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Found 2 results

  1. Tatiana Roberts

    Weekend after his birthday. Tatiana had been super organising something very special for Kenneth she wanted it to be perfect. This was the only thing she could think of that would make it up to him for her mistakes she had made recently. She had no idea what he would think of this and she didn't have any time to change her mind everything was set up. Tatiana had been that busy she had forgot about herself and all her stuff was done last minuet she had booked a nice lake cabin for them and asked Kenneth to meet her there during the day. She had packed his things so all he needed to do was bring himself. She had a secret surprise for him. The lake was beautifully decorated and she stood at the end with a smile spread on her face waiting for him to arrive at the cabin inside the room was a note telling him to undress and put on the clothes inside the wardrobe and meet her in said location. Tat was wearing This dress her hair up like This without the birds carrying These. Tat was so nervous it was unreal she couldn't wait for him to arrive and see this surprise.
  2. RP takes place in early August 2024. It had been months, maybe even years, since Jericho had gotten as angry and foolish as he had this previous evening. He had arranged a meeting with those high in his black market organization - money had been going missing and always seemed to be short. The evening crumbled into a shouting match and ended with Jericho slitting the throats of four of his former lieutenants. The rest, proven not guilty, were given new marching orders and the bodies orchestrated - all with the thank you notes that had long been Jericho's little crime scene present. After washing away the blood, and then washing away the evidence that Kenneth might find, he lowered himself into the armchair that sat across from the large bay windows. He rolled his head back, supported by the back of the chair, and soon found himself drifting off - the first bit of sleep in days. @Kenneth Carlton-Croft