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  1. Professor Jakub Webb

    Somewhere in the recesses of Jakub's mind, in a place that wasn't completely going haywire from the lust and want, Jakub couldn't help but think about the consequences of what was happening right now. And it was both the good and the bad. They could fuck into the wee hours of the morning, decide it was a one-off type of thing, and try to go about their normal relationship. Or maybe, maybe, this would be healing for them both and they might even find a way to love each other in a different way. The idea of being with Virsham, in a relationship above friends, had been a mere idea to Jakub through the years. But could that now be a reality? And what of the children? How would they respond? And the magical community of the United Kingdom? Jakub was sure this would be something groundbreaking, to say the least. But, those thoughts would come in a fuller way when the lust simmered, and Jakub was more focused on ensuring they both had the best night they could muster. When Virsham spoke, Jakub couldn't help but feel his face flush slightly. He had never been referred to as sexy - it had just never been in his wheelhouse - and it made him feel insanely good about himself. Generally, it would have caused a bit of self-doubt, but with Virsham, it just seemed so kind - so...true. But again, words weren't there yet for Jakub. He was too busy worshipping Virsham, taking in all the man had to offer. And, as his hips continued to grind against Virsham, he could tell that Virsham was quite the man. As Virsham's aided Jakub in removing his pants, Jakub couldn't help but bit his lip at the sight of what Virsham was packing. It was nearly off-putting that Virsham to be so gorgeous - even down to his cock - but in a good way. And Jakub was more than ready to handle all that the other man had to offer. Jakub was a pure bottom. He had only topped a few times and he had never enjoyed it nearly as much as being penetrated. Before Jakub could do anymore, however, Virsham was moving and Jakub smirked at the words that Virsham spoke. He allowed Virsham to pull away his clothing, he wasn't shy either. He had never been toned - he had always been tall and slender. But he also had quite the gift downstairs and the action so far had awoken it nicely. When Virsham answered his request, Jakub grinned slyly. He pulled forward, wrapping his legs around Virsham's waist, and allowing his eyes to meet Virsham's. "Fuck me, Minister. Please." Sure, he wanted to taste Virsham some more - but right now, he needed to be filled by Virsham. There would be, hopefully, plenty more time for other things. @Minister Virsham Bane
  2. Professor Jakub Webb

    Had the wine Jakub had been drinking been spiked with Felix Felicis? The Headmaster was sure that, as had happened many nights, he would wake up alone and be forced to hand business for himself. But he was going to allow himself to fall into this and deal with whatever happened next happen. It all felt so real, so deliciously real, and as Jakub's hands danced all over Virsham's body, the reality seemed to intensify. Even as the room around them blurred and seemed to flow away, Virsham felt so real, so present, so absolutely delicious. Jakub's mind was wandering to try and collect every single moment, touch, taste, smell. If this was the only time this would happen, he was determined to have all the memories of this night. Especially to relive in the pensieve. The response to Virsham's question had been uttered before Jakub could think of anything else, but it spoke years of want. Virsham's response only helped to fuel the burning want that was dancing all over Jakub's body. The command was spoken and Jakub let out another soft moan as he felt Virsham's lips on his earlobe, the warm breath dancing over his skin, and he used the hormones racing through him to push Virsham back and climb on top of him. He looked down at Virsham, licking his lips in want, and slowly moved his hips against Virsham's crouch. He leaned down, his hips still moving slowly, and kissed Virsham. He allowed his tongue to dance with Virsham's before pulling away and slowly moving his kisses down toward Virsham's neck. His fingers pulled at the fabric still concealing Virsham's upper body and he let out a satisfied gasp against Virsham's skin as he finally exposed Virsham's flesh. He sat back up, his hips still grinding against Virsham's pelvis, and allowed himself to take in the deliciousness that was Virsham. Then he was back down, his lips dancing over Virsham's chest. His lips moved from one nipple to the other, teasing both for a few moments and continued his descent. Soon his hands were working the latch of Virsham's pants and he looked back up toward Virsham. "Tell me what you want, Minister." @Minister Virsham Bane
  3. Professor Jakub Webb

    There had been many dreams, or so Jakub assumed, of this exact moment. However, Jakub felt so truly in the moment that he could think of nothing else. The man couldn't help but allow a soft moan to escape against Virsham's lips as he felt Virsham's large hands dance down his back. He allowed himself to be moved, to be touched, to be completely worshipped by Virsham and he only moved slightly, his own hands coming to get lost in Virsham's hair. He moved his hips slightly, a sign that this was exactly what he wanted, and let out another soft moan. As the other man's hands began to move up his body, Jakub felt a warm shiver dance up his body and back down. Then their kiss was being broken and Jakub's eyes fluttered open. He might have asked why the kissing had stopped, but he took a deep breath and met Virsham's eyes. They were marvelous, so filled with history, sadness, lust, love. He reached out a hand and slowly allowed his fingers to dance over Virsham's face, coming to slowly dance over the other man's lips. Then Virsham was speaking and a smirk crossed Jakub's features. "I've always needed a bit of discipline, Minister." His words were warm and he moved his hips softy under Virsham, to show the other just how much he was down for this. Jakub let out a moan, unabashed and free, when Virsham's fingers finally touched his skin. Jakub's mind was in ecstasy, his whole body was in ecstasy, and he wanted to allow Virsham to do whatever he wanted, however he wanted, and he couldn't help but allow his hands to also roam. He pulled at the fabric of Virsham's clothing, desperate to also touch the other man, and finally his own hands were dancing down the skin on Virsham's back. Then Virsham spoke again and Jakub locked eyes. The word danced from his lips before he could stop it. "Mine." He then pulled Virsham into a kiss - maybe one that spoke for years of want. @Minister Virsham Bane
  4. Professor Jakub Webb

    Jakub came out to his parents while they were in hiding. The family experienced so many emotions, so much loss, that Jakub felt he didn't want something horrid to happen and not be honest with them. He hadn't been scared to tell them, his parents were just so loving, but it was still difficult to say, aloud, for the first time to other. When he uttered the words, the reaction was expected - the family embraced, but the love seemed to grow even stronger (if that was possible). The War ended, Jakub returned to Hogwarts, and he struck up a friendship with Virsham. It could be seen as odd, a fifth year taking a second year under his wing, but they both shared scars from the War. It wasn't until after Jakub graduated, after Virsham graduated, that feelings seemed to change. Their friendship began as something mutual - they had horror stories and they understood each other. And Jakub was able to provide advice as Virsham ascended in his education. However, Jakub graduated and travelled the world. The two remained in contact, but it was after Virsham graduated that they saw each other in person. And it was, as if, no time had passed between them. And, as they reconnected, that was probably when the ideas of something more began to dance around Jakub's brain. But, Virsham and Beth. Oh my. It was impossible to dislike Beth and the friendship he shared with the woman was enough to keep his own foolishness in check. Beth's death was a crushing blow. Sure, Virsham and Jakub only saw each other, and their families, every so often but they kept in touch and Jakub truly did love Beth. She was a good woman, a kind woman, and Jakub was just as enraged at her senseless death. And then Jakub was trying to shelter and provide for the family. To fix them so that the hurt would be minimal. So now, Virsham was here. In his bed. And the ideas of yesteryear began to creep into his brain. With the invite from Virsham, Jakub swallowed hard. Did Virsham really offer his bed to him? No, it's not like that right? Jakub cleared his throat and smirked. "I told you, I've never even been in the Minister's office. So, you will have a lot to show me." He couldn't help it as his eyes moved over Virsham, pausing slightly at the man's crotch, and back to his face. He was so close to just throwing caution to the wind, but what if this was all just flirty friend crap? Before Jakub could speak, Virsham moved and he felt those lips on his skin. Almost instantly, Jakub's eyes closed and a soft groan of want escaped through his lips. Somewhere, in the back of his mind, he urged himself to get up and figure out what was going on. However, Jakub never listened to that voice when being kissed so he leaned into. As his lips brushed Virsham's, a hand came to rest softly on Virsham's chest. He moved closer to Virsham and kissed him deeper, trying to say whatever it was he wanted in this moment. @Minister Virsham Bane
  5. Professor Jakub Webb

    Jakub and Virsham had touched many times in their friendship. There had been celebratory high-fives, hugs given during tougher times, and the general pat on the back during the good or bed. However, when Jakub had reached out to touch Virsham, a slight spark seemed to spread from his fingers and throughout his body. He wondered, as Virsham became quiet, if the other man had felt that and he might have said something, but they were moving to his quarters and his mind quickly turned to what could happen next. His private quarters were astounding - Jakub's own breath caught when he first gained access to the hidden room. While the room was housed in the tower, you wouldn't have known that from being within the room. It was spacious, numerous portraits hung around the walls, and the bed was gigantic. Jakub hung back slightly, just watching as Virsham took into the room and he couldn't help but smile. "After the Governors left, I came up here and all of my things were already in here from my quarters lower in the castle. It was breathtaking." The portrait that kept the room hidden slowly closed behind the two men and Jakub fully entered the quarters. Jakub had turned from the bed, his fingers coming to fiddle with a small wireless radio, and soon a soft jazz tune was playing from the box. As he turned, he couldn't help but laugh to see Virsham sprawled on his bed. And yes, his mind soared into quite the naughty arena. He had thought about this, his body entwined with Virsham, but he could never be sure and he remained in his spot, leaning against one of the bookcases. "Well, if you ever have a hard day at the office, you can sleep in my bed anytime." He took another sip from his glass and nearly spit it out at the next question. He pushed away from the bookcase, laughing softly, and slowly made his way over to the bed - finally able to move his legs. He placed his glass of wine down and pulled his wand from his pocket. With a flick, the people within the portraits began to sport black blindfolds. The inhabitants began to complain, searching for a way out of the frame. "They can listen if they want." He looked down at Virsham - his eyes finding Virsham's. Why was his heart starting to beat faster? Maybe it was the wine? @Minister Virsham Bane
  6. Professor Jakub Webb

    Their friendship had always been a saving grace for Jakub. The Hufflepuff had befriended nearly all those he passed during his time at Hogwarts, but the connection he had shared with Virsham couldn't be repeated. Sure, Jakub had had nights when he imagined what life would be like if him and Jakub had ever become more than friends, but he never acted on those thoughts. Their friendship just meant so much more, he wasn't prepared to lose him over his own midnight wants. Then he was off dating and getting married and Jakub had pushed himself away for a bit - the jealousy pulling at him every time they were all together. But that was then and this is now. "And she knows I adore her immensely." That was true. Jakub had done everything he could to envelope the entire family in warmth after Virsham's wife died and they connection he felt to Charlotte was immense. Jakub decided not to comment on Virsham's comment on his stubbornness - it's not like Jakub would win anyway. At Virsham's acceptance of the dinner offer, Jakub clapped his hands softly and made a mental note to share that with his folks the next day. Even with Jakub not meaning the word 'date' as one might think, his mind wandered for a moment in the idea of Virsham and him on a date. It was both a mixture of absolutely hilarity and sudden want as the ideas circled about his wine-addled brain. Those thoughts were scattered when Virsham became to speak on the Fat Friar and Jakub put on a face of false shock. "Me? An insufferable drunk? Never! Besides, you still want to hang around me so I can't be that bad." Jakub let out a soft, warm laugh and took a big swallow from his glass. Jakub waved off Virsham's recollection of that evening. "Oh the only reason he attacked you is because you were defending me. Not that I am complaining, it was sweet." Virsham had, quite literally, placed himself between the vampire and Jakub. Which was always so funny seeing as the vampire ended up having sex with Jakub anyway. Jakub's eyes followed Virsham as he climbed onto the landing and he suddenly found that he was unable to really focus on anything else. It was probably the wine, but that didn't stop Jakub from downing the rest of his glass. As Virsham spoke, he pulled his wand from his pocket and gave it a lazy flick toward the bottle on the desk below. It floated up to him and he poured the rest of the bottle's contents into his and Virsham's glass. He looked up just as Virsham was returning his gaze and he couldn't stop himself. His free hand moved up to rest gently on Virsham's large forearm, not breaking their locked gaze. "Come take a look." His fingers brushed softly over the fabric concealing Virsham's muscles and then his fingers gave a soft tug of the fabric. He slowly moved back toward the portrait and it swung opened, revealing the quarters. @Minister Virsham Bane
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  8. Professor Jakub Webb

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  9. Professor Jakub Webb

    "Only the fancy for the fancy!" Jakub settled into his chair before reaching out to grab the bottle. He only ever opened wine the Muggle way - his mother had taught him some of the best tips and he always just felt it tasted better. "Glasses would be ideal." Jakub teased his friend as he worked to get the cork out of the bottle. With a soft pop, Jakub sat forward and began pouring as he listened to her. "You are going to be a rockstar. Just don't go wandering off into the Forest!" Jakub had been shocked to hear about the former professor - she had still not been located. "Every door, for the most part, just opens up when I need it to - so that's nice, I suppose." He took his glass and sat back in the chair. "Sitting up in that tower office is so weird, even though it's basically been my office for a year." He had debated retaining his former office, but he wasn't made that he was now the owner of the spacious tower residence. "Besides plans and all of that, how are you settling in?" He took a sip from his glass, his eyes resting on Tawny. @Professor Tawny Lombardi
  10. Professor Jakub Webb

    "I recall all the times you talked me into doing those foolish things, yes." Jakub was teasing in that moment and he playful poked his tongue out at Virsham. Their friendship at Hogwarts had been quite the two-sided troublemaking. Both had come up with their fair share of schemes and, at times, were viewed as something ala the Weasley Twins - albeit never as fabulous as they had been - but still, it was now humorous when Jakub had to discipline a student for doing the same things he had done years ago. Jakub nodded thoughtfully when Virsham spoke of his wife, it had been a sad and shocking moment when she was murdered. Not knowing what more to say, Jakub offered a soft chuckle. "Do you remember the night we almost got caught by Professor Sprout? Trying to plant those seeds I thought were from my Dad's weed?" Oh, how hilarious and absolutely terrifying that had been. "Well, with Charlotte, at least I know one future student who already likes me." Jakub adored Charlotte and he had always been drawn to her. He had never had children, well so far, but he hadn't ever felt the need to have children. He considered each and every student within the walls of Hogwarts to be his children and safety was the name of the game. It also didn't hurt that he had been at the school for over a decade so he had made many friends and seen the children of many friends and former student acquaintances. "I see you both in her, she's tender like her mum and we both know she can be a bit stubborn. Which is your fault." He spoke in a warm, friendly voice and took another swig from his glass. "Oh, of course! You know my folks still do Sunday dinner. Every sunday I would walk in and the first thing my mother would as would be, 'How is Virsham doing? Is he eating? He's so busy, we never get to see him!'" The ending of his statement was done in a near-perfect imitation of his mother's accent - a mixture between New Jersey and Wales. At the idea of a dinner, Jakub clapped his hands. "Glad you said something. My mother is determined to throw you a little thing at their place. Just us, the kids, you. So this would work perfectly!" He raised his glass to Virsham and took another large swallow. "Oh, the Fat Friar has helped me out in many dry moments. Bless him." Jakub made a note to check-in on the Hufflepuff House Ghost and then returned his attention to Virsham. "I think Snape was as complex as you and I. We don't interact much, he doesn't remain in his portrait long. He prefers his frame in the dungeons. The stories Minerva told me though, it's easy to see why he has both supporters and critics." He offered this with a shrug and gave a soft wave of his hand. "Well, obviously! I'm not going to hire them and then offer them a pick of student meals. But, they are people too. Do you remember Michael O'Scott? The vampire we met that one night in Godric's Hollow? He was absolutely pleasant!" OH, that night had been quite wild. And it was possible Jakub was remembering things slightly off since he did end up sleeping with the vampire that evening. At Virsham's reaction, Jakub nodded and turned back to his desk. "Yes, man! Look." Jakub approached a set of stairs that led to the loft area behind his desk. "On this side, behind a portrait of Helga Hufflepuff, is a private study. I never even knew it was here - Minerva and I either met at the desk or around the school. She didn't stay up here much. And then," he paused here to take a drink, "on this side, behind a portrait of Antonia Creaseworthy, is my private quarters. I had just never been in there before - because that would have been weird. But it's astounding what this office can do." He leaned against the railing on the loft's landing, looking around before his eyes again settled on Virsham. @Minister Virsham Bane
  11. Professor Jakub Webb

    A steading warmth seemed to rush over Jakub as Virsham praised his ascension to the role of Headmaster. It was not something that Jakub had entered into lightly and he felt the weight of it all everyday. But he was proud. Proud to be a muggleborn and proud to be a Hufflepuff. And damn proud to be the Headmaster of Hogwarts. It hadn't been a dream of his, he knew he was always going to teach, but he never thought he would sit in the office where so many others had sat. "Hogwarts has always been a home for inclusion and kindness, we've just lost our way at times. But I truly appreciate that Virsham, truly." He offered the other man a warm smile and he nodded as talk of Charlotte came up. "Oh, I am aware. She is going to do great things, just like her Mum." Jakub again offered a smile to Virsham. He didn't bring up Virsham's wife much, but she had been a wondrous lady. "Well, mum and dad have been following your election very closely - I actually just spoke them about the results. They do hope to see you soon." Jakub's parents were those kind of supportive parents - they were just such good people. When Minerva McGonagall arrived at his home to inform them, they were absolutely thrilled. His parents were, well, hippies and they were all about being different and boy was this different! It had been tough to walk the line that came with the Statute of Secrecy, but it all worked out in the end and they were so involved in his world - because it was their world too now. Finishing off his glass, Jakub gave Virsham a look. "Have you ever known me not to have copious amounts of wine?" Jakub let out a laugh and stood up. As he moved to the large cabinet off to the right of his desk, he watched as Virsham brushed his fingers over the magical instruments littered about the office. With a new bottle in hand, Jakub cleared his throat. "Minerva set those back up. When Albus died, he kindly left all of these to the school. Snape removed them," Jakub looked toward the portrait of Severus Snape which was empty, "and Minerva worked to restore them." Jakub worked to uncork the bottle as Virsham spoke again and he was pouring them both more wine as he spoke. "It feels fucking fantastic." He offered the now filled glass back to Virsham and sighed. "I just want to continue what Minerva did - to truly make this a home. And I am lifting the ban on hiring of werewolves and vampires. It's archaic and asaine." He took a sip of his own wine, his eyes focused on Virsham. "Have you ever seen the other rooms in here?" Even Jakub had learned about a few new areas when he became Headmaster.
  12. Professor Jakub Webb

    Jakub gripped the edge of his desk softly when Virsham moved a bit closer and once again they were touching. It would go unnoticed by anyone but Jakub, but it had sent a spark down his spine nonetheless. He would have attributed it to the wine, but Jakub loved his wine. He had gotten through his first year of exam grading thanks to some vintage he had found in the basement of the castle. "I would never pretend to be a Claw-Claw. You know my love for my house always runs deeper than anything else. But, I am the Headmaster now! I have to be whimsically mysterious like this one." He pointed to the portrait of Albus Dumbledore who was chuckling, the former Headmaster's eyes twinkling behind his half-moon spectacles. The pride Jakub had to be a Hufflepuff, to be a Muggleborn, to be a out gay man, were things he didn't take lightly. The day he had officially been named Headmaster, he had come up to the Tower Office and found that three portraits had already been changed. The first was, obviously, McGonagall. The other two were more surprising. The portrait that guarded the entrance to his private study had changed to Helga Hufflepuff and the portrait that guarded the entrance to his private quarters had changed to Antonia Creaseworthy, the first Muggleborn and Hufflepuff alumni to serve as Headperson. Jakub nearly spit his wine out as Virsham retold his meeting with the Prime Minister. That all sounded about right and Jakub was trying not to laugh. "Oh, he's a horrid man. I can promise you - he was intimidated. He's such a little man, the mere size of you," Jakub's own eyes moved down and over Virsham, "would have been enough for him to dislike you." Jakub leaned back in his chair and nodded. "I would be honored to go with you. My parents didn't vote for him, they would love to hear the stories. They think he is a squib, which is hilarious coming from two Jewish Muggles." Then Jakub was leaning forward again and he placed his glass on his desk. "You should so share that memory with me. The first meeting and all." Jakub was unsure if Virsham would be able to - confidential things and such, but hell it was worth an ask. At the invitation, Jakub held up his glass to the newly elected Minister. "It's a date!" The words came out in a joking manner, it was something Jakub said many times to many friends - only as the words did come out in his covered tone, he felt slightly weird saying that. More wine was needed. @Minister Virsham Bane
  13. Professor Jakub Webb

    Jakub couldn't help but lick his lips when Virsham winked in his direction. First of all, Jakub was a very proud and out gay man. Second of all, Virsham was a whole ass snack. Jakub was not above giving those with good looks their due and Virsham was no exception to that. However, Jakub had always been careful how he spoke or acted around the new Minister of Magic. They shared a strange connection that Jakub was more afraid of losing that then a foolish night spent together. "Wait until I tell you about velcro!" Jakub let out a teasing laugh and, without thinking, offered a wink back to Virsham. It always warmed the Headmaster's heart that he was able to call on the various portraits for guidance and support. And the large portrait of McGonagall directly behind his desk was more of a security blanket than anything else. And Minerva had not yet shied away from offering her own perspective on the daily operations of the castle. Jakub leaned back in the chair behind his desk, intently listening to the story Virsham offered, and nodded. "I spent so many hours in this office when Minerva was still at the helm. It's odd sitting behind the desk as the school leader." It still didn't feel real, but here he was and he was going to do the best he could. He offered the cheers from Virsham back and chuckled. "I am always right, Virsham." Jakub could help but smile and bask in the happiness that was flowing from Virsham. It was truly shared by the Headmaster and he was delighted to just be sitting and chatting. "It's truly well deserved Virsham. How was your meeting the Prime Minister? And the kids? How are they handling it all?" Jakub had stood from his desk as he asked that question. He picked up the bottle and approached Virsham, pouring a bit more of the wine into the glass. He noticed how wondrous Virsham smelled and made a mental note to inquire about that scent. "You know, I've always wanted to see the Minister of Magic's office. Is it gorgeous?" At the next question, Jakub turned and moved back to the desk, pouring more of the liquid into his own glass. However, this time, he came to lean against the cool wood of the desk, his legs crossed at the ankle. @Minister Virsham Bane
  14. Professor Jakub Webb

    Jakub was still getting used to the idea of the portraits that surrounded his office. With Virsham's laugher, the many portraits joined in the laughter. He looked around the circular room and couldn't help but join in the laughter. He was truly happy with the election results, even if he believed that most of it was corrupt. Jakub had been forced to go into hiding and he wasn't at Hogwarts during the 1996-1997 school year. And now, he was the Headmaster. Life had a funny way of working out. "We lift our glass to you, Virsham!" That voice belonged to Minerva McGonagall, her portrait directly behind Jakub's desk. "Agreed, Minerva!" Jakub led the portraits, minus a few, in applause. Jakub only had respect for Virsham - he still felt the Ministry owed Muggleborns an apology for their treatment during the Second Wizarding War. He could only hope that Virsham would be an ally. And while that was on Jakub's mind, he was more than happy to welcome Virsham and maybe have a few moments to share his concerns. "I wouldn't be Headmaster if I stayed away from all magic. Wine is better when opened and poured the Muggle way." Jakub spoke softly and finished pouring two glasses from one bottle. He took his own glass, settling down in the high back chair (the same chair used by Headpersons way before Dumbledore), and toasted with Virsham. Jakub took a healthy gulp and placed the glass down. "So, how does it feel? You won! Stop trying to be some big and bad auror!" TAG; @Minister Virsham Bane
  15. Professor Jakub Webb

    It had taken Jakub nearly a month to summon his courage to venture into his new office and residence. He made a point to retain the items that Dumbledore had left the school and he had even left the tartan carpet beneath the desk (for Minerva, of course). As the fireplace exploded into life, green flames causing a glow around the room, Jakub couldn't help but smile. He had never imagined a time when he would lead the castle of Hogwarts and never thought he would be greeting Virsham as the new Minister. Their time at Hogwarts had intersected and they had remained friendly over the years, but Jakub's own feelings had prevented the honesty of true friendship. However, for all the ignorance he felt danced around the Ministry, he also knew that Virsham was the man to listen and fix things. But, Jakub didn't have much time to bask in his own thoughts. He watched as Virsham, the new Minister of Magic, folded himself out of the fireplace and noticed how many portraits fell into a 'sleep'. "Let's save the formalities." He took Virsham's larger hand into his own and looked up slightly to smile. "Congratulations, again." The handshake ended and Jakub couldn't help but to chuckle and shrug. "Is this one of the only times you've ever been in this office without facing detention?" Jakub caught the next bit and looked down at his attire. "It is what it is. Please sit, maybe some wine?" Before Virsham could speak, Jakub began the very muggle way of uncorking and pouring wine.