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  1. "I know that babe, I'm not laughing about that." Aaron replied sincerely with a gentle pat on Tris's head, a smile tugging on the corners of his mouth. A giggle Tris was always a good thing and that made him laugh as well. Shrugging his shoulders he said, "It's a good thing as well as a bad thing. But mostly a good thing Tris. You make me realize what I need to do in order to get things done right." Glancing down at her hand when it lit up at his words about her being boring and not letting him do things, the young man put on a show and pretended to try and blow it out. "Alright you have made your point darling. But seriously thought, when it comes to you, all my sensibility goes out the window." At Tris's whispered words about it being her turn, Aaron nodded his head, his eyes smoldering. When their lips connected once more, his body went into autopilot, doing everything he could to reciprocate her gestures of love. He wanted to show her how much he loved her and would always love her no matter way. The only way he would hate her would be if she actually left him for another man. But he silently vowed that that would never happen. He would never allow Tris to fall in love with anyone besides himself. Nipping and licking Tris's delectable skin turned Aaron on greatly. His cock was already hardening even if he had just climaxed a few moment ago. Everything about her was heaven. He could smell how turned on she was and that made him want to feel it. Dipping a hand underneath her bikini bottom, he swiftly tugged it off before inserting two fingers into her wet pussy. "Hell, you're soaking Tris." He groaned huskily pulling away from Tris's breast, pumping his fingers deeply into his fiancé. Dropping to his knees, he added his tongue to his pumping as he licked and sucked at the sweet cream that had been seeping out. He could tell that she was close as she moaned. Glancing up at Tris, his eyes gleamed at her words about punishing her. "Punish you darling? Are you sure you want me to?" His hands were already slowing down as he spoke these words.
  2. Aaron snickered and mused, "Only you would say that. Other people might back out of it, but only you would push on." He shook his head and let out a sigh. "That's one of the reason to why I love you so much. You bring out the best as well as the worst in me." He gave her a lopsided smile as he continued to look down at her. Wrinkling his nose at Tris's comment about not risking it for a second, Aaron grumbled mockingly, "You never let me do anything fun, do you? Not that I would want to risk it either, thought." He was glad that his girlfriend was that protective of him, but he was a man and sometimes he needed to act like one instead of acting like a kid who ran away every time there is a problem that he can't fix. He smiled and nodded his head as Tris agreed with him. As they entered the more sultry part of the day, Aaron let out another groan of approval as Tris worked on him. This was probably the best day he had in a very long time. Since that day in which they had almost broke up, he hadn't been in a good mood and people avoided him when they could. He wouldn't blame them if he were in their shoes. After releasing his stress as well as his load, the young man breathed out heavily and looked down at his beautiful goddess and gave her a smile. "More than better Tris. You are a goddess. Now it is your turn." He leaned down and pulled her up to her feet as he kissed her, tasting himself against her lips. Turning them around, he gently pushed her against the table as he ran a hand down her front and cupped her full breasts, his thumbs flicking over her nipples underneath the cloth of her swimsuit. Pulling away, he started sucking on her delicate skin on her neck before going down to the swell of her milky white breasts, licking the top of her skin before mouthing a tip as he pushed the material away from her skin as he reached up to until her halter top and letting it fall away. Aaron sucked ardently, bitting down on it to give her pleasure mixed with a bit of pain.
  3. Aaron could see the deep anger brewing within Tris's eyes and he didn't like it on bit. But he had to admit that he understood where she was coming from. Letting out a sigh, he shook his head and murmured,"Alright. Be my guest then. You have approval from me if you want to go and hex them. But do be careful, as dopey and sickening as he is Ramson is actually rather good at dueling." Giving her a small smile he continued to stroke her cheek and mused, "Do you really think I wouldn't have defended myself against you if you did try and attack me? But I understand what you are trying to say. You too are very important to me." Enclosing her into his arms, he continued to listen to her heartbeat and rolled his eyes a little when she wiped her tears against his shirt. The wetness didn't bother him due to him being already wet but the action enough was funny and a little childish. He loved it anyways. Things finally felt right after such long weeks without her. Feeling her warm skin underneath Tris's swimsuit, Aaron's mind couldn't help but wander into dangerous territory. His swallowed thickly before trying his best to focus on her words. It had been a while since he last got laid. He could feel her strong heartbeat growing faster underneath his touch as well. Nodding his head he said, "Good at least we are both on the same page now. We will tackle situations like this together in the future. But I promise you this will not happen again." His eyes were already darkening even though he was still slightly angry with her. Hey he was a guy after all. As he kissed her, he felt her respond rather savagely than normal. Not that he was going to complain. But Aaron was slightly surprised by her further actions and soon found himself leaning backward against her father's desk. "Um baby?" He asked confused before letting out a soft groan as she unbuttoned his shirt and began showering hot kisses against his already hot skin. His mind went blank as she undid his jean button and pulled down his boxers and began to suckle him. "Mm baby girl, yes that's it. Oh that feels good." He was soon panting and his breath grew shallower as he felt himself growing closer to being finished. That was the trouble of not having sex in weeks. He gripped Tris's hair as he let out a small gasp as he came.
  4. "What do you want me to do then? Hex them? Yell at them?" Aaron asked with a lifted eyebrow. "You know that I'm not a violent person. Maybe during the full moon I get a little more wild, but I'm not a person who like hurting others. But if there is something you want me to do, then tell me and I'll carry it out." Thinking up violent ideas to get revenge on someone wasn't his forte. But he figured if there was something Tris wanted him to do, then he might be able to make himself do it for her sake. Rolling his eyes at Tris's explanation for not wanting to see him, he murmured as he subconsciously reached out and stroke her cheek with a hand, "Oh Tris, anything would have been better than to have avoided me. Even if you threw fireballs at me, kicked me, hexed me or even tried to hurt me, I would have taken that instead of feeling confused and miserable by myself." When the memory ended and Tris ended up in his arms and allowed herself to cry in his chest, Aaron gently stroked her hair and cooed softly to her. "Shhh, it's okay. Let it all out." He used his other hand to pat her gently on the back. Even if she had hurt him, he still love her from the bottom of his heart. The young man stopped in surprise when he heard Tris tell him not to go. Aaron raised an eyebrow at the woman in front of him as she came between him and the door. Feeling the pressure of her hand on his chest, he felt the band of tension around his chest and heart loosen before breaking completely. Biting his lips he looked down at her and cocked his head to the side as he listened to her explanation. Seeing the unshed tears in her eyes made the decision to leave even more unbearable. Reaching out a hand, he cupped Tris's face and used the pad of his thumb and wiped the tears away that were streaming down her face. "Forgiving is something that I can do, but it might take time. I still love you a lot, but it hurts you know, unable to understand why you had just pushed me away and not answer to any of my owls or visits. But since I understand now, it hurts less but the pain is still there due to you doubting my loyalty to you. I've always promised that I would be faithful and not stray. You really ought to have believed me and allowed me to talk even if you were drunk and a mess. I would have understood and gone to fix it and perhaps even confronted Ramson right away. But I didn't know a single thing and couldn't have done that. Allow me some time and I'll get back to you." Leaning down, he pressed a kiss to Tris's mouth in a silent promise.
  5. Aaron screwed his eyes shut and let out a small groan at Tris's words about needing to tell that bitch anything. It was true that he should talk to her just in case, but he didn't even know about it until now. However seeing that she hadn't been after him lately, she must have knowing that it wasn't him and was someone else right? He didn't want to put his hopes up thought. Nodding his head, he muttered, "Yeah I know. I'll talk to her and him. I actually haven't bumped into any of them lately. Ramson has been avoiding me lately and now I know why. Damn him..." Getting lost in his thoughts, he was brought back to the present when he heard Tris's sigh. Looking over at her, he shrugged his shoulders at her words. "I know. You should have let me in when I came later that night. We could have resolved it that night instead of waiting until now. I guess it was both of our faults." He let out a bitter laugh and continued, "I couldn't sleep that night, you know. Actually I've been battling insomnia since that night. Whenever I couldn't sleep I would go and practice quidditch in the backyard until I get too tired and pass out right when I hit the ground." His eyebrows went up when he heard Tris say that she didn't want to find out and that she didn't want him to go. Aaron kept his mouth shut, knowing that if he said anything right now nothing right would come out anyways. Thought his eyes warmed even further and he gave her a wain smile with a shrug of his shoulders. Trailing after her and entering the house and into her father's study, he eyed the pensive before watching her pull out the memory and entered it. Taking in a deep breath, he followed her into it. What he saw made his stomach roll and he gritted his teeth in pure horror and pain. He knew that it simply wasn't him for he had no memory of it. Anyone should have a memory or at least nightmares about this scene that had laid out before them. He knew that he would be seeing that in his nightmares for time to come. When they finally came out, Aaron couldn't help but reach out and pull Tris into his arms. "I'm so sorry baby. It really did, I have to admit to that. But I hope what you see in my memory would ease your pain." Pulling away, he stepped up to the pensive and pulled out the memory of that day. ***** It started out with Aaron hitting the ground after Damian Anders, their seeker, grabbed the snitch and won the game for them. The whole team came in for a group hug. From behind Aaron, Tyler Ramson looped a causal around around his shoulder and yanked out a couple of hair from his head. Figuring his friend might have just playfully pinched him, he just grinned and rolled his eyes at him, dismissing the pain. The memory went on as Coach Riley Mills came over to him during dinner and asked to meet him afterwards. Aaron nodded his head in reply. When the time came, Aaron had gave Tris a kiss saying that he would be back before going to meet his coach. At the meeting he got the news saying that since their captain was retiring and that Anders, his co-captain was moving up to becoming captain, Mills wanted him to be co-captain with Anders. Elated, Aaron had a few drinks with the Coach before rushing off to tell Tris. But when he got back to the spot where he had left her, he realized she wasn't there. Checking his watch, he realized that it had been about a hour since he had left her. You could see fear and dread enter the young man's eyes as he quickly left the party after greeting his teammates goodbye. Out of the corner of his eyes, he could see Ramson and another horrified looking woman stumbling out from a broom closet, but he didn't pay any attention to them. Arriving at Markovic Manor, he knocked on the door and revealed Logan who basically yelled at him and slammed the door shut on his face leaving Aaron standing there stunned. ***** It was then the memory faded and Aaron was back into the room with Tris. Turning to the woman next to him, he said, "Well that was my side of the story. Take what you want from it. I'm going home. I've gotten my answers and I guess I just want go home and to sleep it off now." He gave Tris a sad smile before turning to go.
  6. "Why would he? Even if he was a friend, he would cause he's a disgusting pig that likes to sleep with anything that walks on two legs. Ramson has multiple girlfriends and probably has already knocked up several women due to his carelessness. Angell wants me but he wants her and I want nothing to do with any of them. So he probably used my hair to activate a polyjuice potion and shag her in my form." Aaron grumbled with a shudder. It made him sick to his stomach just thinking about that bastard. Glancing over at Tris, her pale face pained his heart as she absorbed what he had told her. He wanted to just go over and hug her, but she had hurt him and not talked to him properly in the first place about this whole situation. She knew that he wouldn't ever cheat on her, yet she accused him of doing so anyways. He was stuck between now wanting to comfort her and just walking away before he had time to actually hate her. This brought back the memories of their first fight. It had been such a long time ago, he had almost forgotten why it all started. Aaron snorted a little before sighing and shook his head at Tris's words. In his heart he knew that she was telling the truth and he accepted it. A sad laugh burst from his lips and he whispered, "I won't. This maybe the last time I'm going near a pool. I only did it because I had no idea how to reach out to you. I wanted just to sit and talk yet you kept on pushing me away. I just forgot that I was in the pool at that time." His voice quivered slightly as he finished off, "That's how desperate I wanted to talk to you." Accepting the towel, the young man draped it over his head before pulling his legs to his chest and closing his eyes. Both Tris and water was his weaknesses and one day they just might kill him because of them. He thanked his lucky stars that today wasn't that day. His chest heaved as he silently sat there until he was ready to move again. Regaining his sense of control, Aaron straighten up and said, "Come, let's get this over with. It's time to see who's version is actually the correct one. I know you don't want me to hang around any long then I have to." His voice was cold yet the gaze he gave Tris was a warm yet sad one.
  7. Hearing the description of the woman, Aaron frowned deeply as he made a noise of disgust. Oh he knew whom Tris was talking about and he wouldn't ever want to be in a 10 mile radius from her. But she was after him like a moth to a flame. The only person who would shag her was... then it hit him. Really hit him. A cross expression came about his face as he hissed, "Damn Ramson! I'm gonna kill him." His hands balled up into two angry fists. He shook a little as he tried to calm down. At Tris's words his head snapped back attention to her and his grounded out, "Sure, we can do it your way, but now that you mentioned seeing memories, there is something I need to recall. I want to make sure that you know that the person you saw was a polyjuice potion version of me." He was now pretty sure that he had been played by that bitch and that bastard. They were perfect for each other. As he floated mindlessly in the water, all energy sapping out of him, Aaron felt himself being dragged out of the deep and pulled towards the shallow part of the pool. When his upper half resurfaced, his body tensed for a second allowing him to cough out the water that had been lodged in his lungs and stomach. Rolling to his side, he rasped out, "You should have just let me be since you hate me so much. But thank you for saving me. I agree to the fact that I'm not allowed to die, not until I've proven that it wasn't me that slept with her." Aaron closed his eyes for a few seconds relishing the fact that Tris's arms were still around him.
  8. This was so not happening to him right now. Aaron was so desperate that it was almost too sad to see. "Tris, please." He groaned before playing along with her. "Fine, suppose that I did have memory loss, what did the woman look like?" His head was pounding as he shook it to clear it. It didn't help. The movement only made it worse. Not being able to sleep didn't help him either. If Tris only knew how little sleep he was getting lately due to how busy he was, how in the world did he have time to sleep with other people? At her words about using a pensive, he snapped, "Fine, why don't we compare memories of that night? I don't mind. I have nothing to hide from you. I love you and only you." Aaron's eyes shone with fierce love for the woman in front of him. He was more than positive that he didn't sleep with anyone that day. In fact he recalled that he didn't sleep at all that day due being depressed after making his way to the Markovic place after hearing that Tris was gone, only to been thrown out by Logan himself. As he sank down to the bottom and made his way to Tris, it hurt to see her turn away from him before rising to the surface. He had heard her accelerated heartbeat and that had brought him hope but it was wash away with that very movement. He opened his mouth to say something forgetting that he was underwater. It wasn't until water had entered his mouth and nose when it came back to him. Aaron made a strangled noise as he fought to swim to the top, but panic and pain had already settled and things grew dark. Oh well, if this was the way he was going to go, he didn't mind it. It was a whole lot better than having to face the woman he loved who didn't love him back anymore.
  9. Aaron physically flinched when he saw how Tris reacted to his presence. He gingerly eyed her hand and forced himself to stay calm. His eyes clouded over in pure confusion at her words about him sleeping with another woman. "What are you talking about Tris? You know that I would never cheat on you!" He said firmly, "I would rather get ripped up into pieces by my own dad and then cursed by Logan than to cheat on you. I would even rather drown in water too." He closed his eyes and took in a shaky breath before blowing it out slowly as he continued, "So that's why you sent back the ring? You seriously believe everything you see? Are you sure that guy was me? I swear to Merlin that I wasn't there. You can ask coach if you want." Seeing Tris dive down to the bottom of the pool, Aaron let out a low growl before stripping off his shirt and pants before diving in after her. He wasn't letting her go that easily. As he hit the water, his heart began to race and panic started to settle inside his stomach. But he steeled himself and slowly sank to the bottom and made his way toward Tris.
  10. It hurt Aaron to hear what the maid was saying, but he couldn't just leave. He had to talk to Tris. It wasn't like he wanted to... he had to. When the maid relented and allowed him in, he gave her a small nod of his head and a the smile turned into a small smirk as he mused, "Of course and you have my word." Heading in the direction in which he had been directed to, Aaron hesitantly walked towards the pool before coming to a stop a few few away from it. He hated water with a passion and would never go near it unless he really had to. "Tris..." He said softly, sinking down to his knees. Aaron was ready to beg and grovel if he had to. "Please babe, tell me why you aren't talking to me anymore. We haven't talked to each other since our e-engagement and right before the game. From there I've been busy with nothing but training. I swear to you on my own life. I didn't even go to the after party. I got dragged away by coach due to my great performance and I got promoted to co-captain. I was going to tell you that day, but a couple of my teammates told me that you already left for some odd reason." He stumbled over the word engagement for it hurt too much to say it properly as he didn't know if the wedding was going to happen or not. His heart ached just seeing Tris in her swimwear. She was just too beautiful for her own good.
  11. When Tris still didn't reply to Aaron's last owl, the young man was getting more and more desperate for answers. Unable to stand having his heart getting broken, he made one last attempt to see her. As he arrived at the estate, he saw and heard Logan left for was could probably be work. Gritting his teeth, he wondered if he had lost he chance to speak with Tris as he stepped forward to knock on the door. He waited for a few minutes before the door was opened. Aaron saw a woman who he guessed was a maid of the household. He gave her a polite smile and said, "Hello, is Beatrice at home? I was wondering if I can talk to her. I'm Aaron..." But before he could finish his sentence, the door was hastily being pushed closed on his face. He took that as a hint that Tris was home. His heart thudded in his chest with hope as well as hurt. Why did she avoid him all of a sudden? Unable to help himself, he quickly wedged his foot between the door and the frame and said, "No please. I need to talk to her. I haven't seen her since our engagement and I want to know what I have done wrong to be treated like this. Please, just let me have a few minutes to speak to her. If she doesn't want to see if afterwards, then I'll swear that I'll leave and not come back." He gave the maid his best persuading smile as he pressed on.
  12. Aaron had no idea why Tris hadn't been talking to him lately. In fact he hadn't seen her for sometime since their engagement celebration. Every time he had dropped by the Markovic household, Logan had always told him that she was busy. The look on the older man's face was a cross between pity and hatred. It was like Logan was trying to get rid of him or something yet he couldn't make himself to do so. Worry had flooded the young man's system as he tried his best to figure out what had possibly gone wrong. As he thought back to the few brief moments of break between each Quidditch games, he couldn't think of anything he could have done wrong to Tris. Unable to find a solution, Aaron with a last ditch effort, he owled his fiancé... or was it now ex-fiancé to chat with her on one of his days off. He wanted to understand what was going on and find a way to fix it before it ruined their relationship forever.