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Found 16 results

  1. At the French Ministry, it was a case of Dead Man's Boots if you wanted to get anywhere within it's white walls so when an opportunity arose for the Head of the IMC (International Magical Cooperation) and the British Ministry, the young Alana Auberjonois went for it. Her senior postion in the French counterpart put her in good stead, she knew everything there was to know about negotiating, the political movement within the majority of every Ministry. Her intelligence and looks made her a double threat and many often wondered if it was because of this that she managed to get what she wanted. Alana's physical apperance was something she never used, her brain was and she utilised it well. Her first day within the Ministry was fraught with paper work and security which the young French woman knew it would be along with longing looks, side glances and with distain from other female co-workers. Clearly, they had never had someone so well put together and sure of themselves at such a young age in a postion of such importance. As she settled down in her new office, her turquoise eyes went over parchment after parchment of things that needed doing and negotiations that needed to be sorted. Yes, this was indeed going to be a long process.
  2. LOOKING TO WRITE? OR GOT A THREAD OPENED FOR FUN? Looking to thread? Or maybe you have an open thread that you wanna advertise? Or hell, maybe you are looking for an open thread to crash? Well look no further. Please remember to edit your posts once it's taken or once you find a place to rp. Links are the best <3
  3. Ryo had recently moved to France, and first thing he noticed was that people hated when he spoke. Nobody understood him at all: his accent was too strange and he didn't know a lick of French.The only languages he knew were Japanese and English, and his English was questionable at times. He often spoke rather formally, which people found odd. Not that he spoke that often. The vampire had a bad habit of just observing without saying a word. Like he had been today. Ryo sat straight in his chair, occasionally sipping his cup of tea and nibbling on whatever pastry he managed to mumble off in his anxious ordering stupor, and staring at another customer across the cafe. His phone buzzed in his pocket, startling him. Letting out a sigh, he pulled the pink flip phone from his pocket. It was a text from his supplier. | Can't get it till next week. Sorry. You'll get a discount, I promise. | Ryo frowned and texted back. | That is going to make things difficult. I certainly hope you can get it before then. | He hadn't properly eaten in a few weeks now. Staving off was kinda what he did, but even he had his limits. Putting his phone away, he resumed staring at the person from earlier and took another sip of tea to ease the throbbing in his stomach.
  4. RP takes place in June 2024. Harrison had went way overboard. He had invited the citizens of Ottery St. Catchpole to donate a book and take a book. However, he had gotten more books than they had ended up taking and he was having a hard time finding the extra space. With the building being in a mixed community, he couldn't just do things with magic without keeping it a secret. He had already expanded the hidden magical section nearly thrice it's original size and he wasn't done yet. Plus, he needed to get things organized before his vacation - one whole month at the Wizarding Fair! He had decided to stay open, even as he moved whole sections of the bookstore around, and he perked up when the bell over the door rang. The first customer of the day was one he always liked to personally greet. "Hello-ah! If you need anything, let me know." He had moved from behind one stand, waved, and nodded to the new customer.
  5. June 2024 (open!) Normally when the weekend rolled around, working adults jumped at the chance to catch up on sleep and enjoy their personal hobbies. Unfortunately, someone forgot to give Jasper that same memo. The young man did not understand the essence of taking a break. His hardworking personality prevented him from ignoring his studying as a 'trainee healer' and the endless reading that seemed to come with it. He was living proof that the Helse Magical Hospital truly worked their trainees to the bone. A fine example of what others students who aspired to be healers could look forward to with the dark circles under his brown eyes and a slightly paler complexion. Even with his lack of sleep, Jasper was too stubborn and driven to let his reading pile up. Far from the hospital, he had decided to change settings in hopes to regain his studying momentum. The tea shop itself was a place he had often studied in as a Durmstrang student, so he had hoped it's familiarity would help him get through a few more bland chapters on common magical diseases. After an hour of drinking tea and staring at the sprawled book on the two-person table, he found it frustratingly harder and harder to read. Rubbing his forehead and closing his eyes, he tried to recall the last sentence he had reread twice now. "The symptoms of dragon pox are... a reddish tinge...? With... red-blue spots...?" he mumbled to himself, trying to recall the last ailment he just been looking over. Opening his eyes to glance at the page, he frowned when he realized he was incorrect. Folding his arms on the table, he propped his chin on top of them and tiredly glared at the page like it was becoming the bane of his existence. "Purple and green..." he corrected himself. Closing his eyes he tried to burn that fact into his mind, unconsciously shifting his head to the side as his body decided his arms were quite the comfy pillow. "Why call it dragon pox then?" he yawned, his voice beginning to fade, "Whose ever seen a purple dragon...?" He was left with that thought as he unwillingly drifted to sleep with his head resting on the table. It seemed his body was more stubborn than his mind, demanding he take a nap even if it was in a tea shop of all places....
  6. Blaise was born and bread a french man he adored the city of lights/love as much as the next romantic guy why was it so hard to find someone. He didn't have a current job as he just got back from traveling in Thailand for three years, it had been a trip of a life time he had met some girls/boys out but nothing sparked romance. Just flings he he enjoyed them but not enough to ask for more, sighing he was hanging around the Eiffel tower. Sitting on the grass with a backpack he pulled out a sketch book and began to sketch the tower as he ruffled his hair as he pulled out a bottle of water. Sipping it he placed it down and continued the grey, black and white sketch. Blaise always had a knack for drawing/painting things which was a passion of his. He looked up every now and then to see on passengers go and then returned back to his pad, Thailand was beautiful. The nice waters, beautiful creatures and locations it was a dream and he enjoyed what he got up to, studying new things and trying new things. Food, culture and much more as he looked down at his page stopping as he flicked through his book at his sketches for Thailand. He missed the place he would of stayed too but his grandad got seriously ill so he came back to look after him.
  7. July 2024 - 7:46 am (open) Lately Luka’s wallet had become much lighter than he preferred. Unfortunately, his odd jobs alone were struggling to keep up with paying for his rent, food, and vices. This would explain why his brown eyes were subtly glancing from one passing person to the next, attempting to find an easy mark in the crowd for his sticky fingers. Breaking into a home and stealing a few items would be an easier and safer option for the thief, but lets be honest… He enjoyed the adrenaline rush that came with slipping someone’s wallet or watch from under their nose. Paris itself had an endless amount of easy targets. With the chaos brought by tourists, it was easy to slip in and out of the flocks of people completely unnoticed. While the man was finishing his morning coffee on a street bench, he had already noticed several potential options brought by the morning rush. Hopefully in their blind dashes to work they would not give his presence much extra notice. Standing up from the street bench, Luka tucked back a strand of black hair that had become loose from his bun. He knew it was time to get to work before he lost his window of opportunity. Tossing the empty container into the trash, the man watched the approaching target he had chosen from across the street. Intertwining his fingers, he gently cracked his knuckles and stretched his arms, wanting to be loose in case this all went sour. With his target several meters away, Luka casually made his way across the street and diverted his eyes to look at the shops. He was experienced enough to know staring at the mark would be too suspicious. Keeping a normal pace, he continued his ‘window shopping’ before he ‘accidentally’ collided into the other person’s shoulder sharply. It would enough force even to make the thief wince, but his focus was still trained on his task and preparing himself to adapt depending on how his target reacted.
  8. Indu was bored. It was a lazy Monday afternoon and the bar was looking after itself with only a few customers. A few of her angels were working in the private rooms, but most were off or floating around looking for something to do. Wandering into the casino area the witch looked around. Spotting a table who actually had someone at it. She didn't recognize the face, but that only meant they hadn't caused a problem since she opened the club. Indu had only lived in the area about a year now, but things were going well. Sitting down at the black jack table, she motioned one of the girls to bring her a drink. "Would you like anything?" She asked her fellow player, while the dealer was shuffling the deck.
  9. JUNE 2024 Melisande preferred light colors, and parasols were a must with her abnormal complexion. With her useless wings on her back she looked more like a cosplayer some days than a run of the mill fourteen year old girl, so she just sort of embraced it ... at least to some extent, at least some days. Today Meli was out with her mother, doing some early school shopping and they'd decided to stop for some ice cream. It was hot, so it was a bit crowded, and Melisande was perched at the last available outdoor tale (a four-top) with her unicorn ice cream cone while her mother took care of something at a nearby shop. Since her wings hardly looked real in the sense that they were so small (stunted, according to her angelic father) she could wear them out even around muggles without much trouble. People saw what they wanted to see, after all.
  10. Aimee wrote letters frequently, back home, to friends at other schools, to penpals around the world, to muggle neighbors (these would be sent home and posted via muggle post that routed them via where she supposedly went to school, all the post offices throughout the world had wizards in them, it seemed and somehow knew how to detect letters from students at school). She loved to write. Today's letter was, in fact, to her grandmother, upon the occasion of her birthday. Her grandmother was her favorite, and she really rather enjoyed writing to her. She also enjoyed watching the owls fly out of the windows. And so, she had stood here for a few minutes watching other owls swoop in and out in the early sunrise, before the rest of the castle really woke up.
  11. The dull atmosphere was making Vin restless; the air around him had gone stale. One could only do so many push-ups or stare at a blank wall, before one's sanity would start to degrade, if it hadn't already begun been before incarceration. Despite this Vincent was just as charming and whimsical as he had always been, a little worn out but still enchanting. Lately, he craved interaction. Touch. Something that made him feel like a person again, not just another prisoner. The guards couldn't always ignore him, right? Calling out to them, he waited in anticipation. Would they come? His skin tingled.
  12. Gideon Weasley

    RP takes place in June 2024. Gideon had zero interest in magical creatures - if it wasn't for his practical knowledge, he would have probably failed out of the coursework. However, one couldn't be the adopted son of Charlie Weasley and not have some knowledge about the creatures that inhabited the world around them. It just wasn't something that fascinated or drew his interests. Now, potions, those were his obsession. He was only in the dragon enclosure to support his pa and he had basically stayed to himself in the small building the dragon folks used to relax and research. His face was stuck in a book about - yep you guessed it - potions. He hadn't even realized someone was trying to speak to him.
  13. RP takes place in July 2024. Lorelei had been shocked when the invite had arrived to speak during the Wizarding Fair. She was generally aloof to the colleagues within her profession and she wasn't usually known for her public speaking. However, it had been a dream at one point, when Jack was still alive. They had planned to do so much - unify the muggle and magical world, one person at a time. And she would be free to study her other love and obsession: dragons. But that had all died with her husband and she retreated. She nearly said no to the lecture - but Jack had come to her and demanded she do it - such is life. The lecture had went well and Lorelei was just finishing up the queue of folks who had been clamoring for more - more questions, more autographs, more everything. She was thankful to come to the last person, her smile stretched and tired. "Thank you for coming." She spoke those four words and reached out to shake the person's hand.
  14. Lucy Banks

    Throughout the two centuries Lucy had walked the earth, dance had always been a pure joy. She had witnessed the ebb and flow of many popular dances and found that it was an easy way to connect with nearly everyone. Not that she was always able to do the dances all that well. And Lucy had much she felt like celebrating. She had been an early and fervent supporter of Simone Cruz and the woman's election had been a long time coming. Plus, she knew the gala music would be better than the last. She had already kicked off her shoes and was pulling folks to the dance floor!
  15. RP takes place in late July 2024. Wilma really needed to start telling people no. Her inability to say the simple word had gotten her roped into working two doubles in a row. Meanwhile, the person she had agreed to cover for was off having a fun old time on vacation. Not that Wilma felt she could really be bitter or angry at anyone else but herself - and yet she knew if she wasn't working she would have been sitting around her flat. After her last relationship fizzled, Wilma had dedicated most of her time to work, wine, and chocolates. On her last hour break of the whirlwind shift, Wilma flopped down into one of the chairs littering the cafeteria and pulled in a deep breath. She slowly let it out, her eyes closing, and her head slowly falling back to rest lightly on the wall behind her. Only six more hours to go and then you can go home and sleep and do nothing. That was running through her head when she felt the person take a seat near her.
  16. Luna Scamander

    EARLY JULY 2024 The end of a long work trip followed by actually spending a little time with her family had prevented Luna from going to visit the European Wizarding Fair until it had been opened for nearly a month. Thankfully that did nothing to lessen the spectacle, although she had not been there at all long before she was drawn to the creature section of the affair. She wandered happily through the rows of animals, most of which sounded pretty content. After a while, something caught on her empathy. It was strange - something that she was having trouble identifying right off. It was annoying, like a pebble in her shoe, and when she finally found the source she spotted a person who had been ... following her, maybe? With the source found, the annoyance was less, and she gave them her normal dreamy smile. "Do I know you?"