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  1. Amasis Srour

    RP takes place July 2025. "Ah." With his eyes closed, Amasis pushed his toes deeper into the warm sand - his face turned toward the sun. It had been a long six months for the self-proclaimed "non"-violent anarachist. A protest that he had been mainly in charge of had, indeed, gotten violent and Amasis had been rounded up by a group of aurors - the injuries he sustained in that arrest passed over to inmate violence - and sentenced to a year in Insulae Prison. Good behavior and a friendship with a guard got him off in six months, but what did he truly have to show for it? The government seemed to be just as corrupt, just with a prettier face, and Amasis's black eye (a present from one of the aurors who had previously arrested him prior to his release) was a sign of just that. But today, he was just going to enjoy the sun. Try and figure out what the next step was - and just how much it would take to get some food. TAG; @Hadrien Valrenzokov-Allard