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    Yes you can ❤️❤️ @Professor Nelluna Lufkin
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    Name:Director Aoife O’Malley Student/Adult:adult Would you be okay RPing with a student/adult:yes Do you want to earn house points in this RP?:yes Name your triggers: You won't be in any trigger events, but it is still good to ask none How many threads can you handle?: We ask this for people who want multiple RPs going! four
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    “I am the town coordinator and I’m in charge of housing and things that concerned with the town.” Aoife thought that she would be nice and buy Tawny a drink. She knew that she would have to ask before she did anything. “Did you want I could always buy you whatever you want to drink?” She figured that if anything looked suspicious then she would explain to the other woman how she got where she was. She tried to flag down a waiter so that Tawny could order and so that she could get another thing of butterbeer to drink. @Professor Tawny Lombardi
  6. Director Aoife O’Malley

    Aoife gave the woman a smile as she held out her hand to shake as she said “hi yes I’m Aoife it’s nice to meet you. Congratulations on becoming the new Gryffindor head of house. The reason I asked for you to come and meet me here is because I wanted for us to at least become familiar with one another if we have any questions or concerns. I was also curious to know who the new Hogwarts administration was.” She wasn’t too sure if Tawny would be up for getting to know each other and eventually becoming friends. @Professor Tawny Lombardi
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    @Dax Smith yesss :3
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    Adults Aoife O’Malley 18 Commerce Director Bisexual (unplotted) Jacques Goulet 19 Hit wizards Homosexual (plotted with @Hugo Falsetti) Amethyst Kent 18 daily prophet journalist Heterosexual (Unplotted) Aleksander Westguard 21 musician heterosexual (plotted with @Windsor Ashley) Valor Jamison 21 Hogwarts librarian heterosexual (plotted with @Lorraine Bennett) Quentin Beaumont 23 musician pansexual (unplotted) Morgan Solheim 35 Magizoologist heterosexual (plotted with @Professor Delta Cromwell) Preston Wilson 22 keeper for the appleby arrows heterosexual (plotted with @Leighton Valentine) Tristan Alexander 46 astronomy Professor pansexual (plotted with @Mazy Jones ) Aiden Jackson 40 dark wizard pansexual Married (plotted with @Madeline Jackson) Matthew Wilson 22 Auror Homosexual (plotted with @Louis Anderson) Cassidy Adam Amos 18 Spell Damage Treatment Healer homosexual (plotted with @Nathan York) Michael Evans 35 Beast division officer -Werewolf Support Services (plotted with @Professor Nelluna Lufkin) Asher Adams 25 Creature-induced injuries healer (plotted with?) Cole Jackson 34 Dark wizard (plotted with ?) Fleur Delacour 44 cursebreaker at gringotts (canon) Zara Smith 24 model (Plotted) students Madeleine Rose 17 7th year Ravenclaw bisexual (unplotted) Jade Sofia Green 17 7th year Slytherin heterosexual (plotted with @Nicholas Renwick) Christian Jenson 17 7th year Ravenclaw heterosexual (plotted with @Caetlin Rigby) Eloise Hart 15 5th year Gryffindor bisexual (unplotted) Lorenzo Lexington 14 4th year Hufflepuff pansexual (unplotted) Elijah O’Malley 11 1st year Slytherin heterosexual (plotted with @Zanny Peterson) **eventual ship** Nathan Carter 16 6th year Gryffindor heterosexual (plotted with @Trinity Ho'mred) Evan Graham 16 6th year Hufflepuff heterosexual (plotted with @Annabeth Kane) Nina Perrette 15 5th year slytherin Bisexual (Unplotted)
  9. Director Aoife O’Malley

    Aoife recently heard about the new administration at the school. She hadn’t met everybody that was now leading and running the school. She thought that she would schedule a meeting with her and the new Gryffindor head of house. She organized some time where she could do it and still have time for her duties as the town coordinator. She went to the three broomsticks inn and ordered herself a fireball whiskey. She sent an owl to Tawny Lombardi asking if she could meet her at the three broomsticks. She waited patiently as she was excited to finally meet the woman. @Professor Tawny Lombardi