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  1. Professor Tawny Lombardi

    The term was in full swing now, and Tawny figured that it was a good opportunity to get to know her lions for the year. As a new professor and new Head of House, Tawny was still getting to know her way around Hogwarts, as well as getting to know her colleagues and students. It was difficult, to be the new person, but everything Tawny found out about the place just helped her to love it even more. Today, she'd organized a bit of leaf-jumping. Autumn leaves were littered all across the dying grass of the Clocktower Courtyard, and Tawny had brought rakes, in case some students want to rake and bag the muggle way, or there were also spells that would get the job done. She'd also brought out a large, magically refilling pitcher of apple cider, another of hot chocolate, and some pumpkin and apple-spiced donuts to go along with the fall theme. Humming to herself, she waited for her students to arrive. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a RPC!!! +5 points per student post + 10 points for using one of the RPCs below in your post (you may only use ONE RPC per post, but one post is sufficient to complete a RPC, such that in your next post you may do another) ~~ RPC List ~~ Please clearly LABEL which RPC you are doing in your post! 1. Jump into a leaf pile while screaming like Tarzan 2. Spill your cider 3. Get donut in someone's hair 4. Try to impress your new HOH 5. Link your outfit you've arrived in 6. Having a roaring contest with someone 7. Rake leaves the muggle way 8. Comment on the crisp weather 9. Talk about your favorite things about fall 10. Ask Professor Lombardi something about herself
  2. Professor Tawny Lombardi

    As Zanny took Tawny up on her offer, Tawny smiled at the girl. "Great. Maybe just some basic spellwork? Or is there anything in particular suited to your year you'd like to work on? If you can't think of anything, I can come up with it myself," Tawny added. "How about next Tuesday, after dinner? We can meet in my office."
  3. Professor Tawny Lombardi

    Tawny had somehow managed to fall asleep near the caboose of the train, and when she awoke, the train was already moving steadily towards its destination. Feeling flustered, Tawny straightened her clothes and sheepishly made her way to the Staff Compartment, which was already nearly full. "The start of the year, and already I'm on a sleep deficit," she grumbled. "Did someone say drink? I'd love one, thanks...."
  4. Professor Tawny Lombardi

    "Housing? Wow, that sounds important," Tawny added, smiling as the young woman flagged down a waiter. "Oh, that's very generous of you to offer. Thank you. I'd love a butterbeer," Tawny responded, when Aoife offered to buy her a drink. Tawny usually loved wine, but she wanted something a bit more mild this evening. @Director Aoife O’Malley
  5. Professor Tawny Lombardi

    Tawny bit her lip, listening quietly as Aaron talked about destiny, and things being meant to be. Tawny hadn't experienced the level of tragedy in her life that Aaron had, so she didn't feel qualified to comment on it, honestly. So she just remained quiet, nodding thoughtfully. She wasn't sure she necessarily agreed, but it wasn't a point she wanted to argue in this moment. "Uagaou is actually in Africa," Tawny corrected gently. "I think the one you're thinking of is Castelobruxo, in South America. I've never been there, unfortunately. But I was born in South Africa, so Uagadou was the most obvious choice." It was an experience, having been one of the few white students in attendance. Uagadou drew magical young people from all over Africa, so Tawny was in the minority in the student body. It was difficult, at times, especially having such fair skin and such blonde hair. But Tawny wouldn't have traded the experience for anything. It was quite different now, living in England and teaching in Scotland, where the demographics were completely reversed. "Uagadou was quite different from Hogwarts. There's an emphasis on wandless magic, so students don't even get wands until their later years of study. Also quite an emphasis on transfiguration, moreso than at Hogwarts. I would like to think I have a rather impressive animagus form," Tawny added with a soft, amused smile, like she had a joke no one else knew. @Head Healer Aaron Demetry
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  7. Professor Tawny Lombardi

    As Zanny asked if there was a club she could join, Tawny tapped her chin thoughtfully. "You know, I'm not sure! I'm new to the school, myself, so I'm not totally familiar with everything just yet, " Tawny explained. "But if you'd like to have a private lesson of sorts, I would be willing to supervise you. If that's something you were interested in." @Zanny Peterson
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  9. Professor Tawny Lombardi

    Name: Professor Tawny Lombardi Student/Adult: Adult Would you be okay RPing with a student/adult: Anyone is great! Do you want to earn house points in this RP?: Yes! Name your triggers: Rape, incest, child abuse How many threads can you handle?: 1 please
  10. Professor Tawny Lombardi

    Hey all ! I will be away on vacation December 6 - December 19. I will have limited access to internet and no computer. Replies and duties will happen once I return! Any questions in the meantime, please contact the site owners or my delegate, @Professor Aine MacArthur. This is effective for this account, as well as: @Octavianne Shacklebolt @Mercedes Dalton @Isaak Morozov @Xochitl Silva Thank you! ❤️
  11. Professor Tawny Lombardi

    "Yes, there's certainly no way that could go wrong!" Tawny chuckled, as they joked about cloning. Some things just shouldn't be messed with, in Tawny's opinion, not with science or magic. Even if it would make their lives much easier. At Aaron's comment about starting another career, Tawny shrugged. "Yes, I understand that. For me, it felt like it was time to try something new, " she replied. "I'm not sure if I believe in the concept of destiny, but I think it will certainly be good experience." Toasting her class against Aaron's, Tawny took another sip. "Well, I didn't actually attend Hogwarts, myself. I graduated from Uagadou, and transfiguration and wandless magic are very popular there, " Tawny revealed. She was looking forward to passing that knowledge along. "Certainly, I will keep my eye out for him," Tawny promised, intending to do just that. She didnt have children herself, but she understood that parents had a different perspective on their children, and certainly it would be hard to see them going off to school for most of the year. @Head Healer Aaron Demetry
  12. Professor Tawny Lombardi

    Tawny smiled at the girl. "It sounds like you've learned a lot about Hufflepuff. That's great, " she replied. Knowing about your own house was the most important thing, after all. Tawny hadn't actually attended Hogwarts, so she had had to do a fair but of research on Hogwarts, herself. "That's good that you want to read ahead. Just be careful what spells you try before really having the ability to do advanced magic. If something goes wrong, there can be disastrous consequences, " Tawny warned. "But I don't think there's much harm in reading ahead." @Zanny Peterson
  13. Professor Tawny Lombardi

    "Ooh, vintage! I'm fancy!" Tawny exclaimed, looking pleased. Always the organizer, she gathered up the papers and books, tucking them away neatly into a desk drawer. Now that the surface of her desk was clean, she sat up with her hands folded on the desktop, looking at Jakub expectantly. "Of course! Glasses," she realized, hoping up to grab a pair of nice crystal ones from her worn China cabinet in the corner. "Things are going well, I think, though of course I haven't really had any students yet," Tawny joked. "The pace will be an adjustment, but one I'm looking forward to. How about you? How's being in charge of everyone?" she asked with a soft smirk. @Professor Jakub Webb
  14. Professor Tawny Lombardi

    At the "making a copy of himself" comment, Tawny had to laugh. "Yes, with all the advances in modern magic, I can't believe they haven't come up with that one," she told him wryly. At Aaron's question regarding why she stopped being a journalist, Tawny tapped her chin. "I loved writing. I still love it. And I haven't stopped just because I am a professor, now," she responded with a smile. "But I was excited for a new challenge. I already know I like being a journalist, so I can always go back to that. But I was never someone who wanted to just do the same thing her entire life." Raising her wine glass to her lips, Tawny look a long, slow sip. "Thank you, for the congratulations. I am looking forward to seeing how it goes," she told him honestly. Hopefully she would make a good professor. She saw herself as someone who was strict, but also fair and caring. Hopefully her students would feel the same way. "I'll be teaching transfiguration. That's a favorite of mine," Tawny added with a sparkle in her eye. Uagadou specialized in transfiguration, and Tawny had a few tricks up her sleeve with that one. She was pretty sure her animagus form would blow her students away...maybe quite literally. From the sounds of things, Aaron had been inspired to be a healer after his wife's death. That was a very noble reason to go into a profession. Tawny had always wanted to write, but she had many skills that she wanted to put to good use. This was but one opportunity to do so. "I'm afraid I don't have a time turner, but I can keep an eye out for Tristan," Tawny promised. She was interested to see what Aaron's son was like. @Head Healer Aaron Demetry