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  1. Calix Raven

    Calix had more than once been told that he should stop stalking the Blackwell boy Gabriel. But did he listen? No not really. See he didn't really think that it was stalking so much as he was just showing up in the same space as the other boy. Yes it was oftentimes at the same time but when it happened he didn't normally make moves to go near him. Not because he was being rude but because he knew that the other thought he was stalking him so that probably wouldn't have gone very good if he had. So he made himself stay away from him. Even if he thought that he could help he didn't really know if Gabriel would want it. He had seen how others treated him hell he went through it himself but still he didn't know what would be appreciated and what wouldn't. But today he felt like things were going to change so he made his way over to the other boy since they were in the library. Mentally he was preparing himself for the inevitable accusation that he was stalking him once again. But he knew that he wouldn't be bothered by the accusation. He sighed softly preparing himself quietly for what might happen. He just didn't know what to say to him because he'd been stealing himself for an accusation of him stalking him but he breathed. "Hey." He finally decided upon. It was short and sweet and didn't seem to forward. @Gabriel Blackwell
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