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Magical Awakenings {MA}

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The Dragon Pox Plot Rules & Info

BTW, thank you to one of our writers for this idea, and HP wiki for some info.

  1. The disease Dragon Pox was originally contracted by wizards working closely with Peruvian Vipertooths, before becoming a widespread wizarding disease.

  2. Dragon Pox is a virus that can be picked up by either humans or dragons, and is the primary reason dragon animagi are so rare.

  3. Much like chicken pox the disease presents with a low grade fever on the 8th day after exposure. On the 12th day the pale green rash breaks out.

  4. Dragon Pox is contagious from day 2.

  5. The elderly (80+) and infants are the most likely to have a fatal reaction to the Pox.

  6. Dragon Pox itch.

  7. Outside the Hospitals, who have a supply on hand, the treatment for Dragon Pox takes 45 days to brew.

  8. If you receive a PM saying you are exposed you can not tell anyone till a minimum of 6 days have passed. **Unless you are exposing them.

  9. In order to be infected you must post back to a carrier in any EMU or Abroad thread. You will receive a PM from the Carrier telling you you have been exposed. IT IS UP TO THE WRITER IF THEIR CHARACTER BECOMES INFECTED and can pass on the Pox to others.

  10. Due to the flowy nature of RP time:

  • You can only be exposed in threads that are based during the school year.

  • The RL days start counting upon receipt of the INFECTED PM.

  1. Day 2, Contagious.

  2. Day 8, Fever.

  3. Day 12, Rash

  4. Day 22, if death is going to occur it happens about now. If not, pale green scars begin to form.

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The Carrier has been chosen and returned to school. Please watch for PMs as you post around Beauxbatons. Staff, students, & adults who come into contact during Town Weekends are available for exposure.

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