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  1. Roni could almost see the girl suddenly relax and wasn't sure why but didn't mention it, maybe she was accepting the news. She just nodded as the girl said thank you for answering a question. She didn't see the point of saying you're welcome, it could lead to things that weren't a good idea. Either way it was a nod, acknowledged, understood that she heard and semi answered. She nodded again as the girl spoke, she was putting this new information into her file, a pregnancy kinda needs to go into the file. She was slightly surprised when the girl started asking questions right then, granted she was a first time Mom and probably wanted to get everything perfect. No real food list, but you do need to avoid alcohol, coffee, energy drinks, caffeine in general, any foods you are allergic to are a good bet to avoid, other than that it is more up to preference. Some try to eat entirely healthy and others give into cravings, peanut butter pickles are a common favorite. There are various prenatal supplements that you can choose from various health stores. The supplements help keep your immune system up and help to keep the baby on track.
  2. Veronica knew that things would end up being very very different now for the girl a baby changes everything, biologically and in everyday life. She works with dragons for goodness sake that couldn't possibly bode well for this idea. She understood and nodded as the girl said she would think about it though the idea of abortion wasn't something she liked. And that is perfectly understandable. I just wanted to make sure you knew that was an option. She was not going to try and talk the girl into anything that is a serious thing. Different people have different feelings about the touchy subject. She nodded as the girl said that the other half was at work right now. This early on in the pregnancy yes but once you start to show I would advise against it. I can give you my card if you have any further questions. She wrote down her personal information as well after all the job doesn't stop when you leave the hospital. She handed it to the girl and also a bottle of the pills she had given the girl earlier for her head. If your head starts to hurt again take one of these with water, it should heal up in the next couple days so long as you stick with the pills, but I would prefer if you came back in maybe next week so you can have a check up regarding your head. You can just call the hospital so that you can set that up when your head is a bit clearer. Other than that I think your ready to go, remember you can call with any questions.
  3. Veronica didn't like this part of her job, she was a general nurse this was the type of thing to be handled by the maternity ward. Granted she was trying to transfer to the maternity ward, they had an opening with much higher pay than where she is now, she wasn't at that point yet. It wasn't her job to tell an 18 year old that her life was about to change in the biggest possible way, a baby. She sighed as the girl told her that she had told the guy that she was set. As she said that they were dating, at least it was someone in her life. Well if he really loves you he shouldn't be that disappointed it's his fault too, after all, it takes two to tango. However, if it is going to practically ruin your life and/ or relationship we can find an alternative means of handling it. She didn't want to flat out say abortion since it was considered such a dirty word and when someone just received the news that they are carrying that isn't always the best idea to mention. She just wanted to make sure the young girl understood her options. Then Roni realized the boyfriend should be at the hospital by now if he knew about what happened, Should I call him to let him know you're here? Are you both at the same address? She was making an assumption though it really had no basis, it was mainly just to find out if an owl would be faster than a call.
  4. At least this girl understood that she might be in the wrong when it came to this, a lot of people try to say that the file must be wrong or that Veronica didn't know how to read. She nodded when the girl said thank you for the pills. It was mainly that every time a little cry came out it hit s nerve and she wanted it to stop. When she turned and asked if there had been any sexual activity in the past month and a half she saw the girl go red. Did you two use protection? She already knew e answer she had a positive strip right behind her next to a cup of urine. Is there any way to get ahold of that person? I'm afraid you might need to make a phone call or start figuring out how to tell them that you're pregnant.
  5. As the patient said it wasn't possible that she had missed her injections she shrugged. I don't know what to tell ya, I still need to test you. I have to go by the file. Veronica was slightly annoyed that not everyone had finished the paperwork, they were instead playing sodoku in the latest issue. She just shook her head as she returned with a cup for the patient to pee in before going back out to supervise the filling out of paperwork. She finally got the rest of the paperwork from the girl's coworkers. As she came back in she saw the girl holding her head and the pee on the desk and went to a cabinet grabbing some pills and an instant test for the general things. She grabbed a water and gave the girl the water and pills, Here take these, it'll help your head. She then turned and put the test in the cup. She tapped her foot twice and checked the strip. Negative for infection, standard STI's, and dehydration. Positive for pregnancy. Her jaw dropped slightly but she corrected it quickly and turned to the young lady. I have news for you, but I need to ask have you been sexually active in the past month- month and a half?
  6. Veronica listened as she turned the girl's head to the left that it hurt more, she nodded and turned to make a note of it in her chart. She turned it to the right and listened for a complaint from the girl. She made another note in Miss Markovic's file and then noticed something odd in the file. She started to remove the restraints and figured it was a good a time as any to ask about it. I hate to be rude or anything but I need to double check that you are aware missed your last birth control injection appointment. She then finished removing the restraints. As she looked up at the girl, Don't move your head too quickly to the left. I'm also gonna need you to pee in a cup. She forced a smile as she asked the girl before leaving the room to get the paperwork and a cup for the patient to pee in.
  7. Roni was glad that the girl was being cooperative as she couldn't remove the restraints yet, they were necessary. She had heard about how uncomfortable those were but she couldn't help that she needed to keep them there until the neck check was complete. She wasn't sure why the girl was crying about the restraints. She was still looking at the file as she asked the questions, making sure that the information matched what her file said. She chuckled as the girl mentioned she hoped it was Norway, Yes this is Norway. As she made a note that there was no mental damage that they could tell thus far. She then approached the girl, I'm gonna check your neck now to see if I can remove these restraints okay hun? She then she grabbed both sides of the girl's head, Let me know when it starts to hurt. She then started turning her head to the left, then to the right.
  8. Veronica heard the girl begin to stir as she woke up. She just shook her head as she checked on the injury under the ice. She then brought her to a separate room, telling the people who followed to wait outside and finish the paperwork for her. When the girl requested to be untied she shook her head, According to this you aren't supposed to move your head, as uncomfortable as those are they are a precaution we have to take so that you don't injure yourself more. I do have to check your neck, if it's all clear I'll remove them myself. She then was looking through the file that the girl had with the hospital reading about her lack of a return for her injection when she heard the girl cry as she spoke. Wait, don't cry, it's okay that you don't remember. Let's go over some more basic questions for test instead, nothing too bad I promise. Veronica couldn't stand to have people crying around her, it caused her to tense up and feel completely uncomfortable. She looked at the file again and nodded. Name? Between each following question she paused to hear an answer. Brother's Name? Where do you work? What country are you in? She then stopped judging by the answers as to if she had a concussion.
  9. Veronica was nearing the tail end of a 16 hour shift and was tired but she had another patient to see before she could go home. She was holding the file for the patient as she was walking to the room when someone came and got her about someone with head trauma. She sighed and followed the person back to a place full of people and she shook her head. Walking towards the girl in the bed she looked at her and sighed. The girl was strapped down, she hated what caused that to happen unruly patients. Head trauma? She was then looking at where the ice was and moved to lift it off her head for a second to see what the current damage was. Looked like a bump that's just beginning to form, she put the ice back down before leaving to get the girls chart. She read over it and sighed before realizing that none of the proper testes had been done yet. She walked back into the room and shook her head. Family only, if you are filling out paperwork then please do so in the hall. I need to speak with Miss Markovic alone. Once you finish the paperwork knock, then enter, give it to me, then exit again. She then nodded as the people made their way out the door, the last one closing it behind them. She then turned to the patient and put on a smile, this girl was going to make her shift longer. Now then, what exactly do you remember?