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  1. Mithos was blushing again. Dear Merlin he was never going to get enough of that. The boy was angelically beautiful but when he blushed it made every nerve ending in Julian stand at attention. It practically screamed I'm yours, protect me. He smiled indulgently at his Angel. "I hope you never lose the ability to blush. It is gorgeous." Julian told him. When he had talked about sex, he'd have to be an idiot not to notice Mithos' reaction. Mithos was going to absolutely be the death of him. Being this close and having this discussion, Julian felt sure he was going to spontaneously combust any moment. But what a way to go. He had to be very careful with his answer though. Because at some point he would likely hurt Mithos physically but never emotionally. "Angel, you will be mine and I will be yours. I would rather suffer any emotional trauma then ever have you suffer. I will protect you from everyone, including you. However as part of the dom/sub relationship, there may be some physical pain mixed with pleasure. After all, I have pulled your hair twice now, so I can't honestly say I won't hurt you. I can promise my intention will not be to hurt you… " he gave a predatory grin, "and it will never be in a way we don't BOTH want. I also promise I will never break your heart. Once we become a couple, we will be a couple forever unless you decide you don't want me. That would be the only way we would end things. You have all the power here. I may have control but you have power. I will never do anything to actually hurt or upset you." He hoped Mithos understood what he had been trying to say. When Mithos guiltily admitted he had tried to harm himself, Julian gently touched the boys chin, attempting to make the boy meet his eyes. "You need never be ashamed of anything with me, Angel. I'm sorry that boy hurt you so badly. If you want, I will happily hurt him in return, in whatever way you want. Anything for you. " Julian half hoped Mithos said yes just so he could teach the other boy a lesson and publicly claim Mithos as HIS. When he lay back in the water to float, Julian knew the swim trunks were clinging to his erection. He really didn't care. He wanted Mithos to notice. He wanted Mithos to want him too. He wanted to have Mithos under him and crying out for more. He smiled at the daydream. That was just yummy. He decided to allow Mithos to get to know him better so he told him about being a half blood and how he had met his best friend who was a girl. He talked about his hobbies of collecting music and playing guitar. Mostly he just talked.
  2. When Mithos asked what happens when Julian gets sick of him, Julian laughed. "Angel, that's not gonna happen. We are perfect together. I know you feel it too like we are drawn together. That is your submissive side calling to my dominant side. We will match perfectly and my Angel, I will never be bored by you. Your innocence intrigues and attracts me far more than you know. I can't wait to show you things but even more, I long and anticipate when you will willingly snuggle up to me for protection and comfort. And do not ever say you are not special again. From where I stand you are amazing, my Angel. I do not ever want you to think less of yourself. You are perfect." It was the truth, every word. Julian couldn't wait until Mithos had enough confidence to snuggle. Julian had dreamed last night of Mithos finding him after class and immediately snuggling up to him in the hallway. His idea of heaven. When Mithos mentioned sex, Julian's eyes darkened with passion in response. His eyes ? trailed the other boys body and he licked his lips. "Yes, like sex." His voice was husky at the thought. "When you are ready we will most definitely have sex. A lot of sex. I will make you want me so much you will beg me." His body had a definite reaction to that thought and he groaned. "Oh Angel, just your innocence alone gets me so hot. And yes, you will do anything I tell you to and we will both enjoy it." When Mithos answered the question about hurting himself without actually answering it, Julian's eyes narrowed in anger. He gave a warning tug to Mithos' hair. "Remember, Angel, no lies. If you are not ready to tell me, say so but do not beat around the bush or lie to me." His tone was hard. He had visions of spanking the other boy lightly but that would lead to things Mithos wasn't ready for yet. He forced himself to calm. "Trust will grow. With me you can always speak your mind my Angel. Always. Now, you said you like chocolate, I brought smores for dessert tonight. I hope that pleases you. And I believe I owe you a reward for eating extra for me this week." He drew Mithos to him, allowing the boy to feel the reaction he had and kissed him again. This time it was feather light and teasing and then he released him again and lay back to float some himself.
  3. Julian nodded approvingly when Mithos gave his undivided attention while Julian spoke. Whom Mithos asked if they were in a relationship, Julian smiled tenderly and caressed the other boys cheek. "I would say, not yet, Angel, but I would like us to be. I guessed you weren't ready for that yet. I do intend on being yours and having you be mine though so don't mistake that. We will be in a committed and loving relationship, I just figured I'd give you a chance to know me first." He said this with conviction, leaving no doubt he meant every word. Then he'd gone and fucked up by saying dominate and leaving his Angel to question what that meant. "Angel, I told you already how I have to be in control. There is a side of me that is fighting for that control all the time. You put that side of me into overtime. You are a natural submissive. That just means that you are a follower and not a leader. In a relationship it gets a bit more intense. It means… " he tried to think of how to say this without scaring the other boy. "It means that you would put your trust in me that I will not hurt you and allow me freedom with your body. You would give yourself to me completely without reservation and do anything I ask. You don't have that kind of trust yet so we will wait until you do. I know this probably scares you but I promise we are perfect together. I promise your needs will be primary to me. It will allow you to be free to just feel and react without thinking. " Then Mithos made a joke. He actually made a joke ?. Julian laughed hard at that. "That was cute. " he said and winked. He listened as Mithos talked and his mention at his parents being worried had Julian furrowing his brow. "Angel, did you try to hurt yourself? " he asked bluntly.
  4. Julian listened to Mithos. It was important that he hear what his Angel said. Only by fullfilling Mithos, by making him feel safe and loved and cared for, would then Julian get the relationship he craved. "Trust is a hard thing, Angel. I know I am asking and… perhaps demanding a lot of you. At times it must seem too much. I understand your hesitation. We will work through it together and I will make sure you are taken care of first, always. You can always talk to me. I want to hear your hopes and dreams and desires and I want to share mine with you. That is how a relationship should be. I know I am very dominate and that perhaps scares you but it should also eventually make you feel protected. We will work up to it together." He made very sure he was phrasing all of this as a team. When Mithos admitted the kiss was good, Julian smiled at him and gently rubbed a hand through his hair. He enjoyed touching Mithos far more than he had thought possible. This time when he kissed Mithos, the boy responded shyly and then more needily. Julian groaned as need coursed through him. When the boy pulled back, Julian looked at him and then when he said maybe good wasn't the right word, Julian's smile was blinding, his blue eyes twinkling. "I do believe, Angel, that you are going to be the death of me." He joked. Reluctantly, Julian moved back and dunked himself under water before running a hand through his then wet hair to get it out of his face. "So, tell me about your family. I believe you said only child and you mentioned your family is close… " he waited for his Angel to answer.
  5. Julian listened to Mithos talk about the boy who had broke his heart. He tensed not wanting to be compared to that boy but he didn't want Mithos to quit talking either so he tempered his response. "Mithos, I am not the idiot who hurt you. Beyond our both saying that, am I anything like him? Look at me. Do I honestly remind you of the moron who let you go and broke your heart? I want you to talk to me. I want you to get to know me and for me to get to know you but when you think of how similar me and that boy are, look at me and remember that we are not." He had actually kissed Mithos and the other boy had kissed him back. It may have only been for a second but it was enough. When Mithos nervously said it was ok and asked how often, Julian smiled at him with a cocky smile and ran his hand down the other boys back and then back up. "Angel, my kiss is just ok?" He winked. "Angel, I'm going to kiss you so often that you forget there was a time when you weren't in my arms. You will see." He leaned down and kissed him again, his tongue seeking entrance. This time he allowed Mithos to decide whether or not to pull back. First time for everything.
  6. When Mithos opened up a bit more about his heartbreak, Julian was thrilled. Not that his Angel had been hurt of course but because that was showing some trust. "No one is ever going to hurt you again, Angel. I will make damn sure of that. You are safe. And you will be safe forever. I will protect and care for you." Mithos allowed Julian to lead him deeper and Julian brushed a hand through his hair as a reward. Mithos then took his advice and floated allowing Julian to see even more the evidence of the effect he had on the other boy. He couldn't stop the smirk and licked his lips. Then Mithos so innocently asked what he wanted to do. Julian almost laughed. He cradled Mithos into his arms. Allowing the boy to float still but allowing Julian to be able to touch him as well. "Something I want to do, huh? Well I'm already doing part of what I want to because I am getting to touch my beautiful Angel but how about this for now.." Julian leaned forward and captured Mithos' lips. He resigned in his passion just allowing the boy to feel his lips moving against his Angel. His tongue swiped out and licked at the others lips and then he pulled back. "That is what I definitely want. And often. " he said with a smile.
  7. Julian smiled when Mithos stuttered his answer over his lack of experience. "Trust me, Angel. I already knew that and would not have pursued you if it were otherwise." He really wouldn't have. Julian enjoyed sex, don't get him wrong. He had been quite the whore if he was being honest with himself but he also craved an innocent for the dominant side. Someone to bend to him, someone who would wholeheartedly submit to him. It wasn't about pain, though that could be fun too, it was just about the trust and respect between two consenting people. It was about exploring and knowing your limits. It was about pushing yourself and those with you. That was where nirvana lay. That was what Julian craved. He wanted the peace of finally fully embracing that dominance and allowing himself to be whole. In the water, Julian noticed the reaction he had caused and smirked a bit. Perhaps he wouldn't have to wait quite as long as he thought. He watched the other boy get waist deep in the water and stop. Julian was up to his chest in the water but he wanted Mithos closer so he walked forward and reached out taking Mithos' hand in his. "Come deeper. Try floating in it. And if this makes you this happy, we will stay here all day. Until we are shriveled prunes." He tugged Mithos' hand hoping the boy would come all the way in with him.
  8. Julian cocked an eyebrow at Mithos when his Angel apologized for turning him on. "Never apologize for that Angel. You are helping me with my control so thats a good thing. Control is a very big thing for me, if you haven't realized. I have to be in control at all times." This last was said with a commanding tone, letting Mithos know this was not something he negotiated about. He softened his tone to playful "Besides I like the effect you have on me." His voice dropped into a husky whisper, "and don't think I haven't noticed the reaction I have on you either." He winked. Once changed, Julian led them down to the river. It was on the edge of the campsite so it wasn't far at all but there were some tree branches that had fallen down and Julian turned to help Mithos over each one. Reaching the shoreline, Julian kicked off his flip flops and dropped his towel. His board shorts hung low on his hips and showed his muscular body. Julian was rather proud of how he looked. Mithos looked mouthwatering. "Come on Angel, lets get wet." He said with a teasing smile. Without hesitation he did a shallow dive into the water and when he came to the surface he snapped his head back to get the hair off his face. He looked over at Mithos and crooked his finger. "Come on in Angel. Water feels great."
  9. Julian felt Mithos shiver when he whispered to him and then his Angel turned a delightful shade of red. "Mmm." He made a noise of appreciation. "I do love it when you turn red and blush for me. My Angel is so innocent and pure." Julian had needed a moment to collect himself. The last thing he wanted to do was scare Mithos away but when the boy asked if he was okay, Julian's dominant side reacted to the worry. He smiled over at the boy. "I'm fine Angel." He said softly. "You give me quite a reaction every time you are close and I didn't want to scare you. I never want to scare you and I know that I am far more experienced than you so I was protecting you. Go on and get dressed and we will swim for awhile." He smiled a gentle smile and turned back around. His Angel could not be more perfect. He had visions of capturing those lips and sucking on them. Of the boy under him..."Don't go there." He silently told himself. Forcing his control, Julian took two deep cleansing breaths and forced his body to relax and let go of the passion that had built. He would NOT take a chance of screwing this up. He had to take it slow no matter how badly he wanted to speed it up. There would be time to speed things up once Mithos felt safe with him. His body was back under control by the time Mithos reappeared. Julian smiled at him and as he went past, he stroked his Angel's cheek. "Wait here for me. I'll be quick." He said softly, wanting to lean in and kiss him but he resisted and headed into the tent. He put on his board shorts smirking slightly over the thought that there would come a day when the swim trunks would not be needed or wanted by either of them. He grabbed a towel and slid his feet into a pair of flip flops and exited the tent to rejoin his Angel. "I'm ready, lets go." He said.
  10. Julian smiled as he watched Mithos look around at all his preparations. He didn't say anything so it either met with approval, fear or Mithos just wasn't being pushed to speak. He could live with it as long as it wasn't the fear. He may dom his little Angel but there should never be fear. Comfort, lust, love yes but never fear. Juliian could tell Mithos was nervous at the idea of sharing a bed but when the other boy agreed it would be nice, Julian was pleased and ruffled his hair. Leaning down, he whispered into Mithos' ear, letting his warm breath tickle his Angel's neck. "You will love it. Being snuggled up against hard bodies, a little pocket of warmth in the cold night. Just you and me, warm and snuggly." Too into his thoughts and ideas, he gave in and nuzzled the other boys neck before pressing a kiss to the spot and reluctantly backing away. When Mithos suggested swimming he didn't know whether to groan or be relieved. Plus side, cold water would mask the effect the other boy was having on him but downside, more flesh to be seen. He shrugged to himself. Whatever my Angel wants. He told himself. "Go on in and put on your swim suit and then I'll get mine on." He gently told the other boy trying not to make eye contact. In all actuality, he needed a few minutes to get himself under control and he was sure his eyes looked rather predatory at that moment. He didn't want to scare Mithos off.
  11. Julian noticed when Mithos stopped cold seeing him. He would have worried but the look in his eye wasn't precisely fear. Mithos looked around and smiled. A smile. That was good, he must like what he saw. When Mithos made his comment about chocolate Julian made a mental note. Perhaps he could surprise the boy with a chocolate a day delivered by owl over the summer and delivered by himself when they were in school. That sounded like an incredible plan, he smiled to himself. He saw the confusion and sudden dawning of understanding when Mithos saw the one bed. He waited breathlessly to see how his Angel would react and just as he was about to speak up and explain there was other bedding, the boy squared himself up and said it was fine. "I'm glad you think so. I am looking rather forward to holding you tonight." He decided to be a little demanding and tell him rather than ask. Julian put down Mithos' bag and turned to look at him. He stepped into the boys personal space and gently hugged the boy for a moment. This was a full hug for the first time, not the one armed thing he had done. He wanted to see how his Angel reacted. Their bodies pressed together but gently; just comfort and protection being offered without words. He kissed the top of Angel's head and stepped back with a smile. "So what would you like to do first Angel? We can hike to a waterfall, we can eat, we can just talk or go for a swim… you call it."
  12. Julian enjoyed his daily owl from Mithos and had reciprocated with compliments and approval when Mithos had succeeded in eating a bit more and of course a gentle chiding when he wasn't successful. But Julian always made sure to thank him for his honesty. He didn't want Mithos to start lying. He didn't know what his Angel had told his parents but his gran knew exactly where he was and who he was with. When Julian heard the voice behind him, he turned with a ready smile. "There's my beautiful Angel." He immediately stepped forward and took the backpack without asking if it was needed. He put an arm around Mithos and gently led him into the camp site. "Lets put your bag inside and then the fun can begin." He could tell the boy was extremely nervous and he was glad he had thought to pack an extra sleep mat and sleeping bag, just in case Mithos was not willing to share a bed. "I got us some hot dogs to roast over the fire and the stuff to make smores and hot chocolate later." He ruffled the boys hair. "You did really good trying to eat for me this week. I'm very proud of you. I trust you that if you don't like anything I brought, you will tell me." He said knowing that Mithos would not be likely to disobey.
  13. Julian had searched and planned for the perfect spot for their camping trip. He finally found it. A quiet little camp ground on the banks of a river. It was within a portkey of the city and yet far enough that the lights of London shouldn't interfere with their view. He had charmed the bloke working the portkey office into making a portkey for Mithos. It had been ridiculously easy to get. He had just batted his baby blues and given a few promising touches of the hand that he had no intentions of fullfilling and he owed the portkey with the instructions for time to Mithos. His little Angel was going to have an amazing weekend. Mithos was supposed to arrive around six and Julian had hiked to the site several hours prior to make sure everything was planned. He had borrowed a small tent. Just one bedroom and a bathroom. He stocked the campfire with wood and lit it. He had cooling charms on a crate filled with food. If he had his way, his Angel was going to go home with a bit more meat on his bones. Julian had picked stuff for sandwiches, breakfasts of eggs and thick juicy sausages. He had hot dogs and marshmallows to roast over the fire. He had made the twin size cot up with a squashy bedroll to make it more comfortable for Mithos delicate frame and then put warm, soft cotton sheets down covered at the top by a down sleeping bag, unzipped so they could snuggle under it. He would have liked to go the full seduction route of silk sheets and a large luxurious text but he couldn't afford things like that and besides, if Mithos had wanted those type things, he wouldn't have said camping. Julian checked the time and gave a final look around the place. Everything looked perfect. He was dressed in tight blue jeans and a form fitting black sweater. He ran a hand through his spiky hair and gave a quick glance to make sure his eyeliner was perfect. He was ready.
  14. Julian could tell trust was going to be a big thing with Mithos. The other boy had shattered his trust along with his heart. That was going to be hard to repair...hard but not impossible. It would take time, patience and the right amount of pushing. Julian excelled at pushing so that shouldn't be an issue. He wondered what Elliot would think of this little one. He had no doubt she would take him under her wing as well. After all, Elliot was his wing man...wing woman. Whatever you wanted to call it. It would happen. They would work together to heal this broken boy. He may never be as outgoing and flamboyant as Julian but there can be quiet confidence as well. He couldn't wait to see Mithos comfortable in his own skin. Not jumpy and afraid, just relaxed. As he talked he saw that side of Mithos start to come out. The boy began to relax and even smile some as Julian talked. Ahhh so he needs occasional pressure mixed with times of no pressure. Gives him a chance to relax. Julian filed that knowledge away. Julian gave a mock glare when Mithos laughed at his Nanna saying he was flamboyant but the mouth twitching into a smile gave that away. He snapped into the air and said "I'm fabulous dahling." and fanned himself with his hand dramatically. As soon as Mithos started talking, Julian shut up and gave his undivided attention. He nodded as Mithos told about fear over telling his parents he was gay. Julian's voice softened and he said "It will be alright. You aren't alone anymore." He didn't know how he knew it but he was almost positive Mithos had no one else, just his parents. Shortly after he had the thought that his grandmother would love this boy. That thought shocked him. He NEVER brought sex home. His grandmother knew very well the type of boy he was but she had never met anyone he had been with. The fact that he wanted her to like Mithos was interesting. Definitely not a typical fling, but then again he had already known that. "When you decide you are ready, I will be with you when you tell them. If you like." He knew it was getting later, they had long since finished their ice cream and he definitely didn't want to over load Mithos. "Angel, its probably time I head home. I will owl you the details of next weekend and you can owl me too if you like. Now..." His voice took on that commanding tone again, "you are going to eat a bit more each day. One super fattening treat or an extra helping of something. Is that understood? You are far too skinny and while thats fine, you are going to find a healthier medium. I expect daily owls telling me what your extra was for the day." He tempered the command by running his hand through the boys hair again and resting his hand gently on the back of Mithos' neck. "I'm going to enjoy next weekend, my beautiful Angel. You enjoy the rest of your weekend." He winked at the boy and stood up preparing to leave.
  15. When Julian heard Mithos agree that it was fine to call him Angel he smiled warmly. Julian also heard the gasp when he mentioned Mithos being hurt by someone. Hit the nail on the head, he thought to himself. He was going to find out who did that, and he would make them pay for hurting his Angel. His body tensed at the thought of what he wanted to do. Violence. Julian was always a lover but he knew how to take care of himself. He knew how to fight. He was tough when he needed to be. He preferred to laugh and love and make love but if the situation called for it, he knew how to use his fists. He rarely lost a fight and even if he did, the other person by Merlin would know he'd been there. Julian had learned early on that if he wanted to be free to be himself, as flamboyant as that sometimes was, he needed to be prepared for negativity. Occasionally someone tried to bully him but since Julian really didn't give a shit what people thought or said about him, they didn't really get the target they wanted so they usually stopped. But punches had been thrown. The last had been some stupid Muggle boy a few weeks before. By the end, well lets just say he'd been begging Julian for more than kisses. Julian didn't take any shit from anyone and he wasn't going to let anyone hurt this already shattered boy. He knew he was walking a very fine line with Mithos. A little nudge too far and instead of healing, he would hurt. Julian was curious to see the real Mithos. The one that was secure in himself and in the relationship. He wondered what that boy would be like and he promised himself he would be around to see it. He took a deep breath and calmed himself. "I'm sorry that happened, Angel." He said and put his arm around the boy to give him comfort. "You can tell me about it if you want to but you don't have to. In your own time and when you are ready, you'll tell me. In the meantime..." Keeping his right arm around the boy, his left hand tipped up the boys chin so they could look each other in the eye. "I am not him." Julian said softly. "I don't know who he was but I want you to look at me when you think of him. Remember that we are not the same. You will learn to trust me in time. You will give me your heart in time." He stopped abruptly, Easy there Rothchild, don't scare him away. He told himself. "When you are ready." He finished to Mithos. "You seem to make me want to say more than I should." He added so that his Angel knew that he got under Julian's skin too, in a good way. He decided it was time to lighten the pressure and the atmosphere. He gently ruffled the boys hair again and then removed his arm. "I'm glad you like camping, this should be a lot of fun." He smiled at Mithos. "So lets see, you are more the quiet type and I am...." he laughed. "Well I am not so how about I tell you about me and let you get to know me some. " "Nanna as I already told you raised me. My parents disappeared when I was just a baby. No one knows where they went or what happened so Nanna took me in. She is my Dad's mom. She's pretty spunky." He got a far off loving look in his eyes and a warm smile graced his lips. The love he felt for his grandmother was obvious. He laughed. "I remember when I first told her I was Bi, she just laughed and said she knew because I had far too much fashion sense and attitude for a straight boy. She just lets me be who I am and seems to get a kick out of it." Julian was off and running, he talked about his grandmother some more. He told Mithos about his best friend ((Mars will be making character and I don't have name yet)) and he talked about school and classes. He really just talked to give Mithos a chance to get to know him and to relax with him not being expected to participate.