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  1. Mercedes Dalton

    Mercy brightened as Gwen expressed interest in her internship. Mercy could go on and on about her work over the summer... though it would likely sound extremely boring to most people. "Oh, it was wonderful! I answered mail, of course, helped with inquiries and the like, and also worked on the new cataloging system. It was so thrilling, being around all those old volumes, " Mercy added with a wistful sigh. Just being in that environment made her feel at home. Perhaps she had a future as a librarian! "No, you're right, it wasn't paid... but the up side is, you have it to put on your CV, of course, and also get a good recommendation out of it." She paused, looking at Gwen and not wanting to sound spoiled or privileged. But the truth was, Mercy's folks were quite well-off, and paid for Mercy's supplies, as well as a bit of bonus money, for when she maintained straight Os. She never really worried about shoes, though she did enjoy makeup. "Do your parents not give you supply money?" she asked, tilting her head. "I mean, I'm sure that plenty of places would pay, for you to work over holiday. Shops in Hogsmeade, and the like?"
  2. Mercedes Dalton

    Mercy was a bit apprehensive about this. She wasn't normally one to attend parties and the like, much preferring the company of books. But she was in her sixth year, now, and she wanted to make some new friends and try some new things. She was a little nervous, but before she could change her mind, she was already hurrying down the corridors in her basic pajama set, wearing her favorite owl slippers on her feet, towards the classroom. Stepping inside, she saw a lot of others were already here. "Er...hello," she said quickly. "I'm Mercy."
  3. Mercedes Dalton

    Hearing the familiar voice, Mercy looked up to see her friend Brett standing there. Blushing slightly, she tucked a lock of dark hair behind her ear. She'd sort of fancied Brett since her first year, but she'd always been too shy to make a move. Maybe she was traditional, or maybe Mercy has always been more comfortable with books than she was with people. She was much more likely to be found in the library than smuggling in firewhisky at a party. "Oh, hello Brett! How was your summer?" Mercy asked politely, hoping the color was fading from her face. "Erm. Yes, these kittens are adorable, don't you think? But if I just get one, she might be lonely...." Because Marcy was the type of girl to worry about a cat's loneliness. "What about you? Are you in the market for a pet?" @Brett Raines
  4. Mercedes Dalton

    Mercy smiled at the girl's offer. Perhaps if they became close friends that might come to fruition. "I know what you mean, I tend to keep to myself as well. I find books are sometimes more interesting than people, " Mercy admitted with a giggle. "But it is nice to meet a like-minded person," she added. "Are you looking forward to the school year?" @Trinity Ho'mred
  5. Mercedes Dalton

    "Yes, and you are Gwen, correct?" Mercy asked, glad to be recognized. Mercy wasnt the most popular or well- known girl, but she had a reputation for doing well in class. "My summer was quite nice, thanks. I got an internship working in archives at the magical library in London. Very interesting. How about you?" @Gwen Ferfew
  6. Mercedes Dalton

    Mercy slid the compartment door open on the Hogwarts Express, peeking inside Compartment F. She had already stowed her trunk, but she had a large purse over her shoulder, nestled in which was the book Mercy was currently reading. Mercy hardly went anywhere without a book, that was just who she was. There was only one other girl inside the compartment, and she, too, was reading a book. Mercy took that as a sign that this would be a good place to sit, so she sat down across from the girl, giving her a soft smile. "Hi there...do you mind if I sit? I brought a book, too," Mercy asked the girl, who looked to be a Slytherin in Mercy's year. If the girl wanted to talk, that would be fine, but if not, they could just sit in silence and read. @Gwen Ferfew
  7. Mercedes Dalton

    Name: Mercedes Dalton Student/Adult: Student Would you be okay RPing with a student/adult: Yes! Do you want to earn house points in this RP?: Yes! Name your triggers: Rape, incest child abuse How many threads can you handle?: 1
  8. Student Name: Mercedes Dalton Current House: Ravenclaw Current Year: 6th Three Requested Courses: Astronomy Charms Ancient Runes
  9. Mercedes Dalton

    Mercy stood outside the Magical Menagerie, staring longingly through the large picture window with a vibrant display of handsome creatures inside. There were bright orange and blue salamanders, snow-white owls, and cats of all colors, with yellow and green eyes which seemed to glow, even in daylight. Mercy was ready for a pet of her own. She'd had the Dalton family owl with her for years at Hogwarts, but Mercy had always been partial to cats. And right up front, a teeming box of kittens were nearly literally calling her name. "Mercy! Mercy!" @Brett Raines
  10. Mercedes Dalton

    "Oh! You're in Ravenclaw? Me too! I'm sure we've had classes together. I knew you looked familiar," Mercy replied, blushing a deep pink color from embarrassment. Honestly, she really should know everyone from her house and year by now, but Mercy was introverted, and also sometimes shy, though she'd gotten less shy over her years at Hogwarts. Mercy tended to keep to herself, though, and focus on her studies. As a result, she wasn't exactly the most well- known or popular. "New Zealand? Wow. I've always wanted to go there," Mercy admitted. Traveling was one of her passions. "My name's Mercedes. It's a pleasure to meet you." @Trinity Ho'mred
  11. Mercedes Dalton

    As the girl bumped into her, Mercy was startled at first, but then she smiled. Thankfully all she had with her was her small purse slung over her shoulder with a long strap, so she didn't have anything in her arms to drop. "It's no problem. I'm sorry, I could have been watching where I was going better. I just get excited in book stores," she admitted with a soft laugh. Studying the girl for a moment, Mercy realized she looked familiar. "Do you go to Hogwarts, by chance?" she ventured. "Your accent is beautiful. Where are you from?" @Trinity Ho'mred
  12. Mercedes Dalton

    It was still summer, but Mercy was looking to get her school books early in anticipation of her 6th year of school. Mercy was the type to always get all of her reading and homework done ahead of time, such that she had time to work ahead of the class and be extra prepared. School was important to Mercy. It was part of her identity, doing well and succeeding academically. Today, she had thought it would be fun to spend some time in Flourish and Blotts, to get some textbooks and a bit of light reading to round out her summer. Pushing open the door, she wondered where she should start.