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  1. Adrian Ivanovic

    Adrian felt her kiss before anything else, all the barriers that she built all those time was gone and he could have told the way she looked at him and responded to his simple touch, she missed him in more than one way. Ivanovic kissed her fervently, his hand pulling her dress out and he grabbed her ass, lifted her off the ground, taking her to the kitchen's platform, once her dress was gone he met her lips again, his finger began to slither in and out of her wet part, trying to tease her while his thumb playing with her clitoris. "I so want to fuck you, Iliana." His voice throaty and his other hand was playing with her mound which was covered with her bra. "Tell me you love." He requested, his teeth playing with her lower lips.
  2. Adrian Ivanovic

    This time her body didn't protest him a bit even, she must have been confused between what was right and what was perhaps wrong. This felt right to him, she gave herself to him because that's where she belonged, not to any guy who was trying to score her because she was innocent and beautiful with a guy who loved her, her body and soul. He began to slide his finger in and out, enjoying the wet part of her with his fingers. "Look how ready you are, Iliana." He bit her earlobe and then gently suckle it, his other hand was feeling the fat pad on her chest pressing his hand. "How you would like me to do it, Masterson?" He whispered and turned her so she could face him and then kissed her lips while his hand reached for the hem of her dress and slid it up.
  3. Character Name: Adrian Ivanovic Character Birthday: 21 July Character Age: 20 Country of Residence: Norway Year: (N/A if not applicable) House: (N/A if not applicable) Job: Musician Face Claim: Adam Levine Abilities: Pyrokinesis, Clairvoyance; Patronus - Dog Creatures: - Additional Information:
  4. Adrian Ivanovic

    Adrian, at that very moment, was sure that Iliana wasn't physically involved with whatever guy she was with and it made feel better. "Of course do Iliana." He whispered near her ear, softly bite his earlobe, his tongue sucked a little. "It had been such a long time." He said, kissing her neck, his hand gently squeezing her chest. "You too, want this, Iliana. Don't you?" He asked his voice husky and he knew that he has missed her, not just her smile, her talks, her words and her love but also her reaction to his touch and her wants and her ability to make him a completely different person. "Tell me, you want it." He ordered, letting his finger inside of her.
  5. Adrian Ivanovic

    Adrian held her tightly, he could hear her moan and there was no complaint in that, only pleasure. He could feel her body react to his touch, it has happened before and Ivanovic was sure that girl wanted it, been thriving for it. Even though her words were contradicting her action. The singer softly bites her neck, filling his nostril with the familiar fragrance. She managed to get out of his grasp while he was busy taking in all of her familiarity, he has missed her and it was the time to show how much. The girl bumped on the couch and a smirk appears on Ivanovic's face, he couldn't resist it. He couldn't resist her. He leaned forward and kissed her lips while his hand began to roll her dress up, making it's way to the apex of her thigh. "Does he make you go this wet?"He whispered against her lip.
  6. Adrian Ivanovic

    Adrian held her by her waist, her words were fading out from his mind, he couldn't concentrate on her while her curved figure lying in front him. He bit her earlobe softly, he could hear her whimper and there was possibly some resistance in her. He slowly ran his finger up from his knee, feeling her thighs and his other hand tracing her and pressing the fatty tissue on her chest and kissed her neck. "Is this how you feel about him, Iliana?" He whispered near her ear. "Does he make you moan like this?" He asked, his voice softer .
  7. Adrian Ivanovic

    Adrian sounded confused and in dilemma. He didn't know what he must do. He was just putting a lot of effort to get her and only to find out that she wasn't even there with him, she was with some other guy. There was anger inside of him and he really wanted to punch something, not her, she was his life, he wouldn't do that to her. "I-I love you...Iliana...I always have...." He didn't know how to convince her, how to keep her with him, her mind, her body, and her soul. "I thought you knew that...." The anger began to show up a little. He held her hand so she won't move away from her. "I didn't run away. I was we can have a future." He told her, pulling her closer to him, her fragrance, her innocence. There was no way that he would let any person come in between. Adrian turned her around and held her by her waist, whispering near her ear. "Don't you miss me, Iliana?"
  8. Adrian Ivanovic

    Adrian looked confused when he saw her tear begin to shed from her eyes and killed him internally to see his love in pain. He looked her, closing the distanve in between them, he tenderly held face. She looked so beautiful and adorable. "What's the matter, Babe." He asked, doesn't know what probably has caused that. "Wait. Did some thing happened to the baby?" He asked, sounding worried. All the money and responsibility and working would be of no use if he couldn't take care of them. He was frozen, he took a step back when she started explaining. She was seeing someone else. A guy name Eric, the hell she was. "I..." He doesn't know how to react and he just stood there, surprised. He couldn't believe what he heard. "No.You can't." He said, laughing sarcastically. "You love me! You said that. Didn't you?" There was anger inside of him but some rational part of him knew it was his fault.
  9. Adrian Ivanovic

    Adrian was happy to see her there at last. He was becoming successful day by day and his albums were selling even, in the both magical as well as muggle world which was good for him. He has started to gain the attention of the people and the costs were raising. He knew that soon he could invite Iliana home, along with their baby. "Yeah. I am glad too. I have been busy with the band and the tours. I was about to owl you." He said looking fondly at her and then down at her lips. He moved forwards, staring at her with the dress that highlighted her body parts were maddening. She looked indeed very sexy. "I wass...umm...yeah...but you can join I was making food for myself, maybe you can join in?" He suggested. "You didn't bring our baby along with you?" He asked frowning a little.
  10. Adrian Ivanovic

    Adrian was up, deciding to prepare his food despite the fact that his father was willing to give him galleons so he could hire servants or at least one of the elf they got in their home but he did not settle for that. He wanted everything on his own, he doesn't want the money to be descended from his father and therefore the struggle had been keeping him very busy. He wasn't able to meet anyone, his mother has already died and his father was always busy just like him and he wanted to meet Iliana only after he would become responsible for carrying the baby and her mother, so they can officially live together but it was very difficult for him to keep the distance. Adrian was filling the water in the bowl and put the vegetable down at it using his wand and it was when he heard the bell ring. He was wearing his boxers and was shirtless. He was surprised to see the visitor, and happy too, but he was not sure what to say to her. He was there when she delivered the baby and then again he wondered if she knew that or she didn't. She was in too much of pain at that moment and he didn't stay very long. "Hey." He greeted her with a smile and kiss on her cheek.