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  1. Jasper was now curious if he and Saf had different definitions of 'fun'. Both baking and cooking were never pleasurably experiences for the Skadi, finding he was cursed with turning food black and smoking up kitchens. Although he was gifted with his critical thinking and academic skills, he was not sure if it was wise for him to even be in the kitchen unless he was comfortable with the risk of it exploding... "Complicated?" he frowned, his nerves showing again as he rubbed the back of his neck. "Maybe it would be safer to make some simple sandwiches..." Before he could attempt to persuade Sapphire about changing the meal plan, the other student enthusiasm began showing through again and Jasper was temporarily flustered by the light touch. "I'm less sad and more worried for our physical well-beings," he responded with a faint chuckle. At least with his experience in the infirmary he could at least patch up minor injuries if it came down to it... Rather helplessly, he watched as Sapphire moved towards the storage room. While he waited for the boy to return, he leaned against the counter, trying to imagine what even went into a pizza... Seeing Saf return with an armful of ingredients, Jasper raised an eyebrow in curiosity. He had seen these ingredients in his own household kitchen, but he had never used them himself. He had earlier been worried about making pizza, but now he was slowly becoming more and more intrigued at how all these components would come together. Moving closer to the boy, he carefully inspected what he was doing, taking mental notes as the Njord explained how the ingredients were mixed. "Are you doing this from memory?" he inquired in fascination, noting how the boy was not looking at a recipe and seemed to be eying his measurements. "A whisk?" he repeated, not even able to imagine what he was talking about. The student's eyes shifted upwards as he tried to recall what the other boy was describing. Having too much pride to ask for a further description, the Skadi left Saf's side and began to open a few drawers in his search. With the description in mind he eventually did gather a whisk along with a potato masher he also thought fit the description well enough. Walking back over, he frown as he seriously held up the options. "It would probably be more practical if all these utensils were labeled," he frowned disapprovingly at the lack of organization. "Though you seem fairly comfortable in a kitchen..." he noted, wondering if the other boy cooked a lot. @Sapphire Heartfilia
  2. Jasper could not help but smile softly in amusement at Sapphire’s surprised reaction to such easy trivia. He had to give credit where credit was due. “Hey, you’d be surprised how many people I tutor that lose easy points when they forget the basics,” he stated casually with a shrug. It was such a simple question, but sometimes Jasper felt safer keeping their dialogue in a tutor/tutee style. With the way the other boy had been pushing through his natural defenses lately, his mind instinctively searched for something familiar. Once Saf joined him kneeling in front of the gathered twigs and parchment, the Skadi propped his elbow on his own knee and rested his chin comfortably on his gloved hand. “Be my guest,” he offered the other boy with a wave of his free palm. While patiently waiting for the boy to light the fire, Jasper kept his eyes trained on the pile of twigs. "So..." he began, biting his inner cheek while deciding whether he should ask. "... big plans after the exams?" Even Jasper could not quite determine why he was curious of the other boy's winter break plans. He rationalized that all he was doing was filling the silence...
  3. Counting Dragons Lesson: don't fall asleep in public....
  4. June 2024 (open!) Normally when the weekend rolled around, working adults jumped at the chance to catch up on sleep and enjoy their personal hobbies. Unfortunately, someone forgot to give Jasper that same memo. The young man did not understand the essence of taking a break. His hardworking personality prevented him from ignoring his studying as a 'trainee healer' and the endless reading that seemed to come with it. He was living proof that the Helse Magical Hospital truly worked their trainees to the bone. A fine example of what others students who aspired to be healers could look forward to with the dark circles under his brown eyes and a slightly paler complexion. Even with his lack of sleep, Jasper was too stubborn and driven to let his reading pile up. Far from the hospital, he had decided to change settings in hopes to regain his studying momentum. The tea shop itself was a place he had often studied in as a Durmstrang student, so he had hoped it's familiarity would help him get through a few more bland chapters on common magical diseases. After an hour of drinking tea and staring at the sprawled book on the two-person table, he found it frustratingly harder and harder to read. Rubbing his forehead and closing his eyes, he tried to recall the last sentence he had reread twice now. "The symptoms of dragon pox are... a reddish tinge...? With... red-blue spots...?" he mumbled to himself, trying to recall the last ailment he just been looking over. Opening his eyes to glance at the page, he frowned when he realized he was incorrect. Folding his arms on the table, he propped his chin on top of them and tiredly glared at the page like it was becoming the bane of his existence. "Purple and green..." he corrected himself. Closing his eyes he tried to burn that fact into his mind, unconsciously shifting his head to the side as his body decided his arms were quite the comfy pillow. "Why call it dragon pox then?" he yawned, his voice beginning to fade, "Whose ever seen a purple dragon...?" He was left with that thought as he unwillingly drifted to sleep with his head resting on the table. It seemed his body was more stubborn than his mind, demanding he take a nap even if it was in a tea shop of all places....
  5. @Sapphire Heartfilia Although it didn’t show on his face, Jasper was a little surprised the boy did not probe him further about his family or the contents of the letter. It was not like people typically were found burning parchment on the grounds. Nonetheless, he appreciated the lack of scrutiny… He did not like going into the dirty details. Crumpling the paper more in his hand until it was a compact ball, he let his eyes take a quick glance at the students playing on the ice before looking at Saf again. "By answering this pop quiz, Mr. Heartfilia," he stated. His tone would of seemed dead serious if it were not for the quivering corner of his lip where he was holding back a smirk. This was the easiest way for Jasper to shift the attention off himself and back to Saf. "Lets see if my tutoring helped you at all," Turning his back to the other boy, Jasper busied himself as he broke off a few branches from the tree behind him to join the parchment. He cruelly let the suspense build, finding teasing the other boy was greatly enhancing his mood. "What's the basic charm used to ignite objects on fire?" he asked over his shoulder, deep down hoping Saf had not forgotten. It was one of the first lessons they were taught in Herbology 101 after all. Then again, when someone's memory was full material combined with a lack of sleep even a simple charm could be hard to place. Giving the other boy a moment to gather his thoughts, the Skadi brushed off a small square of snow from the dead grass underneath. Tossing the twigs into a pile and the wrinkled parchment on top, he rubbed his gloved hands momentarily to warm them up. "Do we have an answer?" he asked, raising a curious brow.