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Anders Morten

Stroll in the gardens

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Anders wasn't sure about the idea of romance since his parents' marriage had been rough. It was sometimes difficult for him to deal with the constant fighting between his parents but he thought that now that he graduated from Durmstrang things would be better. His grandparents were the ones who gave him hope that true love hasn't died. He hoped that he would get the job he applied for at the UMC working in the beings department but he had to give it all time and maybe he would hear back from them but he just had to be patient.


He heard about the gala that was being held and he thought that it would be a good idea to take a stroll through the gardens maybe by himself or with a special lady. He was thinking about asking if Elise was going to the UMC gala and if she wanted to take a stroll through the gardens with him. He knew that there was a chance that she might say no to him and he wasn't going to feel awful if she were to reject him he would just end up going by himself which he wouldn't have minded.

@Elise Larsen

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