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Magical Awakenings {MA}
Windsor Ashley

WIsh you were always here

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Windsor had been on a tour for quite sometime and honestly the heart felt a bit lonely out on the road. She missed a certain someone that she rarely got to hangout with. They hadn't got to do that duet that they wanted to do and she was missing him. Walking the street gave her a bit of time to think as she tucked her hands into her jacket, her blue hair lightly blowing around a bit as she sucked in a breath. She couldn't think straight for once and she had no idea what to make of it.


Little did she know he band mates, whom had headed home for the holidays while she was out walking, had sent Alek a long drawn out letter about how Windsor and how she barely did anything without talking about him when they were overseas and on tour and how she couldn't sleep some nights and stayed up late talking about things. They last part of their letter mentioned that she was out walking and were to find her and that he needed to find her, even if she wasn't willing to admit it out loud to him at that moment when they were first together. She was in love with him and they felt that she wouldn't be happy until he actually got her to admit to her feelings.


Windsor made her way past the opening to park and went walking through the park as the leaves were falling, a nip filling the air as the park was a bit bar, the sun setting just over the trees, providing a flickering of iridescent lights that danced over the sky.

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Sure he might have been on tour with his bandmates but there was just one thing that Alek had still left to finish up which was recording the duet he was working on with Windsor. He didn't have any time to record it before since the both of them were on tour and they were never in the same place at the same time. He knew that since the rest of his bandmates went home for the holidays it would have been the perfect time to finish the duet with her. He put on his coat and made his way towards the park. He had missed her and he still had feelings for her. He just wanted to see her again so that they could catch up and maybe before either of them have to go back on tour again they would finish the duet and maybe he would find out how she really felt about him.

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