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Welcome to the Summer Gala!

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Invitation to the Gala.




I hope this invitation reaches you as you enjoy the end of the Summer season. It has been a month of learning for myself as I settle into this new role. To celebrate all that we have accomplished and look toward the future, I hope you and yours can join me for the Summer Gala.


Since the creation of the UMC in 2015, each Supreme Mugwump has thrown a party during the Summer season for many individuals. During this Gala, I am pleased to welcome all who can attend, provided they are of age in the magical community. Likewise, for the first time, this Gala will welcome Squibs from around the globe - as we work toward one goal: Unity.


That is the theme of our event: Unity. Please flip this over to read all the details and I hope to have a moment with you at the event.


All of my love,

Simone Cruz

Supreme Mugwump





The Gala will be held on August 24th and the Atrium will open to guests starting at 8pm. Upon successful RSVP to this invitation, the receiver and their guest will be sent a lime-green colored floo powder.  This floo powder, along with a series of fireplaces in the area, will transport them to the event. More information will be delivered upon RSVP.


This year's theme is Unity. The Supreme Mugwump requests that guests in attendance dress in black tie and come ready to dance the night away. This event is an adult only event and anyone under the legal adult age will not be allowed into the Atrium. Parents are welcomed to bring children - a party for children and teens will be held elsewhere in the UMC headquarters.


Wands will be allowed to be carried, however we warn our fellow brothers and sisters to use caution. The use of magic within the Atrium is strictly prohibited and can result in imprisonment.


We hope to see you in a few weeks!





Writers are welcomed to create topics as they feel fit. Please remember, your character has no clue where the HQ is and can't find out. The night sky is clear, which is weird since we, as writers, know the UMC is under water. The moon isn't full, but it is spectacular and lights the space up nicely. The weather is mild - perfect.


The event runs from July 8 - July 31, 2017. You will get a week to move threads to Yesterday or request them to be moved before everything is locked up.


The following areas are "RP spots" to include in your topics!


Dance Floor - In the middle of the Atrium, you can come on and get your groove on. A live band sits off the to the right and they take requests!


The Barrelhouse - In the northern section of the Atrium, come on into the Barrelhouse! Inside you can grab some good drinks and even better food. And you will look so fabulous in your black tie!


Reception Area - Spanning the southern section, you will find a lovely white tent. Inside, the tent expands to provide folks with a place to sit and enjoy the company of their fellow magical brethren. A string quartet sits off to the corner, playing soft music, and a large table sits at the front of the tent - a place for the newly elected SM to sit and entertain guests.


The Gardens - Seemingly all around you are many gardens. Take a stroll with that cutie you brought along - or just go find some flowers. They are meant to be taken - enjoy!

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