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  1. Anastasia Wolfsbane

    Yes, Anastasia was sometimes -maybe often- loud. But more than loud or noisy, she was an enthusiastic, usually happy, joyful girl. She always tried to pull out the good in every bad situation, and to lighten the mood of everybody around her, including herself. This philosophy of life didn't protect her from the hard reality, it only managed to shelter her from time to time, to soften its unforgiving brutal roughness. And right now, despite her happiness and happy attitude, she was worried. @Theodore Bach was not acting normal, whatever he was doing, he was distant and more introvert than he ever had been. Something was up with him. it was not the first time he avoided conversation, and his chocolate offering -even if highly appreciated- allowed him to avoid talking, once more. Anastasia turned to @Margarita Rani, noticing the girl was putting away her book. "What? You plan to begin studying for your N.E.W.Ts already? I was planning to have fun this year, to be honest!" she replied to her, sticking her tongue playfully. "Your O.W.Ls results can't be that bad! You want to be an Auror or what?" she finished. For her, Auror was the profession that asked the most work and requested to excel on all fields.
  2. Anastasia Wolfsbane

    Anastasia grinned enigmatically at Annabeth! She could talk! Did she remember the speech she had gave her when she told her she had a big crush on their Head of House? She looked at the two lovers, she was happy for them, but yet a little taken aback when Anna told her their story had been going on for at least two months. "That long?" she said with a face expressing her disappointment and light hurt without saying it out loud, though. "I'm happy for you. That's nice to have each other... It's great you're in the same house, right? It's easier that way..." she didn't comment more, there was no point. She looked ahead and sighed, "so, what do you want to do, today?" Now they had broken the news for her.
  3. Anastasia Wolfsbane

    Anastasia turned back her head to look at @Annabeth Kane, seemingly examining her outfit for the first time, and sighs, "You're always so well dressed anyway! I don't understand why you're so worried about how you look! And... don't you think it's a lost of time? We'll have to change into our school robes soon enough anyway!" she noted, with a kind of strange relief. Anya was not a big fan of fashion: for her, the very definition of a great outfit was a comfortable one, and she donned a jean and T-shirt has if it was the most expensive and fancy outfit there were... which was exactly what she was wearing right now. She smiled at Annabeth, still brushing @Theodore Bach's hair as she would have done to a brother. "I'm so happy to be done with the O.W.L.s! It should be a quieter year, on the assignments front... And we should have more free time! Isn't it great? Makes me think... have you already chose the elective classes you want to have this year?" she told for all in the compartment.
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  5. Anastasia Wolfsbane

    Ok... she was late. Once more! She had came back to London the previous day to buy some very needed books and other kind of school supplies, and of course some new outfit. It seemed that she needed to act a little more as a woman if she hoped to seduce a certain person. Although, she was not at all in "womanly fashion" -wearing her usual black jeans with her yellow, badger, tank top, and her sneakers- as she jumped on the Hogwarts express just few second before the whistle blew, announcing the train's imminent departure. Anastasia walked up the corridor, looking here and there inside the compartments, wondering who was in, and where to stop, somehow hoping to find @Annabeth Kane or @Theodore Bach in one of them. She passed by many compartments already full, some with first years with excited and terrified gaze, others with fifth years Ravenclaws already buried in their books in anticipation for their O.W.L.s and some full of Slytherin or older students. Luck finally smiled at her when she saw Anna and @Margarita Rani. Puffs! from her year! Happily she entered the compartment and grinned at the two girls "Hello!" she said enthusiastically before motioning to kiss Anna's cheek. "Can you believe I almost missed the train?" she continued, sticking her tongue playfully. That's when she noticed the guy by the window. She was about to lower her tone -he seemed very focused on something happening outside, or maybe he was in his dreams?- but she recognized that blond! Her smile widened and she moved to go next to him, throwing her bag in the appropriate shelf above their head, and letting herself fall -gently- on his lap. "Theo! my favorite blond! I'm so happy to see you!" she threw her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek with a loud noise.
  6. Anastasia Wolfsbane

    Anastasia was nervous. It was a big official gala, and even if she was excited and happy to attend to it she was very well aware that she would probably do a stupid thing that would ruin everything. Because it was how she used to react, unconsciously, at each very official event she had been to, she had done something clumsily stupid... It used to make her mother laugh; which was okay when it was only the two of them, in the middle of strangers, but today... All Hogwarts, the Ministry would be here, and more importantly... He would be here.... Picking the perfect dress had took a long a long time... Literally! Annabeth could vouch for it! But in the end, Anya was happy with her choice; it was a very nice pale yellow fitting dress, with flowers embroidered highlights that went from the waistline to her neckline, very fine glittery straps put the attention on the perfection of her silky teen skin, and a multilayered skirt was designed to allow her to dance without feeling constructed in her ball gown. She had gathered her heavy wavy red hair in a modern updo, letting few strands of hair free, giving the hairstyle an faery look, while it completely revealed her slender neck. She had added some long earrings repeating the pattern of the flowers on her dress; an assorted necklace completed the look. Her shoes had more heel than she was used to, which could be problematic at some point, but it gave her a gait of a princess, and she liked it. As all Hogs student, she took the Knight bus -which was particularly funny, the wizard bus had definitely never seen so many well-dressed teen in... ever!- and she looked by its window, her heartbeat accelerated. Yes, she was excited... And even more as she saw the lights of the place where the inauguration would take place, and she felt the bus slowing down. The bus finally came to a halt and she breathed out slowly and deeply, trying to calm herself down. It was her first date... Her first real official date with him. It felt surreal and exciting. And terrifying at the same time... Anastasia let the most eager and excited students rush out of the bus, until it was her time to go out. She focused her mind on her walk, trying to show some confidence and fluidity when in fact it felt very hard for her to walk naturally -even her emergency training hadn't helped enough- although she managed to go down the stairs without ridicule herself too much. And he was there. Absolutely breathtaking in his... suit! Anya's breath caught as her eyes took in the sight of him, and her cheeks blushed. He was an absolute vision. And she was deep in love with him. She quickly gestured to Anna that she was going to Yves and she did. Walking slowly to assure her walk as well as she could, but she didn't care anymore, her eyes were locked on him, it was as if she was walking on a cloud. "You look absolutely dashing, Yves" she managed to tell when she arrived at his level.
  7. Anastasia Wolfsbane

    Anastasia felt the arms of her best friend around her, was pulled into a tight hug and she smiled, wrapping her own arms around Annabeth and reciprocating the hug. "Thank you....thank you for understanding and not treating me like a fool" she said in a low voice. Annabeth had been Anya's first friend very early in their Hogwarts adventure. They had met in the Hogwarts express, shared the same compartment and since then, they had never left one another. They had laughed and cried over the same stories, they had studied at the dead of night for the next day's exams and they had made it that far with little complications. Anya knew they were stronger together, and they always had more fun when the other was around. So feeling her undivided love and support was still appreciated at its real worth. Slowly, Anastasia broke the hug and looked at Annabeth with a gentle smile, "and you? is there someone around that makes your heart beat like crazy? have you met someone met during the summer? or... ? Tell me!"
  8. Anastasia Wolfsbane

    Anastasia melt in his kiss, plain and simple. Yves was just proving over and over he was the man she wanted to share her life with. His kindness as their Head of House had surprised her, especially given his... frame... Anya wasn't really someone to judge others depending on their looks, but she had to admit that the first time she had seen him, as she was entering the Great Hall, she had been impressed! The man was so tall, so... strong and muscular. But more than that, he had an incredible charisma: his eyes had a light in them that made her feel weird, as if he could see her naked truth, as if he could see her soul that easily. Of course, she had learnt to know him and go passed that first impression. The more she had been with him, the more she loved that multifaceted man. His strength was built to allow him to protect the ones he loved, and, in Hogs, he loved his Puffs more than anything. He had created for the Hufflepuff House a safe heaven, Anya called "home" quickly. A Home she was eager to come back to at the end of each summer and vacations. He had been the rock she leant to, the shoulder she cried on to when the world was falling apart -as all teenagers seem to believe at some point in their life- he had been there for big heartaches, and overwhelming joys. He had been there, always... And she couldn't see her life without him. One year ago, somewhere around the middle of the summer, that when her feelings for Yves began to switch. Somehow, as hormones overflowed her, she began to have the hotter and sweaty dreams she ever had. Yves was always in them. At first, she was very disturbed and seeing her HoH the following term hasn't been the easiest. She was unsettled and more and more disturbed as the months unfolded, her dreams turned so hot and life-like that she barely could look at Yves without blushing. She had fought her feelings, at first... but... getting Yves out of her mind and her dreams revealed impossible. Even as she had to try to put some analytic thought about it, doing a kind of pros and cons lists... in the end... she couldn't imagine a life for herself without him in it. And now... and now it felt as if she was living in one of her dreams; wishing it would never end... Her name passed through his lips, it sounded so soft and heartfelt, she looked up, her pale blue eyes searching for his. At his words, surprised draws on her lips, while her hand naturally moved up to stop on his chest, at heart level. And there... there... yes, she could hear that gentle rhythmic music. His heart, beating... for her! She had wide eyes at the surprise. "How?... that's... amazing!" she said in genuine happiness. She leant her forehead on his, her lips brushing his, // You are magical!//
  9. Anastasia Wolfsbane

    Yes, their Head of House was a vampire. He never made a secret out of it, how could he have? He was paler than anyone around. And, at the dead of the night when all Puffs needed to feel tenderness as they became more homesick by the minute, that's when he took you in his embrace, to make all his puffs feel better; although they were no denying that his arms felt colder... Until the natural warmth of the room, of the fireplace and all the housemate were able to warm even him. But Anya wasn't afraid of him. She never had been... and she nodded at Anna, "I want him. He's the only one that can make my heart beat that fast! When he looks at me, I forget all the rest, it's like the world suddenly stopped turning. It's crazy and I can't explain why, but I love him so much it hurts... I just hope he love me too... If not... If not... I don't know" she finished in a whimper, not able to express how much that simple thought hurt her. @Annabeth Kane
  10. Anastasia Wolfsbane

    Anya grinned at @Annabeth Kane, innerly laughing at her taunting. But she was already far away, flying as fast as her broom allowed her too. She could see @Professor Yves Drasche almost dancing with the waves of the Black Lake, and she was about to test his reaction to her falling; that's when Annabeth decided to test Yves' patience and decided against it. Instead she looked down, under the surface of the lake, trying hard to catch the shape of the Giant Squid as he was swimming peacefully. Yves had said that the Giant Squid would be nice and had agreed to play with them gently, and Anya trusted Yves more than anyone else, so, as soon as she saw one of its gigantic leg and.... Just like that, Anastasia slowly moved up on her broom, pulling out a very delicate equilibrium move, both feet on the wood of the broom, standing straight, her head bended to watch under the water... And she jumped in the waters, diving to catch the squid's leg, totally ready to have a energetic rodeo with it!
  11. Anastasia Wolfsbane

    She felt his strong arms around her, pulling her closer and she felt amazed how natural it was. She found her spot against his frame so easily, as if all was meant to be. His body felt strong and solid against hers, his scent was stronger there as her nose brushed his silky skin, his taste invaded her palate with every kiss, and she wanted more. More of him, more of his softness, of his tenderness, more of his strength. She took every advantage he gave her to breath, but always came back to his lips, his kisses, as if she had been starving and craving for those until that point. She felt herself blossom in his arms, and she knew she was exactly where she had always hoped to be: she was home. Anya reopened her eyes as she felt Yves' forehead on hers. Suddenly, she could hear his soft voice in her mind and her eyes opened wide, both surprised and amazed. His words were so moving and poetic that it made her blush even more: she knew he meant them, and they were said for her alone. She welcomed his lips again, wrapping her arms around his neck, not decided to let him go ever again, her chest pressing against his, her tongue tasking him, and she thought hard... trying to reply to him the way he had talked to her... not willing to break the solemnity of the moment... //Yves... Yves... you're the one I've always dreamed of... The one I've been missing... never let me go...//
  12. Anastasia Wolfsbane

    Anya breathed out. She didn't want to resemble those girls, those "popular" girls who looked like adult models, and not a better version of themselves. When Anya looked at them, she felt like if they had to loose a part of their souls to the "god of fashion" or something of that kind, and she really didn't want that. Maybe she should, if she wanted to seduce that handsome man who was Yves, but she couldn't force herself to go that far. So, she breathed out at Annabeth's answer, reassured. "Good", she admitted, "I'm not ready to go that far..." So it was decided, the two girls would have to go out shopping some day, not too long from now, so Anya could find more... form fitting outfit to show off her more womanly figure... Yes... a lot of things had changed during that summer.... Anastasia was smiling, looking at her best friend and suddenly she wondered... "Anna... Do you think I'm wrong? Like... He's older... so much older than me.. being a vampire and all... Do you think it's wrong for me to wish being with him?" @Annabeth Kane
  13. Anastasia Wolfsbane

    Anastasia looked at the both of them, how they were getting all cuddly and mushy and she grinned, breaking her serious face, and began to laugh gently. "You're not in trial, @Evan Graham, I just wanted to tease you and see how you would react!" Anya was trustful; @Annabeth Kane was her best friend and she only wanted the best for her. It meant that she sort of took upon herself the role of verifying that the guy she was dating was someone worthy of her. But being a hufflepuff, she had been around Evan for as long as she was in Hogs, and she had only put a little tease on him. Seeing how protective of him Annabeth was, and how Evan was doing the same without thinking twice, only proved how trustful they were, one to the other. And it brightened her heart with joy to the the two of them like that. She approached them and took them in a big Hufflehug, a wide smile on her face, "You're such a cutie pies! both of you! I was just kidding: I'm really happy you found each other!" Then she moved to sit on a bench nearby, still looking at them, "So? Tell me your story! When did you began dating? I had no idea, and that's saying something as Anna tells me everything... usually!"
  14. Anastasia Wolfsbane

    Anastasia loved his emerald eyes. It was as if they were talking to her, unsaid stories, maybe forbidden ones, and it made her heart beat faster and stronger each time. She liked to fool herself into thinking that he did that only with her, that he made her someone truly unique, in a way. She never tried to confirm that belief; she didn't want to find out it wasn't true. It would have break her heart. At this very moment, he was here with her, only for her. It was the most precious gift he could give her; she was decided to enjoy it as much as she could, and make that special moment last as longer as possible. Yves' eyes began to glow, somehow, Anya kept her eyes locked in his, mesmerized, attracted to him as a magnet. Her heartbeat caught at first, before beating again, suddenly accelerating to a very fast pace, like if his heart was playing a loud and rhythmic barbaric drum song. The sound of that bewitching music filled her eardrums so much she couldn't escape the attraction. Yves changed back to his humanoid self, keeping his intense gaze on her, and her heartbeat caught once more... And accelerated again, stronger, faster. Anya could feel the rush of blood invading her face, the warmth taking over, her cheeks blushing at this intense look. Somehow, she heard his words; she almost couldn't believe it, unable to trust her own ears. Was he really saying what he was saying? Was he saying what she had hoped him to say, or was she just hearing what she wanted to hear? As, his hand kept hers tight, she leant forward without any desire to let him go, leaning her face closer to his, as if attracted by him, surrendering to his seductive ways. The touch of his lips on the corner of hers sent shivers down her spine; her hand squeezed his stronger, her heart in total chaos. "Nature... can be....?" she replied to him with a voice that sounded more like a whisper of desire, while she turned her face without exactly realizing what she was doing, only responding to a need so deeply rooted inside her that she couldn't fight it any longer. And her lips were on his, responding to him. @Professor Yves Drasche