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  1. Madeleine Rose

    “Yeah I know that now I just wasn’t sure how the headmaster and deputy headmaster would think if I went into your office just to look at the pictures. I just hope nobody minds if I came just to look at the family photographs.” Maddie made sure to come to her mother’s office just so she could take a look at them. She just had to make time to do that between her classes and spending time with her friends. She had a thought about taking a current picture of her family and compare and see what has changed in the previous taken photographs.
  2. Madeleine Rose

    "Where do we have the baby and adoption photos?" Madeleine was curious because she hadn't bothered to ask since she didn't think it was any of her business. She thought that she was at least old enough to ask about it now. She was excited to see what she looked like as a baby as well see the other photos that she hadn't seen before. She figured that maybe her mother had a good reason for keeping her from seeing the photos. She was only going to see them once her mother was ready to bring them out and let her see them.
  3. Madeleine Rose

    "I think it's perfect the book is the right size where we can fit all of our photos and memories but also we can decorate and customize it the way we like it." Maddie had some ideas on customizing the book. She went with her mother to pay for the book so that they could go home and get everything together for scrapbooking. She grabbed some of the bags so that she could help her mother carry some of the bags. "What ideas to you have for decorating the book and all of the pages?" She was curious but she was willing to share her ideas as well.
  4. Madeleine Rose

    Maddie searched around to find a book that would be able to fit all of their precious photos. She thought that she saw a book that would be doable but she needed to get a closer view. She picked the book up that she saw to show it to her mother. Looking at her mother she showed her mother the book and said "what about this book that I saw do you think that this book would be able to fit and hold all of our photos and memories or would you like me to keep on looking for something different that might work."
  5. Madeleine Rose

    Maddie couldnt wait to look through the area to find the perfect book for their scrapbook. She hoped that both her and her mother could agree on what book or book type to use. It was something that she was going to keep forever since it was going to have all of their precious memories. She was definitely open to discussing with her mother the types of books that she might be interested in and she was willing to listen to the type of books that her mother was interested in. "What type of book would you be interested in getting momma?"
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  7. Madeleine Rose

    Maddie thought for awhile before saying "don't we need a scrapbook to put all of this in or do we have that already." She couldn't really thing of anything else they might need as she turned to her mother and wondered if she could think of anything of knew anything else that they might need. She helped her mother pack the supplies into her mind as her mind started to drift off. She had so much excitement for making crafts and she thought of projects that she could do for others but she felt that it was probably best if she focused on one project at a time.
  8. Madeleine Rose

    "We should definitely get the ribbon and the lace. The ribbon we could use as a border or as a way to tie the pages altogether and the lace we could possibly use as a border for the pictures." Maddie was getting excited as she was pitching her ideas to her mother and gathering all of the supplies that she wanted to get. She wanted to know what other ideas her mother might have on how they could possibly decorate each page. She was happy that she was going to be able to do something fun and creative with her mother.
  9. Madeleine Rose

    Maddie wanted to show her mother the stickers and the paper with different patterns on it that caught her attention. "Mom I found some cute stickers and some fun paper with all types of different patterns on it. What do you think? Do you think we can use any of this when we make our scrapbook?" She looked around to see what other supplies they could use. She found some glitter and colorful ribbon but she wasn't sure if anything she had found was going to be useful at all to them. She wondered what her mother was able to find.
  10. Madeleine Rose

    "I'm sure we could find a book and some lovely colored paper or paper with different patterns. We should definitely get some cute stickers and other supplies to make it a fabulous scrapbook." Maddie had quite a few ideas on how she wanted to decorate each page of the scrapbook with their family photos. She loved being creative and hoped that maybe once she graduates she could do something creative. She did have a few options as a backup plan. She was eventually going to have a better idea on what she wanted to do after she graduates but it wasn't her main focus at the moment.
  11. Madeleine Rose

    "I was thinking that we could make a scrapbook where we could document all of the fun times that we spend together and all of the adventures that we go on." Maddie had a feeling that it was an old fashioned idea since she didn't think anyone made or looked through scrapbooks anymore. She wondered what her mother thought of her idea. She had another idea but she wanted to surprise her mother. Even though she was almost an adult she didn't want to stop being so sentimental or stop spending time with her mother. She cherished the times that she did spend with her mother.
  12. Madeleine Rose

    Maddie seemed to recognize the voice but she was paying too much attention to all of the craft supplies that were in the store so she slightly jump when she heard the sound of the voice "mother I can explain really the truth is I wandered away from my friends to look for supplies for a craft project that we can work on together before you get busy with work and I get busy with my studies during the fall term." She really just wanted to bond with her mother before school started and she was sure that her friends would understand. "I understand that I am probably in trouble with you mother and I fully accept the consequences for sneaking off like that." She knew that she would have to apologize to her friends and eventually she was going to apologize to her friends. She was unsure of what her mother was thinking at the moment so she gave her mother a warm smile.
  13. Madeleine Rose

    Maddie was having fun petting the cute adorable animals but she wondered what her mother was doing. She snuck away from her friends but told her friends that she would be right back in a few minutes. She didn't want her mother to know that she snuck away from her friends so she quietly and slowly walked into the shop. She got so excited about all of the items that were in the craft shop and she thought of all of the projects that she could do. She thought that maybe she could convince her mother to do a project with her so that they could bond together before she had to go back to Hogwarts.