of the things she had wished for since she didn't feel close enough to anyone and had lost her twin sister a few months back. She snaked an arm around Helios's waist as the other held the baby and said leaning against her man: "I want some alone time with my sexy fiancé...We can drop off Damon and then be just us." Oh how she had wanted to smack him for that gym suggestion.

Was he saying she was fat again? Seriously? This close to their wedding day? She glared at him for a minute saying that if she ever heard the word gym or any comment on her looks from him he could always find someone else to wed. That's how pissed she was about that right now. After all, she had made real efforts about eating healthy and doing some exercises while he wasn't watching or just napping with the baby. She had lost almost all of her baby weight and she was proud of it.

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Bruno and Reyna would be attending the night before the wedding along with the other guests. Helios was worried about Reyna since the birth of their twins but he knew she had the best care with her family support medical support and Bruno’s support. Though for now his main focus was on his blushing to be bride and his son, Damon. They didn’t have much left to do other than relax that was for sure and this is why he wanted to come a few days before the wedding. 


As z wrapped her arm around him he grinned down at her being that much taller than her. He loved her with every single beat of his heart. She was perfect and he just wished her family would love and accept her too. He knew the day of the wedding would be hard but she had his family too well his uncles and that his parents were dead and he didn’t speak to his twin. 


“Your wish is my command baby, what do you want to do? Maybe some lunch?” He said a little peckish, he only offered the gym

to have a good work out before the wedding mainly for himself not for her. Z had struggled to gain her confidence back after having Damon and together they lost the baby weight. He wasn’t calling her fat Just he liked the idea of them working out together again, though this time he wouldn’t be so hard on her. Seeing the glare he frowned unsure what he had done. “What have I done now?” He asked looking at her. 

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