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  1. Finn Harrington

    He followed the man to the table that held the vials he requested. Taking the potions gingerly, a small smile graced his lips. "That's perfect. I have more errands to run anyway," Finn paused, "And the elixir to induce euphoria? You probably don't just have those laying around.." He gave a half-suppressed chuckle and pulled out a few galleons. "Is this enough?"
  2. Finn Harrington

    "Hello~ I was hoping to get a few things. A vial or two of dittany essence, a dreamless sleep potion, and a euphoria elixir— you still have those, right? I need it for my betrothed," he checked off his mental checklist, giving the man a quirky grin at the end, realizing how odd that sounded. The arrangement of him and Theodore had been planned since they were kids, despite the technology not having been available to produce heirs. It was a rather strange thing, and even stranger that he had just been made aware of it prior to his last trip to Egypt. What had his parents been thinking? He couldn't for the life of him figure it out. Regardless, he was quite enthralled by Theodore and wanted to keep him happy & in the present, rather than the tormented past he kept slipping into, even if he needed potions to do it.
  3. So many secrets lurk in the shadows of my mind. One of them is bound to come to light.

  4. Entering the shop, the bell on the door ringing, the familiar musty smell of herbs and potion ingredients filled his nostrils. He had been here two or three times before. Finn couldn't say he knew the owner that well, but they had a bit of small talk those few occasions he had come to fetch something. Weaving through the display cases of items, he approached the counter purposefully. Would he have what I need this time? He needed some particular stuff...but were they that particular? He was just running low on healing essences and sleeping drafts, and he needed another elixir to induce euphoria for Theodore. Well..... Need wasn't the right word, per say, but it fit just as good. The sooner he got the things he needed, the sooner he could go back to Theo.
  5. Character Name: Finn Harrington Character Birthday: September 1st Character Age: 24 Country of Residence: UK Year: N/A House: N/A Job: Freelance Cursebreaker Face Claim: Will Tudor Abilities: Omnilingualism; Animagus - Tabby cat Creatures: N/A Additional Information: N/A
  6. Finn Harrington

    He nodded, "Guess that means it's working then. How do you feel?" After hearing Theodore blurt out something of a flirty nature, Finn couldn't help but feel enticed. If you say things like that, I don't think I can control myself... Finn smirked and put his head in his hand, leaning on the counter, giving him his full attention. "You're pretty handsome yourself," he purred back.
  7. Finn Harrington

    For some reason the man's response seemed strange to him, but regardless the man had agreed so he had no qualms there. "Please do." Grinning at his smile, Finn felt a little happier. "You shouldn't have to wait too long for it to kick in. Last time I had one it happened almost at once. You'll know when it starts, you'll get all tingly then you get a rush. It's quite exhilarating." Sipping on his butterbeer, he watched him once more, Finn's heart racing a little. @Theodore Raven
  8. Finn Harrington

    Finn didn't like how that sounded. He didn't dare ask how the man came to be like this, but rather bowed his head slightly, acknowledging that he understood. The blonde sipped on his butterbeer once more, eyeing the man as he did so. "It's an elixir to induce euphoria. A good one I might add...in layman's terms, a happy potion. It'll take the edge off, let you relax, and have a bit of fun."
  9. Finn Harrington

    Threads Here: I'm so sorry with Theodore Raven at the Leaky Cauldron. Do you remember me? with Kenneth Roberts at his potions shop.
  10. Finn Harrington

    He appreciated the apology, but the other bit the man said made him curious. "Other... things?", Finn asked, both a loud in and in his head, "What other things?" Just then his drink came, distracting them both from the topic. Pulling out a few sickles, he paid for the butterbeer, and took a sip before returning his gaze to the sad yet handsome mind-reading wizard. "I was saving this for a special occasion, but I think you need it more than me.." Finn said rifling through his bag. "Here." He handed him a small vial of a yellow shimmering liquid. "It'll make you feel better."
  11. Finn Harrington

    "I see," he paused, "Uh... I have a mate up in Glasgow that specializes in sleeping drafts; I can give the address to his shop, if you like." Finn watched the man take a drink of his water, then down at his own hands, that were carefully placed in the bar top in front of him. Hearing the man's next words, he blinked and turned to him, before opened his mouth to speak, when the man suddenly answered the thing he was thinking. Finn furrowed his brow a little and gulped, feeling rather invaded. "Family matters.." he replied coldly, but with a smile.
  12. Finn Harrington

    Apparating outside the Leaky Cauldron, Finn had just came back home from an excursion over in Asia. He had his pack slung around his shoulder, and smells of spices, jasmine, and forestry lingered on his clothes. Sitting down the the bar, he ordered a pint of butter beer, as he had missed this buttery sweet taste, and looked to his left, hearing an audible exhale. "You alright, mate?" the blonde-haired man asked curiously. The fellow beside him looked like he hadn't slept in days.