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Found 3 results

  1. When they had been in school, Georgi had mixed feelings about going to the school dances. Before he had met Dimi and Zephyr going to dances had been pretty boring, but afterwards they had been kinda fun if he was with one or both of them. Then they had both graduated and went off to do their own things while he still had another year of school left. But that was fine because now he was out of school and had completely moved in with the two wonderful men while he was looking for a job. Georgi had read about the gala in the Daily Prophet and he thought that it would be something fun to do with his boyfriends. So he was all dressed up in his suit while he waited for the two of them to get ready.
  2. Beginning of RP Georgi let out a soft groan under his breath when he felt Dimi's tongue on his lips. He didn't realized that he was already breathing harder until he pulled away from kissing Dimi and nodded at what Zephyr said. He was enjoying feeling Zephyr's hands on his skin so he reached down and grabbed the hem of his tshirt before he pulled it off over his head.
  3. Beginning of RP Georgi smiled as Zephyr chuckled at him, before he nodded when he said that they should all take some cooking lessons once they were living together. He chuckled softly when he said that it was to make sure that none of them poisoned each other. "Ya, I think that's a good idea. Once we all know how to cook, we can take turns making dinner for each other." He smiled at his boyfriend. Georgi nodded when Zephyr said that the tournament would be safer this year because they were taking extra precautions.