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  1. As he sat back down and he watched her lean over to grab an onion ring he chuckled and called the waiter over "Can we get some more of these please" he said knowing she should of gotten her own, now he had to share. He took one himself and bit into it with a small moan he loved these, they were the best anywhere. "Mhm it's not a bad name but I'm not keen on the idea of Michael. Maybe we could get a book and pick some we both like and see if we like one?" he suggested as he stared at her softly the music was still playing and then it stopped. That's when a woman came out in a suit, and walked to the piano and started to play Alex's favorite songs. He smiled hoping she would like it before a waiter brought in a dozen red roses which had glitter on them. First of many gifts this evening, all for her birthday.
  2. Zade watched her hands caress over her stomach, as he sipped his ice cold water as he looked at her more softly. Seeing her only shrug at his words he didn't know what else to say so just shoved it under the rug for now unless they were going to fight then he would surrender right now. He didn't want to cause her stress at all which made him sigh even more as he didn't know what else to say. As her foot ran across him even more he moaned biting down hard on his hand feeling himself get really hard. "I bet you do" he said coughing a little as his cheeks blushed. "I would also ask if you are flexible with hours as we can run pretty late"
  3. Zade wiggled his brows at her when asked really he nodded his head "Yup" he said with a smile as she chuckled at him, "Of course" he said gulping as she pressed her body against him as he laced his hands around her and pinned her against the wall. "I'm starving" he winked at her as he leaned in and kissed her lips biting on the lower one as he pulled away and unpinned her from the wall as he moved forward holding his hand out for her.
  4. He breathed her in as he kept kissing her neck tenderly, suckling her soft skin with her lips and teeth. He enjoyed every second of her scent, he always did. “What alex” He said giggling against her neck. Zade was very sexually active he always was and always enjoy any action reguardless of what they did or done. He couldn’t wait to get her home and do as he pleased with her. “Are you hungry for food? Or do you want to drink some more” he said softly stroking her cheek with his finger tips.
  5. Zade was looking forward to seeing her face when he popped the question and asked her to be his wife. Zade was so excited for the arrival of their baby, it brought so much joy to his life and he owed it all to Alex. Alex was still so young and she had given him the chance to be a father and he thanked her daily for it. He couldn’t wait for her to see the nursery either which Brooke was doing up for him, in the next few weeks but the door would be locked until a few weeks until the baby was here. A surprise for them both as he knew some of what was happening he had asked for the rest to be a surprise. He just gave her free reign. “We need to think of baby names” he mused softly thinking about it. As he finished in the bathroom just washing his hands for extra long time. When he came back he saw the food had arrived so he slid his jacket off and placed the napkin on his lap as he lights went down. He smiled softly as he waited soft music began to play, knowing after this course the manager would of planned something special for her. He had paid him a lot of money. [make up the surprise]
  6. As she went into a deeper frown and came across cross he sighed. What had he done now as he sipped his head with a loud sigh as he watched her leaning back. “Sorry I thought it was a funny flirty joke to try and play” he said shrugging. Once she uncrossed her arms and calmed down he lightened up already stressed that he had upset her a lot, potentially causing their baby harm. As her leg touched his crotch he moaned softly covering his mouth a little already getting turned on, by her strokes. “Uhh” He said breathing through his fingers. “I would ask if you had any experience” he said smirking.
  7. Hearing her groan and caressing her stomach he could imagine the pain she was in right now having a contraction. Yes he was a good boy and read lots of parenting books seeing both his beautiful partners were pregnant with his babies. “Slow deep breaths baby” he said softly as he tried to comfort her knowing he would probably just piss her off all men during this stage. As he held her pants open for her so she stepped in them he pulled them up to her waist as she grabbed a top and pulled it on. As he grabbed the bag as he turned to hear what they should do win skylar he was about to speak when she woke from the dead. “The baby is coming so get dressed fast or meet us there?” He said wanting to get Alex to the hospital ASAP as he didn’t want a home birth anytime soon.
  8. Zade had to magically spell his bed to make it larger even though it was a king size and like he biggest of beds already. Both woman needed extra space with him squashed in the middle on most nights wasn’t as comfortable as he once thought. Neither of them wanted to sleep in their own beds nope they wanted his bed with him. It was of course nice but with them both being pregnant and hormonal it wasn’t as fun as he had once thought zade already had troubles sleeping. He would get in he right position and one of the girls would move and ruin it. So he would have to shuffle around, most of the time he managed to climb out of bed and get into one of their beds to then be told off in the morning, he could catch a break at the minute. Between juggling his girls and heir hormones to stress at work and other stuff. He had managed to fall asleep early before they got into bed with him, it was when he was being shaken he flinched waking up alert. That’s when he saw Alex and he panicked. It wasn’t until he moved his hand that he felt the damp which he hoped was just her waters and that she hadn’t just peed the bed. He got up and strated to grab his clothes along with the things they had prepared for her. “Do you need a hand dressing?” He asked as he grabbed some sweats for himself and pulled them on after his boxers and grabbed a thin t-shirt that clings to his tonnes physic underneath followed by a zip up hoodie.
  9. Zade smiled as he turned to look at Alex when she mentioned she had moved them and nodded his head a little with a bigger smile, glad that had moved things around to her liking. Looking at the ones she handed to him he nodded. "Well let me know what you want write it down while I shower, then I can order my own" he said finally. "Okay I'll have the same doctor see to you that is seeing to Alex he's always on hand if you ever need anything" he said with a smile. Zade hummed softly to Alex's remark about her parents and nodded his head, "My parents adore me and love me, well expect the way I go about relationships they weren't happy about you guys at first but now they are, and will be even more thrilled when I tell them they are going to be grandparents times two" he admitted hoping they would be thrilled for them. "I'll make time for you if you showed up at work, both of you" he smirked and walked off to go get his shower.
  10. As they made out he pulled her closer wrapping his arms around her even more leading her slowly away from the dance floor closer to a wall as he pressed himself against her, as his mouth moved down her neck. "I can't keep my hands to myself" he said honestly as he nibbled her neck licking it softly after. His hands moved to grab her ass as he smirked at her knowing they would end up in the sack soon.
  11. When he knelt on the floor he couldn't help but feel the pressure in his stomach as he tried to relax and breath as he looked at her as she adjusted his hand on her stomach as he felt the baby move his eyes lit up as he looked at her with a soppy expression as he grinned at her. "Oh Alex, this is a beautiful moment" he said softly looking at her as he reached up cupping her cheeks and kissed her lips gently, slowly as he moved his hand down to caress her stomach a little. Feeling the second nudge he grinned with a small chuckle, "I can't wait for him to arrive" he mused already having the nursery brought he just hoped she would like it. "I'll be back in a moment baby need to speak to the manager about something" he said kissing her as he got up and grabbed his dinner jacket and walked off, now out of view he handed the manager the small black box, and asked them to sneak it in during pudding in a nice way. With that he then had to go to the loo and use the male toilet before washing his hands and walked back taking his chair placing his jacket back down as the lights were dimmed. (you can rp out how the ring gets there :P)
  12. Zade felt slightly awkward but annoyed at the same time that she was even thinking such things, or hinted at it anyway even if she was joking it still annoyed him which he kept his cool a little as he squeezed one of his hands under the table with a small sigh. "It wasn't funny Alex" he said looking at her with a raised brow. Even though their relationship was open it was exclusive he only slept with Alex, Syd and Sky no one else and for them to think that upset him, it was them who he adored and loved not anyone else. "It would be formal of course so you would come in at an allocated set time and brought in to me and asked various questions, I would then go away and decide" he smirked at her.
  13. Character Name: Zade Donovan Character Birthday: May 21st Character Age: twenty two Country of Residence: England Year: N/A House: N/A Job: CEO of Donovan empire Face Claim: Nick Jonas Abilities: N/A Creatures: N/A Additional Information: N/A
  14. Zade looked at her with his mouth hanging open he had never realised that was an issue if it was why hadn't they said something before now? he sighed loudly as he looked at her. "Are you both worried that I'm going to play at work or something?"he asked a little annoyed that it sounded like they didn't trust him at all which was just insane he loved them both and only wanted them, surly he had proved that. "No but I couldn't let you work for me pregnant I'd be worried if you fell down the stairs, or got pushed or something" he said honestly he would hire her in a heart beat, but he didn't want anything bad happening to her at his place at work, not that it should happen but people weren't kind everywhere he wouldn't risk it that and she could slip and injury herself. The floor was made of marble, there were no rugs and no soft landing. "But if you really want to apply for it... I'll set up an interview" he said winking at her.
  15. "There is no rush baby so" he had other things to do so his mind was in and out of this moment and thinking about the massive rock he had in his pocket and the big question he was supposed to say something he wasn't sure on how to do. He sucked at romance things like this and now he felt so scared, what if she said no? it would break his heart but he was scared to ask too. "I know but I know you enjoyed it" he said softly with a massive grin to his face he didn't mind where they went as long as she was happy and wanted to enjoy herself. "Hot springs sound good I'll have a look unless you have a place in mind?" he said with a cheeky wink. He ordered himself a steak well done, chips and salad along with a side of onion rings and garlic bread for Alex, even though she hadn't asked for it he knew she liked it. As she stroked her stomach he got up as she asked him to come feel and slid down to his knees beside her, as his hand out stretched and placed on her stomach. "What am I feeling?" he said not feeling anything.