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  1. Stina had quickly apologized which Charlie expected. She seemed like a very sweet, kind and considerate person. Not that he really knew her at all but just from the hour they had spent together, he could tell she was a good person. Reading the body language, he could tell he embarrassed her even though he did whisper it and tried to keep it between just them. Perhaps she didn't realize he didn't mind? That could be the only reason for her display of arms crossed and holding herself as such, as though uncomfortable with the situation and not as excited or confident as she was moments ago. He patted her shoulder and gave a reassuring smile. "It's definitely quite alright. I didn't mind at all. It's only because we are in work and the others will misread the situation. You'll learn quick that they're nosy and word travels quickly through the building." he stated matter of factually, as though she was a shoe in for a position there. He already knew he was going to give her a good review and besides.. She already had it, he was just showing her around. "Want to help me feed him?" he asked as his hand lightly grabbed her wrist to have her stroke upon the dragons nose which pushed forward to be touched more. The dragon species was very affectionate and loved the attention it was receiving.
  2. Link to Shipper [WIP] Tracker Character Building: - They don't seem to meshwell w/ Ava as Stina Kjellberg Memories: Other / Extra:
  3. The room was naturally warm with a cool breeze, nearly perfect outdoor weather inside. It felt so nice and nearly perfect working conditions. Charlie loved working here. There was free range to do what he loved and the job even came with free scholarships to any college or online courses, not only to learn about dragons but to also learn about anything you would ever want to know. He had been thinking of taking advantage of that offer to learn even more for his job. He wanted to excel in this place and keep work and his personal life separate. So when Stina had kissed his cheek, his eyes darted to the cameras in the room and he had to clear his throat. His cheeks blazed but that wasn't necessarily work appropriate and he hated to be the one to have to tell her this. He leaned in to whisper as to not embarrass her more, "Stina.. While I appreciate the gesture and I do understand that you are very excited and didn't mean to but I would have to ask you to refrain from any such gestures in the near future. I'm sorry." he noted. It's not that it made him uncomfortable but he put a very stern work ethic above all else and didn't need others getting the wrong idea. She was quite beautiful and easily excitable and it wasn't like he hadn't been thinking about changing his personal preference of asking her out or hanging out outside of work... but inside work.. he wanted to keep it as professional as possible.. At least inside the building with his other nosy co-workers. He knew it won't take long now for others to say something or to ask ridiculous questions about the innocent kiss on the cheek which others would have seen as not so innocent.
  4. Taken from the offline board; How Charlie and Stina met