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  1. Dax Smith

    @Bartholomew Lloyd Dax was supposed to be getting a new employee today. He didn't know who it was going to be though so he just mentally prepared himself for an onslaught of emotions. Be it nervousness or something else entirely. He would be prepared so that he wouldn't lose what little control he had over his own emotions due to his ability. He only hoped that he'd hopefully get a hard worker rather than someone who'd laze about. But more than that he hoped that he would gain a friend and maybe they'd go to a bar or something and hang out. That was what he was really wanting to do. Business was slow once school let in so he didn't really have customers to worry about which was great for him because he could have the time to try some new stuff. Make new things and all that. This was like his livelihood and he enjoyed it very much. It got him to think and get to know new students coming through even some adults that needed new wands because something happened to theirs. He looked up from what paperwork he was doing when he heard the door chime to someone's entering. "Sorry I'm afraid I wasn't paying attention. What can I do for you?" He asked the man who walked in tilting his head to the side deep in thought. He would try and touch his mind to feel his emotions but he didn't want to intrude but if he got to emotional he would have no choice. But that was okay. And he looked cute so he didn't want to intrude on anything. "Oh wait... you're here for the job aren't you?" He asked it finally clicking in his mind that this man was the person whose paperwork he was looking over for the past few minutes. "So sorry for the mess but it can't really be helped!" He said cheerfully.
  2. Okay so I have quite a few unplotteds which I will list below! If interested post below or pm me here, facebook, or discord! Students @Ryland Jacosta 11 Years old|| 1st Year Gryffindor|| Bisexual|| Unplotted Bold, Sarcastic, Defensive @Mackenzie Hart 11 Years Old|| 1st Year Gryffindor|| Pansexual|| Unplotted Courageous, Soft Spoken, Defensive @Joshua Abercrombie 11 Years Old|| 1st Year Ravenclaw|| Pansexual|| Unplotted Quiet, Easily Scared, Quick to Jump to Conclusions
  3. Dax Smith

    Dax knew that getting your first wand as an 11 year old was a big deal from some. And he could still remember getting his own wand from the previous owner of the establishment. The same man who taught him the name of the trade. And he wasn't particularly worried but he was 20 so he hadn't gotten out of school that much longer ago than these guys still in school or going in. But still he'll always enjoy when kids or even sometimes adults he either needed a new wand or an attempt to repair their own eyes light up. That was something that he never thought he'd enjoy inherently. But he did. So when a group of students old and new walked in he straightened up from what he was doing. He couldn't help but feel hesitation in one of the boys that walked in. He frowned when he felt it and bit his bottom lip. "Can I offer some help and possibly some advice?" He asked kindly as he looked at all the younger people in the room. He didn't want to seem pushy or the least bit overbearing to the younger ones. But he did want to help in any way that he could.
  4. Kit I made your dude for Lorcan his name is @Azaiah Washington
  5. Can I have Lorcan? :3 it's up to you <3
  6. Dax Smith

    Okay! I've made him @Hugo Falsetti! @Aoife O’Malley
  7. Dax Smith

    I could make someone for Jacques if you'd like? :3
  8. Dax Smith

    The Adults @Dax Smith 20 years old|| Owner of Ollivanders Wand Shop|| Curious with @Bartholomew Lloyd Intelligent, Sarcastic, Openly Gay. @Cayden Donner 24 Years old|| Head of the Pediatric|| Plotted with @Molly Weasley Sweet, Kind, Intelligent. @Professor Abel Washington 26 Years old|| Professor of Potions and Ravenclaw Delegate|| Dating @Piotrek Baranowski Intelligent, Brash, Defensive. @Hugo Falsetti 19 Years Old|| Auror|| Plotted with @Jacques Goulet Intelligent, Quick Thinker, Courageous @Benjamin Kayden 19 Years Old|| Seeker and Captain of the Montose Magpies|| Plotted with @Matthew Inglewood Intelligent, Protective, Great Listener @Antarien Levi 25 Years Old|| Dark Wizard, Potioneer|| Married to @Sebastien Levi Cunning, Intelligent, a bit psycho @Micah Amos 28 Years Old|| Head Healer at Gedling Medical Clinic|| Unplotted Intelligent, Kind, Stubborn @Clark Amos 28 Years Old|| Obliviators Headquarters|| Dating @Topaz Idris Intelligent, Brave, Protective @Benjamin River 17 Years Old|| Magizoologist|| Dating @Masika DeLuca Intelligent, Stubborn, Scared of Water Students @Calix Raven 16 Years old|| 6th Year Gryffindor|| Stalking @Gabriel Blackwell Bold, Defensive, Protective @Levi Moreau 15 Years old|| 5th Year Hufflepuff|| In love with @Simon Spellman Intelligent, Soft Spoken, Protective @Poseidon Fitzgerald 17 Years old|| 7th Year Slytherin|| Dating @Ambrose Haven Conniving, Determined, Kind to those he likes @Jeremy Rodrick 16 Years old|| 6th Year Gryffindor|| Taken by @Dixon Ainsworth Jealous, Stubborn, Possessive @Sebastian Braxton 17 Years old|| 7th Year Ravenclaw|| Plotted with @Karenina Denvers Intelligent, Stubborn, Bold @Ryland Jacosta 11 Years old|| 1st Year Gryffindor|| Unplotted Bold, Sarcastic, Defensive @Zander Cason 17 Years old|| 7th Year Ravenclaw|| Dating @Clarence Bennet Intelligent, Protective, Doubtful @Blaine Braxton 14 Years Old|| 4th Year Hufflepuff|| Plotted with @Matilda Bennet Sweet, Courageous, Kind @Rosalie Ravenwood 16 Years Old|| 6th Year Gryffindor|| Endgame with @Catherine Hallow Kind, Intelligent, Outspoken @Azaiah Washington 13 Years Old|| 3rd Year Gryffindor|| Plotted with @Lorcan Scamander Intelligent, Outspoken, Believes in doing what's right @Mackenzie Hart 11 Years Old|| 1st Year Gryffindor|| Unplotted Courageous, Soft Spoken, Defensive @Malcolm Hart 11 Years Old|| 1st Year Hufflepuff|| Plotted with @Elizabeth Bartley Defensive, Kind, Graceful @Maxwell Banderclause 15 Years Old|| 5th Year Hufflepuff|| Pansexual|| Plotted with @Letitia Thompson Kind, Loving, Goofball @Joshua Abercrombie 11 Years Old|| 1st Year Ravenclaw|| Pansexual|| Unplotted Quiet, Easily Scared, Quick to Jump to Conclusions @Cameron McNulty 17 Years Old|| 7th Year Gryffindor|| Pansexual|| Fake Dating/Falling in love with @Payton Fae Goofball, Prankster, Kind @Jasper Idris 16 Years Old|| 6th Year Slytherin|| Unplotted Intelligent, Smart Aleck, A Bit of an Asshole