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  1. Theo wanted the best for Cal and it seems like there was only one way this was going to happen and he knew deep down he couldn't loose her not to some rich snobby bastard with a pureblood lineage. No freaking way but he also wanted her to be happy and he knew that rushing her into his bed wasn't the answer maybe they could go book a hotel room or something and make it special, he was torn. He wanted to be selfish with her he really did but what if this wasn't the best for her. "I might need some charms done at a later date" he said trying to change things up a little but it wasn't happening. As she snapped at him he growled a little pulling on his hair as he cringed this wasn't how he wanted this to happen or end. "But cal this all of this is messed up... I want you I really do but not like this we were supposed to date a little more me show you that I'm not just after sex and now it's all gone tits up as that's what you need right now" he said sighing as he looked at her softly. "Are you even sure this is what you want? once this is done there is no going back cal" he said pacing again as he walked into the wall without meaning to and fell backwards rubbing his head, which was grazed. "That won't happen I would kill anyone before they touched you"
  2. Theo couldn’t believe they were on about running away and starting a family. They hadn’t even been intimate yet, cal might not like Theo after they had sex for the first time he was a little tougher than most guys but she wouldn’t know the difference. He thought they were taking things slow and now all of a sudden she was thinking of getting pregnant. It was a lot to take in and he didn’t want to do anything too crazy but what if this was their only choice, the only shot to happiness. He sighed softly as he looked at her, did she really want this or was she just saying this to please him. “Good I knew you would be able to, you’re a smart cookie” he said with a smile. He paced for a while before turning to her, bending down to his knees in front of her. “Cal we haven’t even had sex yet, are you sure that is what you want?” He asked being serious. He promised to be good to her and take it slow, being romantic and all.
  3. He already would die for cal if it came to that a blood bath to win her over from her parents he would fight. He loved everything about the fiery red head who chuckled bottles at his head, he still chuckled about that now. It hadn’t been a first good impression but at least he was here now. Working on winning her over every day, why because he loved her. He sighed and nodded his head at her first words about them not accepting him, there was nothing he could do. Not now his blood type was what it was and he was proud of it. He didn’t care generally about pure bloods and such but he didn’t realise purists were still around and with his happening it boiled his blood. “Running away it is then, you will need to charm a bag so you can fit everything inside of it. Making it lighter to carry” he could imagine how much stuff she would want to bring, and carrying it all in person wasn’t going to work. Magic was needed here for their escape. At her words he followed her hands and was confused for a while. Until it smacked him in the face... “but cal.. that’s life changing. Also wouldn’t they make you abort it or knock you and get it done while your unconscious or something?” He had no idea how far her parents would go to stop him being with her. Would they take her unwillingly and make her abort a child or try and Poison her so she would loose it? All these thoughts entered his mind and he freaked out. He jumped to his feet and paced. He was sure he couldn’t put her life in danger, unless they were running away to have a family?
  4. Theo wished he could read her mind right now but then again if she didn’t feel the same way as he did he wasn’t sure he could cope with that. He loved her more than anything, and she was already his everything. He didn’t know what he would literally do which left him brooding a little he loved his red fire cracker. As he held her closer wrapping both his arms around her instead. He loved he way she felt in his arms as he breathed in a small sigh. Hearing that she wanted this made his heart race but she also doubted it due to her parents. “Cal they aren’t going to accept me even if I change my name, or appearance. The only way they would be okay with this is if we ran away or did something stupid like getting married. They can’t undo what has been done” he said with a shrug both were crazy ideas but he has enough money for his own place for now. He could get a part time job so they could eat, and keep a roof over their heads if needed.
  5. Being told you weren’t good enough for someone wasn’t something he could dismiss at all. Theo had a tough life and he thought things would get better but clearly not and he was genuinely gutted about it all. Theo wasn’t one to beat around the bush he said things how they were and that was that if she didn’t want to be with him anymore then so be it, he wouldn’t put up a fight if she didn’t want him. But if she did he would do anything and everything to be with her, if that meant running away so be it. Hearing her words he felt bad for her his arm draped around her shoulder pulling her right into him as he placed his chin on the top of her head. “I’ll always want you to want me. Cal I really like you and I want to be with you. But I won’t influence any choices you have to make” he said running his other hand down her side trying to comfort her, as best as he could anyway.
  6. Character Name: Theodore Lemaire Character Birthday: 15th june Character Age: Sixteen Country of Residence: France Year: sixth year House: pan house Job: N/A Face Claim: Dominic Sherwood Abilities: N/A Creatures: N/A Additional Information: N/A
  7. Theo had no idea what to make out of what he had heard he didn’t fully understand the whole thing as he hadn’t heard it first hand. Just bits, he knew that her parents thought he wasn’t good enough for her, which was total unicorn turds, stupid pureists. He sighed as he looked at her and shrugged, “I’ve heard the main part from others..” he said gloomily as he looked away from her for a moment biting his lower lip in frustration. ”So I’m not good enough for you, so where does that leave us...?” He asked rocking forward a little he didn’t want to be selfish with her and keep her unhappy if she was to continue to frocklie with him all they had done was kissed it was hardly a crime.
  8. Classes were over and done with and generally he was happy about seeing snow but he was so frustrated and angry. As he was heading to the common room to change he heard gossip in the hallways and someone enlighten him to what happened and he wasn’t happy that half the school was now talking about cal and him and the fact her father had forbid her to see him. His heart was breaking as he thought of his sunshine leaving him. He quickly changed and went to look for her the first place being the girls dorms, bathroom and everything in between he couldn’t find her. Tears stung his eyes as he dreaded the worst maybe her parents had took her out of school. He sighed as he smacked the wall in the hallway, his knuckles bled but he didn’t care. It was better then feeling heart broken. As he climbed the stairs out a girl said she had spotted cal going out in the grounds likely the gardens. He thanked her after wiping his watery cheeks and headed in that direction. Once there he could see her and he made himself look reasonable though his cheeks were probably puffy, and his knuckles damaged. As he approached her he froze what the hell was he supposed to say? So he didn’t and Just slid next to her in the bench. Leaning forward as he places his hands between his legs closing them so she couldn’t see his hands.
  9. Depending on how their relationship went if it ever turned into a serious one he might open his heart and past to her but that's only if she was in this for the long run. He didn't want to tell someone everything about him if it wasn't going to last it was already painful. He couldn't bare loosing her for a moment but he knew things happened, and it might not even work but for now he would take things slow, at her pace, if she wanted more she could have more if she didn't that was fine. Theo was just happy she was accepting him for him for now. Feeling her arm brush against his he smiled at her, seeing her blush. If she wanted to touch him all she had to do was ask or do it he would be happy either way. "Yes later baby" he chuckled at his own words amused. Theo smirked at her words and nudged her softly with his shoulder, "Fine you twisted my arm we can have a rocking time" he smirked there was something they could do which was actually really good, and fun something that required to eat a piece of candy and you were taken to another word. A guy made it in their house, it was like a drug but nothing bad. Theo had taken it many times and he adored what he always saw as it was different per person. Though he had heard of Tray and Reyna's go and that had ended badly with them falling in the lake. But he was sure they could remain inside some how. Theo was just concerned that if she got drunk and did something reckless and hurt herself he would be blamed, or worse he didn't know if he would risk her well being unless they hung out in the common room which might be boring for her first time. He would have to see what he could to keep it "fun" without being an ass. Hearing her words and her cheeks flushing his brow arched a little as he smirked, "Mhm is what always like this?" he asked curious as he didn't have a clue what she was on about. Cal was too innocent and it was a fresh of breath air he had surrounded himself by bad people and it was nice to be accepted by someone so pure. she was down to earth and very fun he was going to have a ball with her no matter what they did. As he prepared for her the carving he couldn't help but fawn over her by wrapping one of his arms around her front from behind. "Of course" he said watching as she leaned forward pressing the knife into the bark, but not hard enough. Bringing his wand to his mouth he placed the end in biting down on it so they could still see, his other hand wrapped around hers with the knife in as he held stab the wood bark. "Magic might be easier?" he said breathing against her neck.
  10. One day he would enlighten her into his secrets and past but for now he didn't want to scare her away and that was harder than expected but he would try as long as she wanted him in her life. He didn't want her to pity him either he hated that, he couldn't handle her feeling sorry for the life he had but he also wanted her to understand there was a balance, one he needed. Theo nodded his head at her and grinned at her words, "Of course my pleasure" he said taking her words innocently not that there was anything bad to go off them anyway, she was so innocent it was cute, so naive but she could trust he wouldn't harm or push her into anything she didn't wanna do. "Later?" he teased with a small chuckle as he bit down on his lower lip with a soft exhale. "Well I won't let you have to much fun..." he mused and wiggled his brows at her for the fun of it, he wouldn't let her be put in danger either he would be with her, they could even drink in the common room and she snuggle on the sofa with him until they crashed. that was all he crave was attention, the right attention that is. Hearing that she didn't want him going anywhere made him genuinely smile at her, his eyes lightening at her kind words she always seemed to make him feel better about himself. Seeing her eyes get misty he leaned in and kissed the tip of her nose lightly pecking it a few times. He felt like he didn't need to say any words to her as he lowered her hand to his chest once more placing it there as his heart beat softly for her, as his other cupped her chin stroking her cheek with his thumb. Her skin was so beautiful, so soft and had a nice scent. It was a drug to him, like being around her he craved her so much. Theo didn't hear her word but he knew she mumbled something but he was sure it was cute she only spoke cute to him and his stomach fluttered at the thought of more cute things she would spill out, and he couldn't wait to make her blush even more. He knew several ways to do such things and she would wake up to something she would have never experienced before, she would have to wait and see of course. Showing her his tree his sanctuary now she had to be with one with the tree, with him and all she needed to do was carve her name in it. Nothing bad would come off this, unless a teacher caught them. As she asked with what he reached in his pocket and pulled out a muggle device pen knife which had many different uses on it. Undoing the one with the blade he walked behind her and lifted her hand up and slid the plastic coating in her hand and pushed her hand towards the tree with the other he held his wand so she could see. He placed his chin on her shoulder, lowering himself as he nuzzled her quickly, kissing her neck once. "You could magically take control over it and do something amazing or use your bare hands which ever suits you" his breath touched her neck as he was still close.
  11. "That will be a challenge but one I'll accept I will do my best to please you" he said knowing that would be tricky the world was black and white nothing was ever easy, or free for that matter. So many rules, rules and more rules. He could easily spell things to make them seem nicer and easier but it wasn't real after all so he didn't want to miss lead her, as that would be taking things backwards, when he wanted them to move forward. "No I'm confident I'm not besides I'm sure you could put me in my place again by throwing objects at me" he teased at her with a small chuckle. If it hadn't been a disaster he might of been proud of last night but when he cracked his nose that's when everything went down hill for him anyway but their kiss spiced it up. Theo would love to open up and share his past but he didn't generally know how to without freaking people out, he didn't like talking about his family, or himself really he avoided it at all costs but he was sure Cal would want to know more about him sooner or later and then he would be lost. If he told her the truth would that be better than him telling lies and pretending he was a good boy with loving parents?, something he would have to sleep on maybe. "Maybe it's an experience you could try in your own time?" he suggested, though he highly doubted she would drink but at least he asked right. They could do something cute together study and have a few drinks, or even even have a sleep over in a unused room of course no funny business just an experience, he wouldn't get drunk that much so he could look after her if anything bad happened. He watched as she covered her mouth and was amused at her word vomit that had slipped her lips and removed her hand gently, kissing it tenderly. "Yes I'm here and not going anywhere" he said honestly unless she didn't truly want him here then he would leave her alone. "I'll always protect you Cal, I want you safe no matter the cost" he was serious he would fight who ever to keep her safe and happy. Watching her fidget and feeling her he couldn't help but sigh softly was he doing something wrong? this wasn't his normal approach at things so he was exposed. Normally if he went off in a huff he was left alone so he didn't have someone coming to his rescue which he was happy about, it was cute. As he held her hand he intertwined their fingers "Trust me okay?" he said smiling at her as he lead her down into the grounds even more. He lead her down the pebbled path into the shady forest, his second home a place he went to when he needed time to adjust, heal or scream and shout without being heard. Taking his wand out he whispered "Lumos" his wand tip lit up as he hovered it so he could see the ground, it was dark in the forest. As he lead her in a few meters until they came to an old oak tree he passed the wand to her. "This tree here" he said stroking the bark, which he had engraved with different things. "Is my stress tree if you will, I come here all the time I was on my way here until you found me" he admitted running his hands along some horrible looking picture carvings. "It gives me muse too, clear mind" he said looking at her softly. His fingers touched the bark where his initials were graved in. "Now I've shown you, Cal you are now bond to carve your name on the tree" he said grinning.
  12. Theo had never wanted something so innocent before he met her and now he had her for a little he wasn't going to let her go, that much was true. He didn't care if they never got sexual he just needed her around, a friend, a lover, anything that she could offer. He felt drawn to her, and he wanted to protect her. "I don't lie Callista, everything I listed might not be my thing but I would do it for you, so you could experience these things" which was true he wasn't a big fan of water, he had a fear of it but he would try for her, though if she fell into the water he would have a hard time getting off a boat into the water to save her but he was sure he would, he cared for her. even though he had an awful childhood being brought up his parents awful he didn't let that effect what he could have. "We can do all that and more, anything you desire" he said not knowing what she would like and wouldn't like, he barely knew her after all. Theo found it hard to open up to others so he chose the darker life corruption, drink and drugs yes it was all fun for now but it would soon wear off, well he hoped, his childish antics stopping him getting closer to others, scared to open up and be his true self. The innocent boy who just wants to be loved and cared for, the one who craves attention, the one who needs a friend. But hides behind a bad boy facade and he had done some pretty upsetting things, and if Cal ever found out and he hoped she didn't for her sake, she would think he was a monster. "I always remember though I guess someone could say that's a curse but for me it's a good thing. I can either dwell in the misery of my actions or smile remembering the good things" he said with a small shrug of his shoulders. "Do you care that I remember?" he asked unsure if she wanted him to forget everything that happened last night. "You knocked some sense into me" he said with a small laugh looking at her playfully, he knew he deserved it after all he had horrible thoughts about pulling her towel down and he ruined her bath with peeing it just happened they were in the same place at the same time. "Jealously isn't something to be taken lightly, girls can be mean. I'm just trying to protect you" he said softly not meaning any harm. Theo was complicated and it didn't take a lot to set him off he was very wound up but that was just part of him engraved into his soul, he had to fight his way through life. He had no choice his mother didn't really leave him a choice with her bad boyfriends the ones who would abuse her and then come for him, but Theo was always able to fight back and knock them out. In all his darkness she was the light of his life, the angle he had been longing for, he had no idea why this had come to happen but he wanted it more than anything else. Watching her nod her head listening to her words he gave her a smile and looked away a little before returning his gaze to her beautiful features. Theo felt so stupid for kissing her like that and then apologizing he wasn't sorry for kissing, but kissing her the way he did brought other feelings on like his stomach flipping and the fact he wanted more than an innocent kiss. When she dropped her arms he looked at her softly, pulling her hand to his lips and kissed the back of her hand softly stroking the palm with his fingers lightly. "Cal I'm not sorry for kissing you but the more I do the more I want" he said blushing at her as he placed her hand to his cheek, so she could feel how warm his cheeks were. Of course he wanted more and he knew he would have to wait, so he wasn't going to rush her because he was being greedy. Getting up slowly he helped her to her feet. "I want to show you something will you come with me?" he asked holding his hand out for her.
  13. Theo wanted to believe in pure innocent type of love and he would eventually "It does happen and we can make it work we can do as many things you like together" rowing on the lake, picnics on the beach or hill tops, sunbathing and reading books anything she liked he would do. It cost him nothing to be a gentleman and if he made her love him for the simple things then so be it, it was worth it at the end of the day. When they would be together happy and in love. Theo couldn't believe no one hadn't caught her attention before him, she was beautiful her pale skin complimented her features, her dark soft eyes and thick long lashes, with her beautiful curled orange locks hung nicely around her shoulders. To Theo she was a Greek goddess she was so perfect she just needed to see what he saw and thought, one day she would but for now she was in the dark. "Of course we can what would you like to know?" he said softly what ever it took, she could asking him anything and he would be openly honest with her. "I stare at you because you are so beautiful you have no idea on the effect you have on me" he said taking her hand and placed it against his heart which was pounding hard. Of course he was amused anyone else would of walked away and left him but they had got to the part where they knew she was different and wouldn't of and clearly didn't. Leaving him whining after her like a lost puppy as he grinned at her. Cal was different from everyone he knew and maybe that was a good thing, she was innocent and pure everything he missed about his life everything he wanted to claim back but it was far to late for that now. "I know and I wouldn't change a thing though maybe not being so drunk would of helped my cause" he said softly regretting getting into a right state but then that lead him to her, and he couldn't be more grateful for that, call it fate, destiny he didn't care, it was perfect. If only there was a way he could show her how much he meant to her already, so she could let her walls down so that she could open up to him. "It was but it was good considering you hit me a couple of times" he teased her softly. "Adoption is forever are you sure that;s something you want?" he said looking at her with his puppy dog eyes with a coy smirk. He looked at cal and then back to where the girls had been seated. "Um yes because they wouldn't leave you alone.. you have to stand up to these kind of girls" they were the sort to spread gossip like wildfire and add rumors to the fire. The smallest thing set Theo off he couldn't always control who he snapped out it was a way of coping with his super crappy life he hadn't meant to take it out on Callista at all. It just happened and now a small part of him regretted it instantly but then the majority of him didn't. He couldn't get his head around what she was going to say or do, she wasn't like anyone he had ever met and that confused the hell out of him as he sighed heavily, he had probably ruined his one and only shot with her. Which was fine right? he knew he was a screw up he always has been and always would be it's just how the cookie crumbles right. If she was scared to commit then he was fine he just wanted to know what he could do to fix this before something or he ruined it for good for being pushy and needy craving her attention. "Doesn't feel like it" he said sulking as she looked down softly at where his bruised and cut knuckles had been which had now healed, it tingled a little but magic worked wonders, it was magic after all. His eyes widened and his jaw fell open at her next words, which slapped him hard across the face. Like what the hell one moment she didn't want this and now she did, was she testing him or something or was this the universes fun way to get back at him. Theo had no idea what to do he had promised her earlier that he wouldn't kiss her again and now she was asking for it? did that mean it was okay?. Moving closer to her his hand cupped her waist as his other brushed her hair from the right side of her face behind her ear. Before caressing her cheek before he slowly moved in to kiss her. His lips gently kissed her lips moving slowly at first so she could meet his need, before then pressing more into it kissing her harder, hungry as he pulled her into his lap. His hand moved to her side and held her back so she wouldn't fall back. He didn't want this to end but after five minuets he assumed he paused breaking the kiss pressing his forehead to hers, his eyes closed as he breathed hard against her skin. "Cal I'm sorry" he said softly opening his eyes to see how she would react.
  14. The only way Theo could help cal with her doubts was to show her but for him to be able to do such a thing she would have to trust him on that, like he would have to trust himself to behave and be the good person that was down there still, one buried beneath the facade he produced everyday. He wasn't well known for being good or nice and yet here he was being the best he had been in years and even then he had his limits. Theo had his own issues about trusting he had never had anyone to call his own never one to love him for himself, always scared to be the real him because who could love a sappy looser? Theo never did as he was told since an early age had was rebellious and was still that now, he shouldn't have to change people should like him for himself. Since being a wizard he had calmed down a lot he took studying serious and was still able to cause trouble he loved DADA the most learning to fight of evil was something he had been doing since he was younger. "There is lots of things we could do like fishing? maybe working out together, swimming? and maybe even lunch or picnics and stuff or even baths" he teased her about the baths softly, he wasn't limited with what he wanted to do he could of said hot steamy showers, or making out but he knew he would be over stepping the mark, Theo could easy capture her lips all day everyday he loved kissing her. He had never wanted something so much in his life and yet here she was was sat before him and he couldn't do anything about it, his charms didn't go down easily with her, he had to try harder than before which was tiring. But it was worth it if he had her in his arms at the end of it all to himself and just them, alone. All cal had to do was ask about him and he would be as honest as he could be, he didn't want to scare her away and his past would do just that. He just wished he had a sign from her that she liked him back like he liked her but he knew it probably wasn't on her cards, she was pure and innocent and he as practically broken. "Then can we try?" he asked looking at her, as her eyes fell to her lap. As his hand touched her face he tilted her head up so their eyes met. "Please don't shy away you are so beautiful I just want to stare at you" he said honestly wishing she could see what he saw in her. His eyes snapped the small tilt of her head as she listened to him speaking, he shook his head at her words about stepping over him and leaving him there which he chuckled about. "I know and I just want to apologise for being an ass" he said truthfully he wanted to say he was sorry for all of it but truth is he wasn't he wanted to kiss her even more now. But he knew he had to be careful, his needy ass needed to be safe and cautious around his little flower jewel. "I can understand where you're coming from I guess the guilt would eat me too but when I was an ass I deserved more than a semi-cracked nose" yes now he was sitting in self pity. "Easy I wasn't moving very fast seeing as I was sloshed, It's like throwing something at a statute" he chuckled blushing a little considering he had been so very drunk he remembered every small detail. "I agree that's why I'm not going to let go instead I will make you see that I am being honest of my intentions no matter how long I have to wait" and that was what he was going to, he wouldn't touch or kiss her again unless she asked, if she wanted. He would bring her treats and hang out with her doing reading or studying for the whole year, and summer again if she asked. "You have no idea how many boys want to date you" he said winking at her, which was true he knew at least four of them, not that he would go bragging as well there was nothing to brag about and two he liked her to much for that. "I'll get you a crown, but you are to me Cal okay?" he added as he felt her touch his arm and grinned. He was letting his emotions get the better of him right now as he basically pushed her off his lap ready to kick something or worse he felt a sudden mood swing happen. With her words he snapped to look at the very jealous girls before them and hissed now pissed that they were making her feel like that. "Ignore the jealous bitches they obviously have nothing better to do with their spare time other than to stare and cause drama, cal I would never date anyone like them... they are just shallow empty shells" with that some of them got up and rushed off obviously upset with his choice of words but he did it for peace of mind with Cal, he wanted her to be able to sit there and talk to him without fear of getting stabbed with a fork over breakfast. He was breathing hard as tears stung his eyes from the pain in his knuckles they throbbed as he sat there feeling more alone than ever before, being open made him weak and now he felt betrayed by himself. He watched as she dropped before him and used magic to deal his wounds again. Her hand was so tiny compared to his he looked at his hand watching it heal before listening to her speak. "Then what will work cal? I've never wanted someone so much before... it's killing me not being able to touch you the way I want. Kissing you every second that's all I can think about it's torture" he admitted as he lifted his other hand up and grabbed her wand dropping it between them on the grass as he cupped her cheek stroking it gently. "I'm being selfish I want you, only you not those mean girls in the hall, you are enough for me even if you disagree you the most beautiful person I've ever met" and with that he pulled away including the hand in his as she placed them in his lap. He got it dating was scary especially when hearts could be broken and things could get ugly but he wanted to.
  15. Theo understand that she would have serious doubts about him who wouldn't seeing as she was still pure he knew that from last night by the way he kissed her, she hadn't been kissed, she lacked a certain essence not that he was judging he was glad he was her first kiss. If the roles were switched and she was coming onto him he would have serious doubts thinking he was being pranked, but that wasn't the case but he couldn't help himself he wanted her, all for himself. He didn't want some sucker coming in and taking the only good thing he wanted, needed and that was her. Theo had never been in a serious relationship, who's kidding he hadn't even had a girlfriend he just had dates, flings and sex that was how he rolled but since last night. When he whacked his head he must of hit something else because this wasn't at all making sense to him but in a way it did? he would fight for her, no matter what he had to do. If she asked him to clean her shoes for weeks so be it, do her home work he got it, unless it was about ruins then he was out. Theo's mouth fell open as he looked at her wide eye "Why would you say such a thing Cal? what makes you boring?" he said annoyed at the fact she was insulting them both, one for saying she was boring and the fact he would find her boring. They didn't know each other so she couldn't be sure as of yet, but Theo was full of surprises he would go down fighting to keep sparks flying and them having fun, even if it was plain old vanilla skating, shopping and cuddling he could live with that, as long as he had her. Theo knew she study a lot and read books upon books but that wasn't boring that was doing something productive unlike what he did. Theo had never been good at expressing himself verbally or showing them psychically sex didn't tell someone you loved them or told them how much they meant to you. It was for pleasure that was what he knew, and that's what he enjoyed it was the only thing he knew. But kissing her was something so different he had never felt like that before and he needed to feel like that again, it was like being high on drugs without taking anything. The feelings had kept him awake his mind spinning, if anything she was controlling him without knowing she was doing so. All she had to do was ask him to do something for her and he would, that's how much he was crazy for her, or the thought of her. Seeing her cheeks flare in beauty he hummed softly as he couldn't resist touching her cheeks again, feeling the heat with his palm. He loved it when she blushed she was even more perfect when she did this. "It matters because you feel the spark between us, don't deny this, us we could be something special if you give me a chance" his words a small whisper as his fingers traced her jaw line and along her cheek bone before he removed his hand. Theo didn't want to walk away from her he really didn't but he couldn't force her to be with him, well he could but he wouldn't he wasn't violent and nor did he ever want to hurt her. Theo laughed softly at her words humming, "But I agree to disagree. Why would you help someone who ruined your perfect evening in the bath, who annoyed you and made you get angry?" he said looking at her with curious eyes. "We connected that evening even after you threw things at me" he teased her, he had always wanted to rip her towel away from her but he was a gentleman in that respect beside that wouldn't of won him any brownie points right now if he had. Beside he would rather wait to see her beautiful naked self when she was ready. Well if they ever got to dating that is.Theo wasn't one for charity or sympathy he couldn't bring himself to do so, especially when he had troubled past to start with. His stepfather used to beat the crap out of his mother, Theo had been to little to do anything about it. When he was older and stronger he took a beat at him instead it landed him in hospital and that;'s when his mother finally got rid of him for the sake of her son's sanity. However it was way to late to help Theo's sanity when he was already messed up. drugs, booze and sex helped him cope that's all he knew. Hearing her say crush made his heart ache, was this the first time she was speaking it? it sounded that way. "I've always been sure what I want in life we have to hold onto the good things in life before they are whisked away. I'm afraid that if I don't hold onto you that I will loose you to someone else.. someone probably more worthy too" he said sighing there were probably safer options for, but he wanted her to have fun, a thrill it would make for an adventure not something boring. Theo chuckled at her words about chivalry "Sorry darling but that's for a prince charming, and I'm certainly no prince but you are a princess that's for sure" he hummed he knew it was cheesy to say the least but maybe it would work. Hearing her yelp he flinched underneath her scared he had hurt her, feeling her go rigid he took his hands off her letting her loose a little. "I'm not holding you I just thought this is what you wanted since you scooted right into me, what are you so scared of?" he said annoyed at how she was acting right now as if he had done something so out of question. "More like so you can run off and avoid me for the rest of the day..... fine" he said placing her down next to him as he pushed the bench back a little and slid off brushing himself down he sighed. "I like you but I won't be made a fool... if you want me I'll be outside in the grounds.." with that he softly walked out, why was it so hard for him to be himself, or for someone to actually like him back like how liked her. Once outside after punching a few bricks his knuckles all cut and bruised he was sat on a mound of grass as he ripped grass and tossed it into the small breeze.