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  1. Lukas Wittmeyer Canon

  2. Lukas Wittmeyer Canon

    Lukas was happy to be back in town. He finally had some time to spend with his family, his twin, and his friends. Enough time to breath before he had to travel again for work. Though he had just got back, he hadn't owled anyone to warn them. Lukas wanted his arrival to be a surprise, though knowing his sister she probably already had a sense of his presence. Before going to storm in on Liliane though Lukas knew he couldn't if he was empty handed. He entered the small cafe, being around mid-morning Luke was happy to see it was no longer so busy but was still lively. Once inside he removed his sunglasses and slip them to the top of his head, through his dark locks. Lukas made it to the front counter, placing his order for his sister, and then ordering a cafe au lait for himself along with some of their Palmiers. After paying Lukas looked around for a table. Taking a seat by the back wall, he settled in, dropping his brown messenger bag on the floor, and pulling out a book and a note pad. Lukas was going to go over some of his research notes while he drank his coffee but something prickled the back of his neck. Lukas looked up, across the room was a girl. She had bright red hair, and the expression on her face was so peaceful and focused. He knew he must speak to her. Forgetting his table, he grabbed his things once more, standing and headed over to the girl's table. "Bonjour Mademoiselle. Puis-je m'asseoir ici?" *He smiled charmingly at her curious as to what she was drawing. "Je vois que tu dessines. Tu avais l'air si concentre que je devais venir jeter un coup d'oeil. "** *Hello Miss. May I sit here? **I see you are drawing. You looked so focused I had to come take a look.
  3. Character Name: Lukas Wittmeyer Canon Character Birthday: Feb 4 Character Age: 24 Country of Residence: France Year: (N/A if not applicable) n/a House: (N/A if not applicable) n/a Job: (N/A if not applicable) dragonolagist Face Claim: Nicholas Hoult Abilities: (N/A if not applicable) animal telepathy and pyrokiness Creatures: (N/A if not applicable) Additional Information: (N/A if not applicable)