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  1. Minister Virsham Bane

  2. Minister Virsham Bane

    Finding the perfect new suit for the inauguration night had been more complicated than Virsham thought. Usually, it was Beth's work. It seemed always easy to her. But now... the task had fell in his hands, and it was much harder. If it had been only his own choice, he would have slid into something cool and casual, but it was his official inauguration and he didn't want to show any disrespect to all the people who had worked hard to make it a great and impressive event. Virsham was done with his tie, pacing now by the corridors to check on his kids' preparation advancement, popping in when @Charlotte Bane needed hands to zip up her dress, eyeing at @Louis Bane fighting with his own little tie, while keeping an eye on the clock at the same time. "Guys, we have to accelerate a notch or we'll be late to my inauguration..." He went down on the lower room, on the first floor, tying up his laces, and watching the fireplace. He was expecting @Professor Jakub Webb anytime soon, as they had agree on attending together. It wasn't a secret that they were best friends, ever since their own days in Hogwarts. What was much more of a secret was the evolution of that friendship. Not that it was something Virsham could be ashamed of. It was something they had kept to themselves, maybe because they were still unsure of the direction this would go, and, at the same time, it was precious moments they weren't ready to abandon to public scrutiny. "Monkeys! You better be downstairs in one minute or I'll be leaving without you! Jakub will be here in... 3... 2..."
  3. Minister Virsham Bane

    He wanted that night to last. Because it felt good, because it felt right; it had been a long time since it has. Oh, of course, his life was pretty good and agreeable: the kids were doing well; he had just been elected to the highest position in the UK... so Yeah, life was settling rather nicely. But that only was the surface, the nice layer of dashing fashionista over the truth. The truth... was so different. When the house was finally quiet, the kids asleep in their beds, Virsham lingered in the house like a lost soul. Sleep was hard to come, his thoughts too reluctant to let him have his peace. And the bed was cold, anyway. Sure, he could sleep on the side he wanted, and take all the space, stir, get rid of the comforter and sheets without being scowled. He could do all that. And never it had seemed so pointless and sad. Most of the time, he did all he could to hide those feelings to his children, and when the sun rose, early morning, he busied himself with the kids' breakfast and getting them ready for going to the grandparents... Being with Jakub that night, meant something deeper than simply getting a good laid. As he got rid of his clothes, a weight oppressing him was little by little lifted from his shoulders, and he could hope again. Hope to be and feel human again, to love and be loved. Maybe... a little. This might explain was Virsham was giving less thoughts to the repercussions and the aftermaths of what was happening, and why all his mind was currently filled with desire and lust. Seeing Jakub naked didn't help... to think about anything else. Had Virshman already imagined the Puff naked? He kinda had. His imagination didn't need to be too wild, they had had some very drunken parties, and many things did have happened, including a weird one where they end up the sea, and Virshman had had to pull the slender man out of it. And... well, let's just say that drenched clothes don't leave many place for imagination... But Jakub's cock was awaken now, and it did add quite nicely to the memories. Virsham's gaze rested a little on it, before moving up to take in the blessing that was Jakub's self. He smiled has the man slid under him and wrapped his legs around his waist, and his hand brushed those legs, inviting the movement, his own hips slowing grinding against Jakub's groin, a grin on his face "It's asked so nicely... How can I deny you?" Virsham hovered above him, his chest brushing Jakob's; his hands moving from his legs to this rear, groping and teasing, while his lips tasted that offered skin, teasing the nipples before continuing his way up to his neck, nibbling before biting and stopping at his earlobe. He could feel his breathing accelerating, his chest heaving with his accelerated, labored breaths, excitement making his cock fuller and harder by the second, his hips moving in slow teasing circles, caressing his dick against Jakub's. With a grin he claimed the Headmaster's lips, tugging longly at his lower lip, his voice lingering "We're not in a hurry, are we?" @Professor Jakub Webb
  4. Minister Virsham Bane

    Virsham smiled. His little girl was so much as her mother: gentle and patient, understanding. She was older than her years, and sometimes Virsham wondered if it was because of the tragedy that had struck their family or if, more simpler, it was her true nature. He smiled back at her, holding her hand and playing along, moved it up, carrying her high enough so her feet would not feel the floor anymore, and making her swing a little, in suspension. "I had a good day, sweetie. A lot of meetings and talks, and I've seen some of my aurors. I stole them a mug of coffee" he winked as if it was sharing a secret. "I discovered your PB sandwich in my bag almost by surprise... and right at the good time, I was starving! You think about everything. Thanks!" He slowly let her drop on the floor as he heard the footsteps of her dance professor and he looked on the way of the sound was coming from, before looking back at Charlotte as she was explaining what it was all about. "Oh... the Recital!" he exclaimed. "That's serious business then!" Virsham moved to Arlen, presenting the hand that was free, as the other one was still holding his little princess'. "Mister Stavish, don't say that: I'm the one keeping you waiting... Sorry about that, I swear I tried to be on time this time", he replied to the man's telepathic message, "So, that's the right pattern? ok... it's nice" he said looking at the design, turning the page up and down and wondering how, by Godric, he would sew that stuff... it was more complex to him than ancient runes! The rest of Arlen's comment made him raise his head and look at the dance professor with frowning eyebrows. "Ok", he said with a lingering voice, before turning to Charlotte, "Love, you wait for me on the bench, ok? I'll be right back", and he motioned himself a little further away from the little girl. "Is there a problem, Mr. Stavish?" @Arlen Stavish @Charlotte Bane
  5. Minister Virsham Bane

    Virsham was running through the streets. He could have take the nearest fireplace, but he needed to calm down after the first meetings he had at the Ministry. There were so much to do that it was almost a shock. He knew that many things needed to be reevaluated, and modified, but not that much! So a little run in the muggle streets of London did the trick: it lowered his stressed level to normal. Although, when he passed the doors of the dance studio, his smile faded a little. His daughter was waiting for him as quietly as usual... alone... "Damn! I'm late again?" he said with his deep warm voice as soon as he came closer to her, opening his arms to hold her and kiss her forehead as he used to do. "Sorry, sweetie! You waited long? How was the lesson today?" He turned around, his eyes browsing the now deserted ballroom, searching for the teacher, "You've been nice to your teacher, I hope..."
  6. Minister Virsham Bane

    Virsham had never really imagined being in this situation. He hadn't think about it to be exact, but he did enjoy every single second of it. Jakub had been his friend for so long, he was practically family. The fact he was male wasn't even relevant: Virsham had never loved -or fucked- anyone because of their gender; Virsham was attracted by someone's personality, charisma... soul... and for sure, because of that Jakub had a huge advantage on others. So much so, that the strong man was now officially breaking his grieving time with him. For so long, Virsham couldn't see himself with someone else, and he had lived a solitary life -at least on the sentimental side- for many years after Beth's death. But tonight... tonight, he felt alive for the first time in a long time. He had grinned at Jakub's move, letting himself being rolled over, just for the pleasure of watching Jakub taking the matter into his own hands. He growled a little, just for the fun of it, and moved his hands on his sides. He had always being so slender, almost bony-like, but it was also because he was tall, that he seemed even slimmer. Virsham welcomed Jakub's kisses and seduction, it made his heart race and his breathing accelerate into an uneven rhythm, his own hips moving slowly at first before grinding his more obviously against Jakub's. He had his eyes locked into Jakub's and his hands began to slide from his sides to his back, his nails trailing along his spine towards his lower back, until he groped his rear and squeeze that firm butt, "Sexy Headmaster..." he whispered, excited. His lips in his neck and made their effect, warming his body to the touch and made him want more, more of that nice sensations, more of that feeling of being desired so much that all caution is thrown out of the window. Surely, it was not very wise to be fucking his best friend, it could turn out very badly and he would lose a friendship of many years... And that was without taking into consideration their respective jobs.... a grudge between the two most powerful men of UK could reveal to be deadly... Jakub made his move down on him, and Virsham breathed out, a groan of pleasure escaping his parted lips, as he arched his chest at the pleasure, playfully making the headmaster ride him as in a rodeo. His hands moved up, as Jakub moved the opposite way, his nails digging into the soft skin, teasing him, caressing the muscles, his arms, pulling him closer and still leaving him enough space and liberty so he could continue his way down as he desired. His hips grind more, faster. He began to moan, his body attuned to Jakub's caresses, his chest naked feeling his lips, his hands, that skin on skin contact arousing him more and more. "Yes... yes!" said Virsham, no longer able to hide his eagerness, when he felt Jakub's hands dealing with his pants; he moved, rolling on his hips, trying to help him get those trousers down his legs, wanting to feel those lips on his skin.again. In a rushed movement, he sat down on the bed, his own hands going to unzip Jakub's pants, smiling, "It's not fair if I'm the only one naked..." and in a funny kind of dance on that luxurious bed, he began to pull out the other man's pants, undies and socks. Virsham stopped at Jakub's words, looking at him, and replying on the spot, "I want you... I want to feel your body over mine, under mine, on my side... I want to hear you scream my name... I want to feel your hands on me... I want this night to last" @Professor Jakub Webb
  7. Minister Virsham Bane

    Level 9: Department of Mysteries Head of Department of Mysteries - @David Lexington The Department of Mysteries is a section of the Ministry of Magic that carries out confidential research, most of them in total secrecy. Few wizards within the Ministry actually know what is located within this department, though it is learned that the various mysteries of the world are studied there, these include: love, space, thought, time, death, and others. Those wizards who work in the Department of Mysteries are known as Unspeakables because of the confidential nature of their work. Due to the highly classified nature of this department, it is granted a great deal of independence, being the only one within the entire Ministry that does not need to answer to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.
  8. Minister Virsham Bane

    Level 8: The Atrium The Atrium is a reception area that serves to welcome visitors to the Ministry of Magic. Methods of entry You can choose to use the external entrance (an unused telephone booth), or arrive via the Floo Network, utilizing a series of gilded fireplaces lining the left-hand side of the long hallway leading into the Atrium proper. Visitors departed through a series of fireplaces lining the right-hand side of the hall. The Atrium different positions: Security Desk It is usually manned by one guard. At this desk sits the Wand weigher, a device that examines the characteristics of a visitor's wand. All visitors must present themselves and their wands at this desk upon entry to the Ministry. Ministry Munchies Café This establishment is located in the Atrium. It is a small stand near the Fountain of Magical New Unity where the Ministry of Magic workers could purchase a coffee and a Danish on their way to their offices. Lifts Lifts are the main way of moving between the levels in MoM. They are a fast mode of transportation to move people or goods between floors or levels of the building. They are located at the far end of the Atrium hall, behind a pair of golden gates. There is an attendant within each lift from Magical Maintenance, to ensure everything went smoothly. Magical Maintenance Division responsible for maintaining the upkeep of the Ministry, including deciding what weather to display through the Ministry's enchanted windows and repairing magic gone wrong within the premises of the Ministry, such as rain inside an office. Magical Maintenance is in charge of maintaining the lifts and ensuring that the Atrium fireplaces are supplied with Floo Powder, in addition to less magical forms of maintenance such as tidying up. The personnel working in the Magical Maintenance wears navy blue robes.
  9. Minister Virsham Bane

    Level 7: Department of Magical Games and Sports The Department of Magical Games and Sports is the department charged with the regulation of all sport-related events in the Wizarding world. It is roughly the equivalent to the real-life British Department of Culture, Media and Sport. Head of the Magical Games & Sports - The International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy was signed in 1692, and it made each individual Ministry of Magic responsible for the consequences of all magical sports played within their countries. The Ministry started passing legislation pertaining to Quidditch in 1750 (including the first official set of rules of the game). The current affairs of the department have to do with such sport-related pastimes as organizing the Quidditch World Cup and the Triwizard Tournament. The Department has a very relaxed ambience, the corridor off the access lift being somewhat "untidy-looking" in comparison to the other Ministerial Departments: various posters of Quidditch teams tacked lopsidedly on the walls. Divisions: British and Irish Quidditch League Headquarters It falls under the authority of the division, which organizes the annual competition, arranging the matches and the players who participate. The department maintains anti-Muggle security, and have authority over the thirteen teams playi in the League. All Quidditch referees are trained and appointed by this department. The Official Gobstones Club is the official club of Gobstones, a game that wizards and witches play. It has its own tournament, and the employees of this office prepare and plan tournaments.Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had a Gobstones club, which is run by the official one. The Ludicrous Patents Office is a division dealing with the licensing of "ludicrous" patents.
  10. Minister Virsham Bane

    Level 6: Department of Magical Transportation The Department of Magical Transportation is responsible for various aspects of magical transport. Head of Magical Transportation - Offices Floo Network Authority The Floo Network Authority is responsible for setting up and maintaining the network. They also regulate the distribution of Floo powder. The network is composed of the fireplaces of all the wizarding buildings, which are interconnected, and it allows the user, or "passenger", to transport themselves to any other fireplace on the network. The Floo Network is subject to intense scrutiny by the Ministry, and may sometimes temporarily set up a connection between a wizarding building and a Muggle building. Broom Regulatory Control The Broom Regulatory Control has the authority to determine what factors allow an individual to use and ride a broom. If a broom has been determined to be dangerous or tampered with to cause damage, this office will confiscate the broom. The broomstick regulations are presumably relevant to the work of the office. Portkey Office The Portkey Office regulates and authorizes objects that are turned into portkeys as well as the network in which they are used. This would be slightly similar to the Floo Network Authority. During the Quidditch World Cup, the Portkey Office is involved in regulating the thousands of portkeys used to bring witches and wizards to the game. Apparition Test Centre Grants Apparition licenses to qualified witches and wizards. One must be 17 to obtain such a license. Licensure is required to prevent the likelihood of splinching. One is usually taught and tested by a qualified Ministry employee, such as is the case at Hogwarts. However, in the case of Side-Along Apparition, the accomplice does not require a license provided they are taken by a licensed wizard.
  11. Minister Virsham Bane

    Level 5: Department of International Magical Cooperation The Department of International Magical Cooperation tries to get wizards from different countries to work together. It is closest to the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office in the Muggle World. The duties of this department are to work with magical governments of other countries, set standards for trade, create regulations, interpret international magical law, work with Department of Magical Games and Sports on the Triwizard Tournament, be present at the International Confederation of Wizards, British Seats, etc. Head of International Magical Cooperation - @Alana Auberjonois Divisions: The International Magical Trading Standards Body Office in charge of overseeing and assessing trading practices within the wizarding world, as well as passing international legislation regarding trading standards. The International Magical Office of Law, this office has a diplomatic mission and is untrusted with the mission of monitoring the laws and policies set down by the International Confederation of Wizards. It advises Britain's Minister for Magic and the Wizengamot on matters of international law in order to prevent contradictions between British magical law and its international counterpart. The International Confederation of Wizards (British Seats) Wizarding inter-governmental organization, roughly equivalent to the United Nations. British seats on the International Confederation of Wizards are selected by the Minister for Magic, subject to the approval of the Wizengamot. The International Confederation of Wizards is headed by a person who holds the title of Supreme Mugwump.
  12. Minister Virsham Bane

    Level 4: Department for the Regulation & Control of Magical Creatures The Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures is the second largest department in the Ministry of Magic. It is divided into three divisions named after the three categorizations of magical creatures: Being, Beast and Spirit. It also houses the liaison offices for Goblins and Centaurs. Head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures - @Hermione Weasley 1. Beast Division Deals with all duties and problems concerning those magical creatures classified as a "Beast" by the Ministry. Loosely defined, a Beast is a magical creature that does not have sufficient intelligence to understand the laws of the magical community nor bear part of the responsibility in shaping those laws. Centaur Liaison Office: deals with relations between wizards and centaurs. Since its inception, no centaur has even used the Office. In the Ministry, the phrase "being sent to the Centaur Office" is an in-joke meaning that the employee in question is about to be sacked. The Office for House-Elf Relocation: is responsible for the allocation and reassignment of house-elves. The Troll Patrol: it was specifically dedicated to the detection of hostile trolls. Prospective candidates were reminded to use all five senses when detecting trolls. The Werewolf Capture Unit: the Unit is tasked with the capture of any werewolves deemed to be a threat. The Werewolf Registry: the Registry maintains the Werewolf Register. Werewolf Support Services: despite werewolves being classed as Beasts, they are acknowledged to be Beings during their untransformed state, and the Werewolf Support Services offered aid to those afflicted with the condition. However, due to the stigma werewolves have in wizarding society, no werewolf ever used the service, and Werewolf Support Services was eventually closed down. Some wizards are currently lobbying to have it reopened. 2. Being Division Deals with all duties and problems concerning those magical creatures classified as a "Being" by the Ministry. The definition of a Being is "any creature that has sufficient intelligence to understand the laws of the magical community and to bear part of the responsibility in shaping those laws". 3. Spirit Division Deals with all duties and problems concerning those magical creatures classified as a "Spirit" by the Ministry. The reason why the Ministry created this division is because it doesn't fit if spirits categorized as "beings", when they are in state of « dead". The Spirit Division was formed when Ghosts complained that it was insensitive to classify them as "beings" when they were so clearly « has-beens". Goblin Liaison Office Department which takes care of the magic economy and to improve relations between goblins and wizards. Pest Advisory Board They provide assistance with serious Bundimun infestations of wizarding homes, deals with serious infestations of Chizpurfles, takes responsibility for the Ghoul Task Force, and maintains a pack of a dozen albino bloodhounds, to deal with Nogtails. Office of Misinformation The Office of Misinformation is a section of the department that becomes involved with only the worst magical-Muggle collisions, when an incident is so obviously magical in nature that Muggles have a hard time explaining it. In such cases, the Office of Misinformation will contact the Muggle Prime Minister to provide a non-magical explanation for the event.
  13. Minister Virsham Bane

    Level 3: Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes The Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes (DMAC) is responsible for repairing accidental magical damage. Head of DMAC - Accidental Magic Reversal Squad Organised team of wizards and witches whose job it is to correct mistakes in magic, such as spells or potions gone wrong. Mistakes are normally caused by inexperienced witches and wizards, those who have not learned to control their magic, or those who may not be very skilled in using specific spells or potions. Obliviators Headquarters Main office for Obliviators, wizard who have the task of modifying the memory of a Muggle after witnessing incidents caused by magic. The act of memory modification can be used by any wizard via the spell Obliviate. This is discouraged in the UK wizarding society. Obliviators are professionals and experienced in using Obliviate. The use of this memory spell being subtle, it could cause harm to others if casted incorrectly. Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee This committee invents excuses for the Muggle community for any magical accidents or occurrences which cannot be magically cleared up or completely obliviated. Thus, the committee will inform the Muggles community with any kind of non-magical excuses for the accidents.
  14. Minister Virsham Bane

    Level 2: The Department of Magical Law Enforcement (DMLE) is the largest department at MoM, and a combination of Police and Justice facilities. As such, it has many different subdivisions through which it works to uphold Wizarding Laws. Being the department that upholds the laws of Britain's wizarding community, all other departments, aside from the secretive Department of Mysteries, are answerable to it. Because of this, the influence and authority carried by the Head of this department can be very high. Head of DMLE - @Jaxon Alexander Office location Once the personnel and/or guests step out of the lift, they find themselves in a corridor lined with doors on both sides, around the corner of which there are a set of heavy oak doors leading into the Auror Headquarters: a large open area divided into small cubicles, one for each Auror. A second set of double doors and another passage lead to a dimly lit and distinctly shabby corridor. A broom cupboard sits at the left end of the corridors, and the right side has the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Offices: a room of almost the same size as the cupboard with two desks and overflowing filing cabinets crammed inside. Aurors Office - Head of Aurors Office @Andrew Svarri An Auror is a highly trained specialist officer who investigate crimes involving the Dark Arts and apprehend Dark Wizards. Aurors are the magical equivalents of Muggle counter-terrorism operatives and, during the First Wizarding War, Aurors were authorized to use the Unforgivable Curses on suspected Death Eaters; specifically, they were given the license to kill, coerce and torture them. Many of the Dark criminals first duel with the Aurors sent to arrest them before surrendering, or even fight to the death. Aurors are also used to protect high-profile targets such as Harry, Hogwarts, and the Muggle Prime Minister. Training Program: The Auror Office takes in new recruits with a minimum of five N.E.W.T.s (with marks no lower than "Exceeds Expectations"): Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Charms, Herbology are the most appropriate for someone who aspires to be admitted to the training program. A potential recruit will also have to pass "a series of character and aptitude tests. » 2 courses are "Concealment and Disguise" and "Stealth and Tracking ». The training is hard to pass with high marks which is a requirement. Hit Wizards A team of highly trained wizards tasked with arresting dangerous criminals. The entry requirements include five O.W.L.s, one of which must be Defence Against the Dark Arts. (equivalent of a Muggle S.W.A.T. Team). Members have a personal bed reserved at St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Improper Use of Magic Office Officers of this office punish violations of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy. This includes underage witches and wizards intentionally using magic, they are in charge the Trace, which monitors the magic used by those under the age of seventeen. When an underage witch or wizard does magic in a Muggle household the Ministry is immediately notified of the situation. However, if an underage wizard does magic within a magical home the department is not notified. Wizengamot The Wizengamot is wizarding Britain's high court of law and parliament. It predates the Ministry of Magic itself, dating back to the days of the medieval Wizards' Council (active at least since 1544). Its administrative headquarters are located in DMLE of the Ministry of Magic, whilst the trials take place in the dungeons of the lower levels. While court is in session, members wear plum-coloured robes embroidered with a silver letter W. Functionality of the Wizengamot It is made up of fifty members. Aside from the judges and the Head Warlock, there is a Court Scribe that records the proceedings while the Wizengamot is in session. The Minister for Magic, Senior Undersecretary to the Minister, and Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement have been known to attend significant trials and hearings. A British Youth Representative, who shall be no more than 17 years old, is present at times as well. The Minister for Magic heads the Wizengamot, while the Chief Warlock acts as an impartial executive figure, much like the Queen does over the British and Commonwealth Parliaments. Trials Trials are brief and concise. The accused may present witnesses to be questioned by the Wizengamot. A third-party with legal knowledge may speak on behalf of a defendant, fulfilling a similar role to that of a modern barrister. However, no wizarding lawyers exist, and the practice of having a spokesperson on behalf of a defendant is rare. Wizengamot Administration Services An office which undertakes administrative and clerical duties for the Wizengamot: maintenance of court documents, hearing dates, judges' schedules, and the administration of legal proceedings. Administrative Registration Department is responsible for the registration of the wizarding population, as well as the Animagus and the detail of the animals form. Once a witch or wizard become parents, they must register in this department, their child as a member of the magical community of Great Britain. Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office This office regulates the use of magic on Muggle objects and confiscates those which have been illegally bewitched. One of the laws they enforce is the prohibition on magically altering a Muggle vehicle with the intent to fly it. This office previously did not get sufficient funding, as there are few employees within the relatively small department. It also does not get lot of respect from fellow Ministry workers. Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects This office duties involve preventing the trade of fake and/or useless spells, potions and artifacts that appeared during the Second Wizarding War.