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  1. Tadashi Ryo

    Torn from his strange compulsion of watching that fellow eat, he noticed a young, red-headed girl had sat at his table. At her apology, he blinked. "Why are you apologizing? I don't mind the company," Ryo offered, before looking around, "Besides, there's not many seats left..." Apparently this cafe was a popular place. He wondered if her hair was naturally that color. The vampire had never seen real red hair before, being from Japan and all — most native people there had dark hair, and the foreigners he had encountered were usually blonde or brunette.
  2. Ryo had recently moved to France, and first thing he noticed was that people hated when he spoke. Nobody understood him at all: his accent was too strange and he didn't know a lick of French.The only languages he knew were Japanese and English, and his English was questionable at times. He often spoke rather formally, which people found odd. Not that he spoke that often. The vampire had a bad habit of just observing without saying a word. Like he had been today. Ryo sat straight in his chair, occasionally sipping his cup of tea and nibbling on whatever pastry he managed to mumble off in his anxious ordering stupor, and staring at another customer across the cafe. His phone buzzed in his pocket, startling him. Letting out a sigh, he pulled the pink flip phone from his pocket. It was a text from his supplier. | Can't get it till next week. Sorry. You'll get a discount, I promise. | Ryo frowned and texted back. | That is going to make things difficult. I certainly hope you can get it before then. | He hadn't properly eaten in a few weeks now. Staving off was kinda what he did, but even he had his limits. Putting his phone away, he resumed staring at the person from earlier and took another sip of tea to ease the throbbing in his stomach.