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  1. Tatiana Roberts

    Everything they did together was just perfect it could be sat cuddling at hone or or like this. Kenneth was her perfect dream man and belonged to her forever. “It was a nice surprise” she admitted she loved dancing this type of dancing. As he kissed her lips she packed his back in return before she sat up. “I guess we should, I’m rather thirsty anyway” she said standing to her feet. Walking to the edge of the roof she toppled over and fell gracefully down landing on her feet her palms touching the floor as she waited for Kenneth so he could then carry her home.
  2. Tatiana Roberts

    Tatiana loved their little games they had it made their lives much more fun, especially seeing how perfect they were for each other it was cute and romantic after all. As he joined her she smiled nodding her head of course he would find her, even in the bottom of the ocean he would. They belonged together, old souls reunited time and time again, always and forever. Tilting her head up as she snuggled her body close to his her eyes dancing around looking at the view before them. "It is, very beautiful" she admitted as she looked at the many, many stars before them and the giant white moon, on it's black ebony canvas. "Thank you for a beautiful evening baby" she said softly tilting her head to kiss his cheek softly as she caressed his cheek.
  3. Tatiana Roberts

    Tatiana was looking up at the stars from the roof she hadn’t noticed it getting darker while they were fooling around. It was fun to play hide and seek though hard with their natural scents coming out and unable to hide them. It took him a while to figure it out which was fun as she smirked, she had wanted to be chased and he was doing so. Hearing him scale the side of the building she laughed. But heard him stop and thats when she stayed silent he was in the room. Before he climbed the small distance to the roof spotting her she lifted her hand up and waved. “Hey baby you found me” she teased softly winking at him.
  4. Tatiana Roberts

    He tangled his hand in her hair meaning she couldn't move very easily which was okay it was hot when he took control like this, which equaled out a lot in the bedroom as she kissed him back fiercely a small playful growl escaping her lips as his hand traveled down to her panties and under. As his hand began to tease her clit she moaned against his mouth enjoying how his fingers brushed against her delicate skin making her so wet and turned on. Boy he knew which buttons to press when it came to her, she squirmed a little underneath him not liking the fact she couldn't tease him but for now she was behaving and allowed him to do as he pleased, though she did rock her hips up a little.
  5. Tatiana Roberts

    Tatiana had no idea where this massive hunger was coming from but nothing seemed to work as she drank from Kenneth. She could keep going but as he told her that was enough as he held her waist she groaned, growling as he eventually pushed her away. As she stumbled grabbing him her eyes so dark as she snarled. Panicking she ran outside blood pouring down her chin as she darted for the water. This wasn’t her but she couldn’t stop she was so hungry as she swimming she then sunk down to the bottom in the deeper ends away from life. Tatiana breathed as she closed her eyes wiping his blood off her. Turning on her side she closed her eyes wiggling her toes but her throat still burned aching for more food.
  6. Tatiana Roberts

    Hearing that two can play at that game she giggled smirking as she looked at him softly. As he sat up and held her closer her body grinding against him already feeling he was getting turned on. As he grabbed her hair and pulled her head so he could get to her neck she closed her eyes humming softly. “Mhm baby that feels good” she whsiperd against his shoulder as she kissed it softly, her hands running down his shoulders.
  7. Tatiana Roberts

    Tatiana hadn’t been feeling that great which was weird for a vampire anyway seeing as they didn’t get sick or weren’t supposed to anyway. For some reason it annoyed her that Kenneth had packed her bag and that he had surprised her. Usually she just went with the flow but something was bugging her, something she couldn’t even put a finger on. Her moods were up and down and she was always very thirsty. “I can see that” her voice a little cold as she leaned against the counter as he passed her a glass of blood and sipped it twice before downing it, already hungry. “No baby I’m sorry Just not myself still, this blood thirst is making me act weird” she said apologetically as she kissed his cheek pressing her body into his as her hands wrapped around his waist. “So where are we going or is that a surprise until we arrive?” There was no harm in asking right? As she leaned in and nuzzled his neck.
  8. Tatiana Roberts

    Tatiana was naturally very playful and to be chased and courted when Kenneth wanted to play back. She could also be very compassionate and right now she was a mixture of both. Their love was pure and hey had been together in old souls as well as new ones it was different but he was the most important person in her life. Yay couldn’t help but shudder at the way he made her feel he could turn her on with a single kiss to the back of her neck or a hand up her thigh. “Yes” she breathed huskily as she bit down on her lower lip looking at him with a seductive but playful smile. Tat could hear him outside he door and giggled softly, yes she had locked the door as he wouldn’t dare break it down with potential muggles about. So she leaned on the ledge more as she looked up and saw the roof wasn’t that far, taking her shoes off she tossed them to the side and dug her nails into the outside wall before she began to scale it upwards her legs dangling a little as she reached the top and pulled herself up. Knowing if he didn’t knock the door down he would find another room with a window and follow suit. Laying on the flat roof she sighed softly undoing her dress a little as it was a little uncomfortable to lie down in.
  9. Tatiana Roberts

    Tatiana had been sent on a wild goose chase today and she had no idea what Kenneth wanted with all the things she had in the bags, but she knew he had a busy day and had asked her kindly days ago to go shopping for him so she did in the wizard world he had wrote like a million things on the list which she had to go get for him. He had been a wizard before he had been turned so she was glad he could do things like magic and make potions it would of come on handy ages ago if he had brewed her memory potion but she understood why he refused not wanting to be the reason it went wrong. Finally finding the last thing which was some wild berries from a potion ingredient shop, she paid for them before she finally walked the few meters home. When she walked in and seen two bags packed she placed his bags down close by as she looked around for him. "Kenneth why are there bags packed? I thought you were busy..." she said a little snappy as she began to unpack all the stuff from his list on the side, there were ink, parchment, pens, bat wings, a vial of troll boggies, berries, squid liver and much more as she sighed heavily leaning against the counter in the kitchen.
  10. Tatiana Roberts

    When Kenneth came off the phone she looked at him all innocently with a big smile plastered on her features though her eyes were soft. Hearing Kenneth's moan she giggled winking at him, "Of course not" she smirked at him licking her lower lip in a seductive way as she shifted her body a little as she climbed on him straddling his waist she was sat up right as her hands ran down his front. Her claws slightly digging in but not enough to hurt him yet. "I can be naughty if you want me to be"
  11. Tatiana Roberts

    "Did too" she said playfully teasing him, of course she was joking. "I will indeed you will have to find me" she mused getting up softly thinking about where she could hide logically making it harder for him to find her and then she thought of the perfect place of course. As he twirled her she smiled giggling as she felt like a princess in his arms as he danced her across the floor. As he nibbled her neck she shuddered softly it was her weak spot and a massive turn on as her eyes went wild. "Gladly baby anytime, again and again" her voice husky as she leaned her neck back so he better access for a moment. As she slowly pulled away she smirked and vampire sped away. Inside the room she found the stairs and ran up them and into a room, and locked the door she opened the window and slowly climbed out, and climbed over two different windows before handing on the window ledge. Now she wondered how he would find her. As her legs dangled off as her body was half way off if she fell she would be fine.
  12. Tatiana Roberts

    Tatiana just looked at him when he said that she wasn't an idiot and sighed softly she was an idiot why hadn't she thought this far a head she had planned everything but her thirst which was worsening the more anxious she got as she looked at him a faint smile to her lips. As he walked behind her wrapping his arms around her as he kissed her shoulder as she closed her eyes, breathing in his scent he always smelt so good he tasted good to. As she opened her eyes she turned in his arms as she looked into his eyes, "I love you" she said pecking his cheek softly. "Promise me you won't let me have to much.." she said looking at him, before she leaned in and bit her fangs into his neck.
  13. Character Name: Tatiana Roberts (perv versum) Character Birthday: Decemeber 24th Character Age: Looks 19 (1oo+) Country of Residence: England Year: n/a House: n/a Job: N/A Face Claim: Deborah ann woll Abilities: N/A Creatures: vampire Additional Information: N/A
  14. Tatiana Roberts

    A small laugh escaped her lips at his words about walking slowly hell did he, "Lies baby you cheated" she said playfully teasing him as she shook her head, "We need to try that again" she added with a simple nod with a smirk to her lips. As he danced with her she couldn't help but smile she loved the way he held her and the way sh felt with him, the way he lead the dance. Hearing him hum softly she smiled against his neck enjoying him a little too much. "You already have me that isn't something I can give you again?" she hummed as he kissed her head.
  15. Tatiana Roberts

    Tatiana couldn't help but tease Kenneth the fact that this was interesting made her so curious, her mouth worked along his neck knowing she had to be careful and quiet. Hearing him gasp she bite down on her lower lip as she looked at him, her eyes wild as she winked her hand roaming around his front and grabbed his shirt moving her hand up against his skin as she tugged one of his nipples teasing before she stopped as she turned around so she could wrap his arm around her as she snuggled against the sheet.