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  1. Director Aaron Demetry

    Catching her words about him being there only for appearance, Aaron heaved a mock sigh before laughing softly, "That is very true. However, even if I wasn't the Head Healer, I probably would have gone as well. I am a big fan of the new Minister." He admitted with a smile. "Oh you're off today? I thought you came for work? Pardon me for me jumping into conclusions." Giving her a wink, he murmured jokingly, "Thank you. You'll have to thank my son. He was the one who dressed me." He originally was wearing something else, but Tristan offered him some advice and the man was thankful that he actually took it. Not that his own fashion sense was bad of course. He clinked his glass against Agnes's when she toasted to the new minister before sipping on the glass once more. Aaron gave the woman a surprised look when she offered him a seat next to her at the support staff table. "Are you sure? Don't you have a date or something? I wouldn't want to intrude." He then smiled at her before shrugging his shoulders. "If you are sure, with all that said, I would be more than happy to join you." @Agnes Ferfew
  2. Director Aaron Demetry

    Aaron smiled when more and more people came into the office. Excellent, his genius plan was working. The man bit back a laugh when he watched Alec inhale his food. Someone must be famished today. Looking about the room, he got up to grab an orange and started to peel it when a young woman appeared absently. He recognized her as Molly Weasley, his welcome witch at the front desk. She looked busy staring that the food, but it wouldn't hurt to start a conversation with her right? Letting out a cough he said, "Hello! You bust be Molly. I would recommend the bacon and the scrambled eggs. They go well together." He gave her a bright smile as he finished peeling his orange and broke it into segments before popping one into his mouth. @Molly Weasley II
  3. Director Aaron Demetry

    Aaron wasn't one for politics and stuff, but seeing that all the important people were here at the inaugural gala for Minister Bane and he was one of them, he had to go. Heaving a sigh, the Head Healer dressed up and headed over to the intended area. Looking around the ballroom, he wondered how long he had to stay. Since Aaron wasn't here for work, he didn't have to stay for long, just long enough to say hello to the Minister, find his son, talk for a bit before heading home. However, his plans were derailed when he spotted a familiar face at the beverage table. Snagging a flute of champagne, he walked over to Agnes and gently tapped her on the shoulder. "Fancy seeing you here Agnes. But I shouldn't be surprised. After all, you are the Undersecretary for the Minister." He saluted her with the flute and added, "You look beautiful by the way." He gave her a soft smile before sipping from his drink. @Agnes Ferfew
  4. Director Aaron Demetry

    "Erm, Healer Demetry, this is the third time I have to remind you to leave. Don't you have dinner plans still? I'm sure your date won't be too happy to be kept waiting." A female voice floated into his office. Looking up he wrinkled his eyebrows at one of his employees before remembering why she had disturbed him for. Damn it! Aaron breathed out a sigh of regret when he realized what time it was. He had plans that night and was now very late for it. Grumbling to himself, he stacked the papers on his desk as he muttered, "Thank you, Gracie, I'll leave everything else to you then?" He straightened up and gave the woman a look. She nodded her head in agreement, "Yes sir, I've gotten everything in control. If there is any problem, I'll contact you directly. But Merlin forbid thought." Aaron chuckled softly before heading out the door. Arriving at the destination, the man quickly pushed open the door and walked in. He knew that Agnes had made a reservation for them both here. He sincerely hoped that he hadn't kept her waiting long. He had met this woman a few days ago due to some sort of event for the Ministry in which he had been invited to. They mostly enjoyed each other presence and decided to give it a try in the form of a dinner to know each other better. Aaron had yet to tell her about his son and vice versa. Hopefully, that wouldn't come back to bite him in the ass. Looking around he spotted a familiar face, and he headed over towards her with an apologetic smile on his face and a small bouquet of flowers. "Hello Agnes, sorry for the wait. I hope I didn't make you wait too long. I brought you some flowers." The man murmured with a nod of his head and sat down after handing off the bouquet. He looked at the spread of food in front of him and gave the woman in front of him a smile. "Nice choice of appetizers." He commented softly. Aaron wasn't a big fan of seafood, but he could manage it once in a while. @Agnes Ferfew
  5. Director Aaron Demetry

    Yes of course. Did you say that you wanted to start it?
  6. Director Aaron Demetry

    Name: Aaron Demetry Student/Adult: Adult Would you be okay RPing with a student/adult: Yes Do you want to earn house points in this RP?: Sure, why not Name your triggers: None How many threads can you handle?: 3
  7. Director Aaron Demetry

    Aaron wasn't really paying any attention to his surroundings for he was too busy enjoying the rush of adrenaline as well as the feeling of being in the air again. He really missed the feeling a lot, almost to the point of it being painful. But quickly he registered that another person was with him and came to a halt in the air when she popped up beside him. Listening to her question, the healer smiled and shook his head. "Not at all, miss. I haven't done this for quite some time already. Almost too long actually." He then raised an eyebrow at her when she asked him if he was the person she was thinking of and if he was playing again. "I am, but I'm afraid that I'm retired from playing Quidditch. I'm currently working as the Head Healer at St. Mungo's. Sorry to disappoint." Aaron explained apologetically with a shake of his head. "I'm only here because my team was hired to help with the healing for this game and well that I was a player myself and they recognized me as you did." Curiously he then asked, "Pardon me for asking, but you are you and why are you here?" @Nysa Stavish
  8. Director Aaron Demetry

    Having gain permission to stay behind after the big game against Ireland for a bit since St. Mungo's had been the one selected to heal the injured players, the Head Healer was thrilled to have the chance step foot on a Quidditch pitch once more. Sitting in the middle empty stadium, Aaron looked around him with a fond gaze. It had been a while since he had last played a game of Quidditch himself. Actually, it had been nearly eight years since he played his final game. At that game, he busted his arm pretty badly after taking the bludger for a teammate, but his team had won the championship. He remembered that it had hurt like hell, but looking back at it, he now knew worst pain. The team had lone him a broomstick too, so Aaron quickly hopped on and kicked off from the ground. It felt nice to have the wind rushing through his hair once more. He let out a whoop of joy as he zoomed around the field. @Nysa Stavish
  9. Director Aaron Demetry

    Although hearing her joking tone, Aaron quickly caught on to what she was hinting. Yeah, he had to agree, things were just not meant to happen. If something like that were around, someone would have discovered it by now. As disappointing as it was, he knew he shouldn't mess around with magic. Something terrible could happen if it goes array. Nodding his head, Aaron sipped on his wine. "Trying something new is always a good thing. I was a Quidditch player myself for quite some years. But after a while, getting injured wasn't all that great especially when you are getting way too old to be playing." He laughed softly and murmured, "I didn't always believe in destiny, but lately it got me thinking maybe things happen in life because it meant to be that way." A faraway look appeared in his eyes before he looked towards Tawny once more. His eyes lit up at the new information about his companion. "Uagadou? South America right? That is pretty interesting. I have never been there before. How was life there?" Aaron was interested in different places in other parts of the world. Hearing Tawny agree to keep an eye out for his son, the man's eyes grew a little bright with unshed tears. "Thank you." He whispered before turning his head away. Merlin's beard... he willed himself not to break down, not in front of anyone. @Professor Tawny Lombardi
  10. Director Aaron Demetry

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  11. Director Aaron Demetry

    "Ah, maybe you or I can discover and create it?" Aaron said with a teasing wink as Tawny laughed at his comment on the duplicating charm. Nodding his head, he gave her a bright smile at her explanation and replied, "That's good that you haven't stopped writing. I would have hated to drop everything to go on to another career." He then shrugged his shoulders at the comment about her doing one thing for a lifetime. "I haven't known you that well to say anything, so I guess I'll have to take your word for it." He then bit his lower lips and gave her a thoughtful look before saying, "But hey who knows, maybe being Head of Gryffindor is your destiny?" His sea-green eyes twinkled merrily. Watching her take a drink of the wine, he tipped his glass up to her in a silent toast. "Transfiguration? Interesting subject. What inspired you to teach that, besides it being your favorite class?" He asked with another slight tilt of his head. Giving her a sad smile, Aaron murmured, "If you can also keep an eye on him that would be wonderful. I would appreciate it. Tris may look strong, but he still a little boy at heart. He tends to keep things bottled up until he gets super upset." His sea-green eyes wavered slightly as he looked past the woman and out towards the moon. It wasn't quite full yet, but his skin itched a little like the wolf inside of him wanted out. He scratched his arms a little before looking back towards Tawny, hoping she didn't find his behavior a bit odd. @Professor Tawny Lombardi
  12. Director Aaron Demetry

    Aaron let out a chuckle when Henrik told him that he knew who he was due to him writing his cheques. He then let out a soft grunt when the large man clapped him on his back. It was a good thing he was a werewolf or that blow might have caused more damage than the loss of air in his lungs. "Touché." He wheezed out with a nod of his head. "Whoever your boss was before me, I can't help but say that I don't like him that much." Aaron commented with a slight frown when he was informed about Henrik's former boss. He then laughed and waved off the big man before focusing on the newcomer. "Good morning Delaney. Glad to see that you have joined us for breakfast." He offered her a bright smile before nodding his head to his OB/GYN head as he came in for food and coffee. "Good to see you too Alec." He called out to the man.
  13. Director Aaron Demetry

    ADULTS St. Mungo's Head Healer Aaron Demetry || Werewolf || 35 || Heterosexual || Single (unplotted) Logan Lerman ~~~ Hogwarts Counselor Jaxon Kang || 30 || Heterosexual || Single (plotted with @Nikita Huei) Seo In Guk ~~~ Advisor to the Minister Kasmir Udo || 31 || Pansexual || Single (plotted with @Sun-Hee Yoon) Lee Jong Suk ~~~ Jobless Moreena Orna || 23 || Heterosexual || Single (plotted with @Jaxon Alexander) Hayden Panettiere STUDENTS Slytherin 4th Year Tristan Demetry || 14 || Heterosexual || Single (Plotted with @Xochitl Silva) Corey Fogelmanis ~~~ Ravenclaw 6th Year Raina Ashford || Half Veela || 16 || Heterosexual || Dating/Complicated (Plotted with @Cameron McGuffin) Eleanor Tomlinson ~~~ Slytherin 7th Year Andrew McGuffin || 17 || Heterosexual || Single (Plotted with @Sierra Reed)
  14. Director Aaron Demetry

    "Yes indeed, the head of St. Mungo's." Aaron confirmed with a grin and nodded his head at the comment about him being busy. "More than anything. You should see all those craziness I get myself into. Sometimes I wish I had a copying spell so I can make duplicates of myself." He then let out a whistle of admiration and murmured, "Ten years? Why did you stop?" The answer to that question came steadily afterward. "Ah, I see. Well, congrats on the promotion. I bet you're going to be a great Head of House. I went to Hogwarts for a year, and my own house was Slytherin. Which subject are you thinking of teaching?" Snickering slightly, the man mused, "It's not a bad thing." At the question about his son, Aaron's chest lightened a bit. That was a topic he could talk about. Anything to get away from the topic on Tris. "Yes, I have a son. His name is Tristan. He's currently 14 years old. His house is Slytherin. You'll probably meet him when you teach. Quite the troublemaker." He murmured fondly with a small smile. Shaking his head, the man's smile slipped, and he sighed a little. "There is nothing for you to be sorry about. It wasn't your fault she died." A bitter tone entered his voice, "I was the one who couldn't save her. I was young and clueless about healing." Raising an eyebrow at Tawny's question about her being able to do something, he shook his head once more and said, "Thanks for the offer, but there is nothing you can do... unless you have a time turner that can go far into the past." He absently sipped on the glass of wine he held in his hands.
  15. Director Aaron Demetry

    Aaron heard footsteps coming towards the office and looked up from his paper just in time to see a huge bear-like man come in. He nodded his head in a greeting to the wave and said, "Not a problem. I presume you are Henrik?" Oh yeah, he could definitely tell that this man in front of him had giant blood in him. "I'm Aaron. Go on and help yourself. You must be all tired out from your 16-hour shift. Get some food and head on home, if you wish to." He continued with a nod of his head towards the food and drinks. He noticed the informal tone of the man, but it didn't bother him. Henrik could call him anything he wanted as long as he didn't insult him. The man made a mental note to himself to see if he could work something around so people wouldn't have to work themselves to the bones. He loved hard workers but, he didn't want to tire them out. Happy workers equal good quality workers.