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Lucian Richards

Niall Donovan: The New Headmaster

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The New Headmaster, during a recent press event.

With the election only just behind us, and Simone Cruz working to settle into her new job as Supreme Mugwump, the answer of Hogwarts leadership has finally been answered. It was announced, in a parting letter from SM Cruz to Hogwarts students and staff, that Professor Niall Donovan would take her place as leader of the school, effective immediately. In the letter, obtained by the Prophet from a reporter with two children at the school, SM Cruz noted Donovan's commitment to "ensuring each and every student, no matter who or what, are educated." She goes on to refer to him as a "dear and old friend"and ended the letter with her full blessing of the appointment.

Some are shocked that the current Deputy, Ashley Rose, wasn't promoted. However, there are no hard feelings. My sources say that Deputy Rose, who married SM Cruz last year, was never truly interested in the top spot. The person, close to both women, say that Rose isn't interested in the top spot because of her wife's rise to Supreme Mugwump. "She wants to be there to support Simone right now. If she took the job, one I doubt she would ever want, it would be so overwhelming for them and their families."

Either way, we look forward to seeing what all of this new leadership can bring to our community. Donovan, who was serving as the Head of Ravenclaw and professor of Transfiguration, is facing some tough choices ahead. We know he will need to find his own replacement, and rumor has it the head of Slytherin was last saw venturing into the Dark Forest and has not been seen since.

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