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  1. Alexi Basiev

    Lexi nodded as she looked to Sarah "im sure we can talk to Lorraine and see about setting sonethinng up..a trip to the see about meeting her. I know with having been raised there...Lorraine's keeps in contact with some of those kids.." She said to her. Lexi took a sip of her drink then set her cup back down as she looked back to her. She smiled when Sarah said she would like to meet dana "ill send Lorraine a message to get ahold of dana and let us know when is a good time to come meet. Might take a bit. Like a week. But i can definitely keep you in the loop about thing and have Lorraine just owl you straight and go from there.." She added. Lexi picked up a piece of meat and put it into the oil to cook "and with the family map maybe with things and your brother being gone...maybe hell appreciate the thought when he comes back.."/she said as she waited then sent the message to lorraine.
  2. Alexi Basiev

    AnLexi sipped her drink as she smiled to Sarah "from what i got from Lorraine...the case manager from wools..i believe she was a claw Alumni. And she was a bit of a shy one " she said as she looked over the papers as her phone buzzed as lorraine had message "looks like lorraine came through. Sge says her name is Dana Oleary" sge said, showing Sarah the text message as she maggically enscribed danas name on the scroll. "Now..we can go about finding her if you wish.." She said to sarah as she set a piece of fruit fondue.
  3. Alexi Basiev

    Lexi blushed a bit more as he spoke "well..honestly...its about that kiss.." She admitted as she looked to him "it was....Great" she added as she then took a sip of her drink. Lexi sat there with Cam, ignoring the other guys as they tried to walk up and talk to her, feeling a little uneasy about the way some of them were acting "some of these guys are a little weird.." She said as she scooted closer to cameron.
  4. Alexi Basiev

    Lexi nodded as she listened to Sarah speak, taking a sip of her drink in the process "Well...Upon further researching..." She said as she said as she pulled out a few more pieces of paper and unrolled the paper a bit more "this is where is got a little confusin for me at first...I found feather upon my research when I went digging further and did more research and took a bit of time and what I came up with...the child survived....SHe....was born whats called A Nephil...wings and all....about 17 years of age aproximately...Last place She was know to have been was Wool's Orphange in THe United Kingdom and she had shown signs of magical abilities and was sent to Hogwarts.." Lexi said to Sarah "I know the case Work for Wools Orphange in THe UK and sent her a text messasge as she works with muggles as well and she said she would go through her files and get back to me with the name." Lexi looked to Sarah and gave her a reassuring smile as she sat there with her phone beside her cup in case Lorraine messaged her.
  5. Alexi Basiev

    "Thanks.." She smiled a bit as she walked with her, motioning for the table "there are alot of cousins around the world and the seemed to have spread out eveb into united kingdom.." She said as she picked up the parchment and handed it to her "i had this family tree made for shows what i found..." She said as she unrolled it and showed Sarah the perfectly made family tree. (Using your tree online) Lexi waited for sarah to look at it for a moment before pointing to a spot om the map "this one i stumbled onto when looking into past family....the seawell sife of the family...sages father....his sister......she passed away early.....during...." She started as sge looked to her "child birth.."
  6. Alexi Basiev

    A smile across her face as she opened the door "im glad you came" she said,feeling the hesitation and waiting for a moment before giving her a reassuring smile "i promise i wont bite.." She tried to laugh in hope of making her laugh a bit before motioning towards the kitchen "i thought we could enjoy so snacks and converation while we go over while we go.over what i found." Lexi allowed sarah to take her time to, the smell of the aromatic fondue and the sweet smell of the wine providing amd enticing aroma as they headed in "it has proven to be rather fruitful in wjat i found to be honest" she said as she closed the door and jeaded back kitchen, the parchment on the table and the spread on the table, out stretching and handing a glass to offer to sarah.
  7. Alexi Basiev

    Alexi had recieved an email from a lady named Sarah asking for help researching names for her family tree for a holiday gift for the family and she was glad to help. Lexi had just messaged miss seawell her an address with a time and place and letting her know she had finished her findings and wanted to meet. Rolling up her little family tree she had made for sarah, lexi waited for a moment before getting out a bottle of wine and some food as it was about time for and early dinner time and set it to cooking while the wine chilled as she waited for sarah to arrive.
  8. Character Name: Alexi basiev Character Birthday: november 8th Character Age: 27 Country of Residence: uk Year: na House: na Job: journalist Face Claim: danielle Campbell Abilities: na Creatures: na Additional Information: na
  9. Alexi Basiev

    "....." Lexi started to open her mouth to speak but nothing came out but a dry squeak when he offered her a place to stay while living in the UK. Her cheeks turned a sweet shade of pink as she stood there for a moment " sure.." She said, a softness lingering in the air "t...thank you..." She said, looking down at her hands for a moment before she sat beside him. Lexi couldnt help but blush a moment as she thought about the kiss they shared in that Waterfall "you know...i keep thinking about...something...." She blushes a bit more as she looked to him softly.
  10. Alexi Basiev

    "Im glad to see you again.." Ahe said wirh a soft smile "ive missed...tou.." She said, a bashful tone underlying her words as she scootes her feet. She was sure if he was her with anyone but she had hopes they cpuld still keep talking. "Hows that book go?" She asked him, trying to make conversation as she shifted on her feet "i quite enjoyes our day there." She said, dazing off as She thought about the kiss. Letting out her breath, lexi waited foe a momwnt before looking back to him "..ive been living out of a hotel for the last little bit while i find a licing in the UK now.." She said, wondering what hed think
  11. Alexi Basiev

    Lexi barely blinked in that moment as her mouth dried for the whole duration as she stood there, trying to express some emotion only to gasp out a puff of nothing for a brief second before turning a beet red on her cheek. As she looked to her hands, her words started to come " hello Cam.." She said, managing to speak without looking liking a bumbling fool. Letting out a breath, lexi finally looked up and to him as she stood there, unsire of what to say in that next moment, still. Thinking about that day at the waterfall.
  12. Alexi Basiev

    Though she really hadnt changed much, lexi had to figure change in scenery from norway. She couldnt get that kiss out of her head from the waterfall back home and the more she thought about it tge mire she wanted to see him. But how was that possible? Now she was living in the uk, temporarily staying in a hotel until she found a place to stay. But tonight she decided to go out, hoping to alleviate the stress of apartment hunting in a new country, her head still running thoughts of cameron as she accidentally bumped into a guy sipping on his drink.