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Magical Awakenings {MA}
Abigail Perrette

It felt like it was Opening day

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Everything had went fine after the few mishaps on opening day. A small few things that had gone a bit haywire but were actually taken care quickly and gotten back into order withbno dekay in food waits. Now that meant that abby could actually trust her staff to do their jobs without having to look in every five sevonds to make sure people weren't slacking off.


Sitting at the bar, sipping on a strawberry daiquiri, minus the liquor, just in case she needed to jump on the line, abby looked through some of the numbers in her books that were on the bar before shutting them and handing them off to her manager to lock up in the safe "if you need me steven bill be here...make she the fillet for table 6 is medium rare... The last time it was a bit well done and the plates were cold.." She said then went back to her drink.



(Abby s outfit)


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Dakota apparated to France since he wanted to go somewhere he hadn't been before and it would have been a good thing for him to get out and explore more places rather than stay in Norway. He heard about a restaurant that was opening up and he just had to check it out. He wandered over to where it was and he was going to find where it was by himself since he wasn't the type of person to ask for directions. It took him some time but in the end he ended up finding the place. He walked in and looked around and thought that it was a nice place. He sat down at the bar and was going to order a drink when he noticed a beautiful woman there. He looked her way and gave her a slight smile before saying "hello there you look quite beautiful."


(Dakota's outfit)gallery_paul-walker-fast.jpg

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