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  1. Octavianne Shacklebolt

    Tavie laughed, sticking her tongue out playfully at Cesare. "Maybe I do! Maybe I require extreme concentration to let my genius out!" she retorted jokingly. Tavie loved the banter, and there was clearly no shortage of that in Slytherin house. CLEARLY the best house around!!! Watching as Cesare had to show off by levitating the brush, Tavie rolled her eyes, turning back to the wall and adding yellow finger feathers to her bright pink hand turkeys... that is, until Ces had another plan. Whirling around, Tavie's eyes sparkled with excitement. "Um, fuck yes! Best idea you've had all day, Ces!" she told the boy, moving to clap him on the back with her neon- painted hand. "Do you mean poke at them? Or paint attack them??" @Cesare Sainreal
  2. Octavianne Shacklebolt

    Tavie paused in her colorful finger painting to stare at the two guys who had decided to abandon the game and fight with each other. Tavie knew them, though she'd not really hung out with them before, but being on the Quidditch team she had occasion to know people. "Oy! Boys! What's your beef?" she called to them, not afraid to assert herself, even if they were bigger and older than she was. "Some of us are trying to paint! You're interrupting my creative flow!" @Cesare Sainreal @Ambrose Haven
  3. Octavianne Shacklebolt

    Tavie made a face. "I suppose I could suggest Zonko's or something. Stock up before the school year starts," Tavie relented. Raising her eyebrows at Tris, she folded her arms across her chest. "She's fine, I guess? Doing something with dragons, or something?" That was sort of hard to forget, because as much as Tavie hated to admit it, it was cool. "Why are you asking about her, anyway? You don't fancy her, do you?" Tavie joked. Giving her best friend shit was obviously a favorite passtime. @Tristan Demetry
  4. Octavianne Shacklebolt

    Launching herself onto the train just as it began to move, Tavie grinned and waved goodbye to her family, sticking her tongue out at her older sister before trotting down the hallway through the corridors. She spotted the back of Tristan's head as he chose a compartment, so she hurried after him. "Yo, Tristan!" she greeted him, standing in the doorway before rolling her eyes. "Okay, seriously?! You picked the compartment with two little Puffballs?" she asked him, exasperated. First he'd nearly died rescuing a CAT, and now THIS! @Tristan Demetry @Dylan Ames
  5. Octavianne Shacklebolt

    Tavie had mixed feelings about meeting her older sister Tillie for a shopping trip. Shopping was cool, though Tavie didnt' love girly shopping like many girls seemed to. Tavie was into clothes, but she liked her kind of clothes, which usually included styles that other people didn't really wear. But it wasn't the clothes thing that gave her mixed feelings. Tillie had told her meet at Zonko's, anyway, which was promising. Tavie and Tillie had always been rivals, though now that Tillie had graduated from Hogwarts, Tavie was feeling a bit more charitable towards her sister. At least she was on her own now, even if the expectations Tillie had set by example were still there. Bursting through the door, late, Tavie grinned and waved at her sister. "Hey girl...what are you looking at? I didn't realize serious graduates had use for joke products...." @Ottillie Shacklebolt
  6. Octavianne Shacklebolt

    Tavie shrugged. "Nothing, really. Trying to figure out how to get out of a shopping trip with my perfect sister," Tavie commented, the irritation evident in her tone. Tavie didn't really get along with Tillie too well. The sisters had been rivals when Tillie was at Hogwarts, and Tavie had to admit, she was happy to be here on her own now. Everyone always judged her based on the way Tillie had been, and that got super tiresome. "Got any ideas?" Usually Tristan was pretty good for an idea or two. He understood the sibling dynamic, and thankfully, Tavie could almost always trust Tristan to be on her side about stuff like this. @Tristan Demetry
  7. Octavianne Shacklebolt

    Name: Octavianne Shacklebolt Student/Adult: Student Would you be okay RPing with a student/adult: Yes Do you want to earn house points in this RP?: Yes Name your triggers: Rape, incest, child abuse How many threads can you handle?: 1
  8. Octavianne Shacklebolt

    Tavie smirked again. "Well, let's hope it isnt actually a fatal flaw," she pointed out, giving Tristan a meaningful look. She didnt want the kid to actually die, here! He had probably been through enough, without all of Tavies ribbing, but that was just how she showed she liked a person. Best not to let things get too heavy. "True, true! I do have many talents on the pitch. We'll see what I end up going for." Knowing Tavie, she wouldn't have a clue until she stepped into the pitch for the actual tryout. "So, ready for school to start again? I was thinking we should try to get a shopping trip in before the first day. I need a Zonko's run badly." @Tristan Demetry
  9. Octavianne Shacklebolt

    Student Name: Octavianne Shacklebolt Current House: Slytherin Current Year: 4th Three Requested Courses: Defense Against the Dark Arts Potions Care of Magical Creatures
  10. Octavianne Shacklebolt

    Name: Octavianne Shacklebolt Position: Keeper APPROVED - C.L
  11. Octavianne Shacklebolt

    [b]Year Of Student:[/b] 4th [b]Face Claim:[/b] Fo Porter [b]Dorm Request:[/b] yes? [b]Quidditch Preference:[/b] Keeper
  12. Octavianne Shacklebolt

    This was a freaking dream come true! Tavie loved chaos, and creative expression, both. So this was like a two for one! Grinning at Tristan and her HOH, Tavie dove right in, reaching into a hot pink color with one hand and a green color with the other. Then, running at the wall with a war cry, she began to push her handprints all over it! @Tristan Demetry @Professor Connor Lexington
  13. Octavianne Shacklebolt

    Tavie rolled her eyes in an exaggerated manner. "Oh no! You really don't mean to tell me you would have climbed into the Whomping Willow for that thing!" Tavie exclaimed, shaking her head. "You're way too nice for your own good, you know that Tristan?" Really, it seemed like that alone could have gotten him sorted into Gryffindor for being reckless, or Hufflepuff for caring more about an animal than himself. But Tavie had to admit she liked that about Tristan, that he was a good person who saved cats. Even if she did give him shit about it. "I think we've still got a couple weeks. Don't worry, we'll get you ready," Tavie promised. She wouldn't leave a fellow Sly and her best friend behind. "Honestly, I haven't decided what position I should go for yet. Beater sounds fun, and I think I'd make a good keeper, too...." Tavie was talented on a broom, which made the decision more difficult. @Tristan Demetry
  14. Octavianne Shacklebolt

    The new school year was approaching, and Tavie felt ready. Summer was glorious, of course, with the long days and warm weather and myriad of outdoor activities, to include swimming and Quidditch and camping. But Tavie missed Hogwarts, and her friends there, so she wasn't sad to be returning soon, even if schoolwork wasn't really her "thing." Robes were pretty boring, too. Tavie much preferred wearing her own clothes, because they made her look less like a giant, gangling bat. Plus, no doubt the girl has her own unique style. Still, the supply list had specified robes, and since Tavie was growing like a weed, she needed some new ones. Standing on the small, raised platform in front of the 3-way mirrors while the witch assisting her turned her back to get pins, Tavie assumed a karate stance, staring herself down in the mirror and practicing her best moves. @Flora Finch-Fletchley
  15. Octavianne Shacklebolt

    Tavie blinked, staring down at the cat. Eh, maybe it was kind of cute. It wasn't like Tavie to be mean to animals, at any rate, even if cats were the spawn of Satan himself. "Well, it's lucky it didn't climb into the Whomping Willow, or you'd be looking at a puddle of kitty soup," Tavie pointed out. "And with all those creatures in the Forbidden Forest? I mean, yeah, this cat basically owes you its life, dude." The cat didn't look like it was going to go anywhere anytime soon, so Tavie should probably accept it as a fixture to Tristan, now. Whatever, Tavie could adapt. "Maybe she's just way too smart for you, and knew that was the way to get you to come take care of her," Tavie added with an amused chuckle. Okay, if the cat was that crafty, it was okay in her book. "Anyway, how long you gotta stay in here with your arm in a splint?! This is super boring. Don't tell me you're going to miss Quidditch tryouts now!" Did Tristan even like Quidditch? Well, Tavie did, and sometimes she just assumed that all of her friends were into what she was into, even if that wasn't the case at all.