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  1. Eric Mercia

    Eric had never been political - you could say he was pretty much apathetic to the whole political process - but he had been asked to attend by Connor and somehow also roped into being a chaperone for the Hogwarts' students who were attending. He had met the newly elected Minister at a few games, but he hadn't voted for the man. Hell, he had never voted for anything outside of Quidditch in his life. But, here he was and he was determined to make the most of it. Free booze was, for sure, a good reason to go. And it would also give him a chance to hang with Connor. He spotted the man, technically his boss, and made his way over to him. His eyes danced over the frame of Rita Skeeter and he sighed. That woman was, literally, the worst. "Ten galleons, she is writing about you." He let out a soft chuckle and offered a smile to Connor. "You look great! Any sign of Headmaster Webb? He didn't ride in the Express with us, he saw us off and went back into the Castle. But he looked dressed for the event." Eric jammed his hands into his pant pockets and returned his gaze to Connor. @Professor Connor Lexington
  2. Eric Mercia

    Eric could tell, by Connor's tone, that his family relationships might not be the best area for conversation. Eric wasn't one to pry, not that he needed to with questions or words even. His ability of Telepathy had won him many games, but he had his own moral code when it came to using the ability on other people outside of Quidditch. It just didn't seem fair to poke around in someone's mind, exposing secrets that the other was holding. "No need to apologize. I'd still love to go to any game with you. If Quidditch is something you like." He allowed his gaze to linger on Connor for a few minutes. The man before him had seen much, Eric was sure of that, and he was hopeful that maybe Connor would find some type of happiness in his company. Eric drained the contents of his glass and stood up, super happy that Connor had accepted his invitation. Eric was sure, maybe outside of the corridors of the school, Connor might open up. Besides, everyone deserved a chance to let their hair down and let loose once in a while. "Shall we?" He didn't want to leave the lovely office, but a bit of time in Hogsmeade seemed just right! @Professor Connor Lexington
  3. Eric Mercia

    "I never read the salacious gossip. I've seen my name appear far too often for my taste." Again, Eric had seen judgement from the public because of some story that had no truth at all. He would have been a hypocrite to judge the man if he didn't wish it for himself. "Well, here you are now. Making another life, writing your next adventure. I respect that." He smiled warmly at Connor and let out a soft chuckle. "I will be honest with you. I loved playing, but I've also really loved being a spectator." When Connor mentioned a sibling playing, Eric let out a soft gasp. "Oh wait, are you related to Daniel Lexington? He's got a great career ahead of him. Maybe we can go to a game together." Oh, how flirty Eric! Eric allowed a soft gasp to exit his lips as they entered Connor's office. He had been in this office before, during his time at Hogwarts, and somehow the room looked even better. "This is a wonderful office, Connor." However, he was only focused on the next words that Connor spoke. He must have been lost in thought, or Connor's eyes, so he had missed the promise of the job. With the whiskey in his hand, he immediately relaxed. "Well then, why not finish this drink and venture into Hogsmeade?" Celebration time! @Professor Connor Lexington
  4. Eric Mercia

    "I always forget you were Headmaster of Durmstrang. A few years back I had the honor of meeting with Vikor Krum and we spent about two hours arguing about how better one castle was over the other." Krum had become a friend to Eric and the man still found it hilarious that they spent so much time arguing and not once found common ground. With Connor's comment on the team, he nodded. "We didn't win, but it was a good game. I always loved when games got intense and went long." He ran a hand through his head and continued to walk alongside Connor. Eric couldn't help but smirk as Connor spoke about his trouble making. The man had quite the reputation so Eric wasn't surprised. "We both love a good time, if people don't like that, oh well!" He laughed softly and allowed his gaze to dance quickly over Connor's form. When Connor spoke again, Eric cocked his head with a smirk. "Well, if I get the job, I am sure we will have plenty of time to hang out." This was quite the interview, but Eric was feeling it - feeling Connor. @Professor Connor Lexington
  5. Eric Mercia

    As they began their walk toward the other man's office, Eric was able to pull his gaze away from Connor and glance around the castle. "You know, this is the first time I've been back here since I left. I think the team was supposed to come and talk to the Quidditch teams, but then we got into the finals and couldn't make it." And now, look at him. With his professional career over, Eric was possibly going to return to coach and instruct the next wave of professional players. And as he turned his gaze back to Connor, Eric had a though that the evenings might not be so boring either. But that wasn't for now and he had to focus better on actually getting the job first. "Oh, I can handle my alcohol in professional setting - not in my personal life, I can't always promise I will behave." Eric spoke warmly, his voice tinged with a laugh, and he nodded at the question and statement and shrugged. "What have you read in the papers?" Eric laughed as he spoke and turned his attention to the path before them. "I honestly don't know what else to do now. The accident was unexpected, but I couldn't just sit around at home and wallow in self-pity. And then I saw the ad and went for it." There was one bit of a news about Eric, him being a werewolf, but everyone already knew that as well - he had never hidden that. Much like he had been out his entire career. @Professor Connor Lexington
  6. Eric Mercia

    As they stood there, going through the motions you did when first meeting someone, Eric couldn't help but notice that Connor was staring in a different way. Eric was used to that, he was generally the cause of many stares, but Connor's didn't make him feel as uncomfortable as the others did. He found it, weirdly, soothing. As he returned the man's gaze, he had to wonder just how true all of those news stories had been. He was sure he would learn more about the man, if he got the job, and allowed those thoughts to rest for now. He had an interview to get through and that was going to be his main focus. With the invitation to change locales before him, Eric nodded and offered another smile. "A drinking interview sounds bloody fantastic. If not a bit dangerous." He stepped to the side to allow Connor to lead the way - he still wasn't sure what the man taught at the school, so he wasn't sure in which direction they would head. "Lead the way, Deputy Headmaster." Oh, he was being a bit cheeky here - why not? Connor seemed like fine company. @Professor Connor Lexington
  7. Eric Mercia

    Eric had never once backed down from a fight, he was widely known for his many penalties and fines during his heyday as a pro-Quidditch player. However, when Connor stood up, Eric couldn't help but take a slight step back. As the man before him began to speak, Eric couldn't help but soften his own expression. Ah, inner demons and all of that. It was no wonder the man was stressed. "It's really no problem. I shouldn't have assumed this new role was all butterbeer and firewhiskey for you." Eric glanced down at the hand that was offered and took it, noticing just how soft Connor's hands felt in his own rougher paws. Years on the broom did that to you. "No, no. Let's keep our meeting." He released Connor's hand and ran it through his blond hair. "So, would you like to do the interview here or?" Eric looked around the empty Hall - his eyes dancing over so many memories.
  8. Eric Mercia

    Eric really had no opinion on Connor Lexington. Sure, he had read the stories and heard all about the evil ways of his sister, but he had never been a man to make opinions without first meeting the person. Besides, Minerva McGonagall had hired him back to Hogwarts and a muggleborn Headmaster had made him Deputy and Head of Slytherin. So, clearly the man couldn't be as bad as the stories would have you believe. And yet - well, from the first reaction, Eric could tell the man was not enjoying his new role. He was, well, rude and it made Eric take a step back physically. "I'm Eric Mercia. I was told to meet you for an interview. If I am interrupting, maybe I can visit with the Headmaster or come back at another time." Eric's voice was short, slightly curt, and terribly professional. It wasn't his natural tone, but clearly he was bothering the man and maybe coming back to Hogwarts wasn't all that great of an idea.
  9. Eric Mercia

    Eric was still unsure how all of this was happening. This time, last year, he had been playing professional Quidditch. His face had been plastered on many of the magical magazine covers and he was looking forward to a continued career - according to one magazine, he was the "best keeper the UK had seen in years". And now he was going for an interview at Hogwarts, the place he had called home for seven years, and had always been a place he reference during interviews. His professional career had ended a year ago - a bludger had hit him in the square of the back and he had fallen from his broom. While he was still able to fly, he just wasn't able to play the way you needed from someone in a professional position. He had figured, wrongly, that other offers would come and they never did. Sure, he had galleons to lounge on for the rest of his life, but he couldn't just sit around at home. So today, as he entered castle Hogwarts, he had to do something about it. He spotted Connor Lexington, a man who was more of a myth then anything, and crossed the hall toward him. "Deputy Lexington?"