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  1. Scarlett Hale

    Scar could feel him nuzzling her head and she couldn’t help but smile massively. Of course she had missed him he was her everything of course. Scar missed him even when he was gone for a few hours never mind days, weeks, months. “Like wise baby” she admitted honestly as she warned herself up even though she wasn’t that cold. Scar looked at him with a dry mouth as he asked what is this and picked it up. When he joined her by the fire holding the book her cheeks were already toasty she was glad that he couldn’t see her blush even more as her eyes fluttered looking at it. “Oh that, for a new film it requires me to be pregnant so I thought I’d read about it” she lied, hoping he would buy it she didn’t have me heart to tell him just yet. Moving away a little she turned away, biting her cheek as she took a small breath. “So are we ready to go?” She asked wanting to get out of here.
  2. Scarlett Hale

    Scar was an emotionally scared from the things that happened on set and she knew she was letting it get the better of her but she couldn't help but feel like a failure everyone knew the scandal had been sold. However it hadn't been the truth the guy lied claimed she was up for it and it had been her fault and blah, blah, blah the only thing that kept her going was her family who she had just dismissed and Nich. Sighing as he climbed into bed along side her as she cried into him as he told her No she chuckled wiping her tears on his top, along with some mascara. "No?" she said looking at him with tear stained eyes and dark panda eyes from crying. "I would let you go back and fix any mistake" she said as her bottom lip trembled as she sighed stroking his face as she leaned back in to cuddle him tight.
  3. Scarlett Hale

    Scar felt bad if they ditched the movie not that she wanted anything to do with it but if she didn't go through with it her chance at being the lead might never come again and she had worked so hard for it, the whole crew and everyone else who had made this fun expect for the ass who was now gone thank god. Scar would hex him at a later date when she could actually brave herself up for it anyway, right now she felt so sick that he had touched her in places on Nic had permission to do so. "I'd feel bad if I left the movie, besides it means we get to spend time together it won't take long for you to be caught up in the lines and the role" he was a good actor himself more experience than she was, but that was because he was older and had been stared in more things than she had. Her first big movie had been with him and now she was lucky to have another along side him. Scar just nodded her head as she leaned against him snuggled against his neck with her eyes closed as she held him for comfort. "What's for dinner?" she said as her stomach growled on queue.
  4. Scarlett Hale

    Scar was happy he was home she really was she had missed him so much it was unreal, the lonely nights had been awful but they spoke and voice chatted all the time as well as him apperating to her on occasion so it wasn't like they had been a part a lot. As he held her she grinned she had missed him even though she had spoken to him yesterday and earlier over the phone but this was indeed a surprise she hadn't expected so soon. "Why miss me?" she said softly as she winked at him. Scar pretended there was nothing he hadn't seen anything, even though she knew he he had, and she had no idea what to even say to him. "What's what? the fire? it's hot because I'm cold?" she said changing the topic she knew he had seen her cover what was on the table as she stood warming herself up not really giving him much choice.
  5. Scarlett Hale

    It had been tough while nic was away but she was coping a little better than the other month where she didn’t go out the house. She was going out a little more though she kept her distract from media, who she thought were her friends but after they wrote nasty things she didn’t give them the time of day she once woiks of. Now though she was wrapped up cosy and warm inside. Blessed though she was so unsure how this was going to go down. It had been a little over two weeks that she knew that she was pregnant and invested in some books which she had hidden around the house in hopes he wouldn’t find them for now. Scar had been reading one earlier which was still out on the coffee table next to their booking for the log cabin. She knew she was yet to put it away but she had no idea if nic would be home yet, he hadn’t text her or send word by magic so she had no idea. As she crouched over the toilet floor head into the loo she wiped her mouth as she threw up a little more. Her stomach hurting as she moaned. Her ears pricked up when she heard he was home and she got up flushing the loo spraying it. As she then brushed her teeth quickly, before walking out of the bathroom. Her cheeks rosy as she found him as he called out her name. Sheepishly she walked over and wrapped her arms around him, as she nuzzled her face in his neck wishing she hadn’t as his aftershave made her so nauseous that she had to hold her breath. As she pulled away she exhaled and inhaled. “Baby I’ve missed you weren’t expecting you home so early” she said wondering in the lounge as she spotted the book and moved the papers over it for now. As she stood by the fire warming her cold hands.
  6. Scarlett Hale

    Scar didn’t really want to be touched but she knew nich wouldn’t ever hurt her like what had happened. He wasn’t a monster he was her lover and future partner. “It’s okay honestly I feel safe in your arms. They want you to shoot the other guys scenes and feature in the movie” she whispered against his chest. As she snuggled into his chest with a smile and a large inhale of his aftershave. Enjoying him around her, even after what had happened. Scar didn’t say much to his words would it really be okay? She wa sure it was already out in the public eye if the drunken idiot spilled his beans. Which was more than likely to happen. “I love you too I just know how things like this happen. The other partner doesn’t or couldn’t cope with what’s happened. I don’t want you to pity me or be with me out of sympathy” she said with an exhale as she looked at him reaching her hand up to stroke his cheek. His rough spiky little hairs pricking her delicate skin but she didn’t care. She liked when he was rugged more than him being clean shaven. taking his hand she pulled him towards the sofa as she sat down and tugged him softly to join her.
  7. Scarlett Hale

    Scar hates being so weak and emotional all the time she spent most of her days recently crying or teary. It wasn’t her normal self but then she had been through an ordeal that was for sure. Nic was always by herside which she was always thankful for he was the perfect gentleman, and lover she had ever had. “How nich like seriously how? This isn’t right I haven’t eaten that much have I?” She fretted as she sunk into bed as her fingers pressed into her stomach grazing her skin. She did it out of frustration but winced as now she was hurting herself. She turned away as he knelt on the floor next to her as she sighed hard and heavy as he played with a strand or two of her hair. As he kissed her forehead well he little he could reach she closed her eyes as they filled up again as she exhaled deeply. “Phone them tell them I won’t be coming, because I’m so fat I can’t fit in anything” she said weeping even more as she face planted into her pillow rolling over on her stomach feeling sick in the process. As she rolled back to her side with a soft moan. “I hate my life nic can’t I just go back to that day and change everything I wouldn’t be like this nothing would of happened” she mumbled knowing they had talked about time turners before and he had said no.
  8. Scarlett Hale

    Scar was always in her own world recently especially since what happened being in her own bubble didn’t help. But it help protected her from feeling so awful about herself, so negative it drove her to stay inside. House bound scared that she was being judged which in a way she was by the media’s eye. She was looking forward to getting away just from everything for a while this distraction was a good thing until she tried on beer enough everything and nothing seemed to fit her. Panic seized her as she felt the arms of nich around her. As he soothed her she sobbed even more letting everything out of her system as she cried. “Nic nothing fits me at all I’ve put on so much weight being lazy around the house since what happened” she wept as clung to him for a moment feeling rather neaous smelling his aftershave. As she breathed moving her head to his chest instead of his neck. “I can’t go anywhere now” she said loosening herself from his grasp and moved away heading back to bed as she pulled on her bath robe and sulked in bed under the duvet. Her hands prodding her stomach.
  9. Scarlett Hale

    It had been several months since Scarlett had a hissy for about her weight gain even thought it hadn’t been much it was still affecting her. She got the fact she hadn’t been training hard in the gym but she wasn’t eating badly so it wasn’t clear to what was happening. After worrying herself silly over it she had requested a doctor come and see her at her Paris home just in case it was something awful like a cyst or cancer. After a good several hours of talking and running some tests, including several pregnancy tests. The doctor confirmed she was pregnant that was for sure and after, discussing it more she realised how it had happened after she had been attacked she hadn’t taken her birth control. It wasn’t sinking it as it was more shocking than anything though she was scared well terrified about what nich would say more than anything. She knew their romance had blossomed fast they were engaged, half living together between shared homes here and there. But they hadn’t even spoken about kids, and if he even wanted one. After the doctor left giving her vitamins And prenatal care books and stuff to look at and read over as well as options. They had options, abortion, adoption or keeping it something she would have to talk to him about. Already agreeing to both spending Christmas together she was waiting for him to finish. His latest project which he had been away for which had been awful as she really needed him right now. However it was a blessing as she now has to think of a creative way to tell him about their news so she googled some ideas on her Mac Pro laptop as she sat half packing. Scar had already had a feeling this was what was making her feel sick and gaining weight but now it was confirmed it was real. Once she had packed she pulled on a long jumper over her leggings and long knee boots as she waited for nic to come home. So they could apperate to location she has booked for just over a week for them. The fire was roaring as she sat down stairs with the documents she needed for the trip her coat, gloves and hat. It was a lot cabin in the middle of no where with lots of snow and pine trees. She was hoping they could make a snowman or animal or some kind as well as a snow ball fight. That and she had to come clean with the news of an unexpected child. She had brought nic some stuff which was delivered there as she had her personal assistant wrap them for her as she didn’t generally have time. Excited with a mixture of nerves took over she relaxed on the sofa draped in her fluffy white dressing gown it was fake fur. As she didn’t believe in real fur, or animal like the kind. Her stomach knotted as she jumped up and rushed to the bathroom down the hall only just making it as she threw up, cursing she sobbed softly. She had been warned the morning sickness would kick in soon, she had been lucky so far she hadn’t received any but now it was coming as she held her hair back as she threw up a few more times before wiping her mouth and flushing the loo. She just hoped nic hadn’t come back while she had been throwing up as she washed her hands and brushed her teeth swirling the mouth wash around before opening the door. Calling out to him in case he was out there but she was unsure.
  10. Scarlett Hale

    Beatrice was tying to act what she thought was normal but how could she when she was so anxious. They hadn’t been together long and she was already pregnant she wanted to face palm herself everyday but she couldn’t bring herself to do anything not until Eli knew and they could pick the course together. She was unsure what the outcome would be would he want her to get rid of it or keep it, adoption so many choices she breathed heavily feeling so sick. As she tried to keep her stomach under control though it was so very hard she had been so sick son morning sickness. “Ah okay that’s good then baby” she said with a small smile, she adored Eli. He was favourite person in the world, she enjoyed his company no matter what they did. Chilling, going on dates and enjoying each other. “I know but I feel like I need to make it up to you for cancelling all week due to me feeling awful” she admitted as she did feel awful, as she accepted his arms around her as she snuggled into him breathing in his scent which turned her stomch the smell of booze as she tilted her head up and breathed hard. Her heart racing as she felt so very sick, her mouth drying instantly. “You are welcome just enjoy and eat as much of it you can I cooked a little too much” bea hadn’t cooked for anyone but Aaron before and cause he was a werewolf he eat a lot of meat mostly rare which she didn’t but she was used to feeding him so much she knew Eli wouldn’t and couldn’t eat the amount she had put on display. Which was okay she could give it to the animals for who night or eat it as leftovers tomorrow if she could stomach it. Her fork dragged across the plate as she listened to him speaking about work keeping her distance from his smell as she was going to be sick if he hugged her again. “Yeah of course I understand it’s different for sure” she said sipping her water leaning back ansshe closed her eyes tilting her head back. “I’ll be back in a moment” she said getting up faster and rushed off to the toilet as she closed the door and vommited into the toilet, holding her stomach as she moaned hard her eyes watering in the process.
  11. It had been a stressful few months for Scarlett since the movie she had been working on as the female lead, which then nic took over the male lead. It had been awful since her movie almost got cut due to the male lead being beyond an asshole, someone who had sexually attacked her while drinking on set. It had managed to escape into the media and people had been questioning her part in the scandal which had impacted harshly on her when she hadn’t done anything. Scar had been hiding out in her home in Paris away from media and away from everyone else but nic. Laying in bed as she hadn’t been very week the last week and half, her stomach hurting her here and there and a little nauseous but no sick. Her friends and managers put it down to stress as they tackled the media and did damage control, scar had addressed the situation as soon as it arose and then when into hiding. As she got up she knew she had some kind of family event this evening and needed to plan what she was wearing. Nic has popped to the shop to grab some food for breakfast as she wondered to her walk in wardrobe and began to look at her clothes pulling things out as she didn’t want to be over dressed, or underdressed so she got a mixture of things out. As she slipped off her comfortable clothes which was a top, cardigan and sweat pants which were very similar to yoga pants. As she pulled on the dress she tried to do the side up and was alarmed when it wouldn’t go up. Turning in the mirror she freaked out and took it off trying on another and another all having the same come back. “What the hell is this” she moaned as she pulled another one out knowing t was looser than normal and slipped that on and it only went up half way. Leaning against the wall she felt bloated that was for sure as she wept.
  12. Scarlett Hale

    Scar nodded her head she was happy with a little sleep "Yes baby that sounds perfect" she said stretching as she yawned against his arm as she cuddled into him so they were comfortable, she pulled the blanket up covering them up so they would be warmer. "Hmm Room services sounds good" she added pecking his arm softly before she snuggled right into him as a soft happy sigh escaped her lips.
  13. Scarlett Hale

    Sat down once she was left on her own she sighed heavily as she hung her head in shame as she sighed just when she thought everything was going great her life, her career, her romantic life and much more now it felt so harsh, shattering as she breathed hard heaving the trailer door opening. Once he was in she looked at him as her lip trembled as she stood up feeling faint as she walked into his arms, knowing he was the safest place to be even though she did flinch a little as his arms wrapped around her as she breathed hard. "Nich I'm sorry I shouldn't of done this movie" she cried weeping into the crook of his neck as she cried. Scar hated feeling like this and she hated what someone had done to her, she had never asked for this and she didn't want it. It was embarrassing, she was hurting and now she knew Nich was too. "I love you and I understand if you don't want this anymore" she was now tarnished in a way.
  14. Character Name: Scarlett Hale Character Birthday: 6th march Character Age:Twenty four Country of Residence: France Year: N/A House: N/A Job: Actress Face Claim: Nina Dobrev Abilities: N/A Creatures: N/A Additional Information: N/A
  15. Scarlett Hale

    Scar hadn’t been listening to anything behind her she was too upset to do or say anything else she just wanted our of here. Crying well sobbing as she packed she then sat on her bed seeing that nich wasn’t there she hoped for the main lead guy had left otherwise he was a dead man. Charlie wasn’t there either so he was with nich took, biting her lip she sighed she didn’t want nich to get arrested in the muggle world for beating someone up. Grabbing her wand knowing it was wrong she cast her patronus though it was just a blue wave of light not her full patronus she wasn’t happy enough to cast that. “Nic come back please don’t do anything stupid for the sake of your career and not going to prison”. Scar was worried while she waited hiding her wand again and that’s when the knock on the door made her jump and scream as she held her robe close to her. Her cheeks were puffy and her eyes red sore it was the director. He looked devsestated as he apologised for what happened, “Scarlett I know nothing I say will condone his actions we booted him off the set apperently this isn’t the first incident today with him he abused another member of staff prior to coming on set with you that’s why he was drunk and what happened after.... I don’t want you to quit so please don’t leave. I have an offer for you, but first listen to me. We are going to scrap all his parts and offer them to someone you already have worked with and well currently have here on set with you.. well if he wants to anyway he might drag you away after today. I will help get a lawyer involved so you can get justice from what happened today we will also pay you more money if you stay and finish the film we will also pay nich more too, have a think on it and let me know tomorrow also nich won’t find the man we kicked him out just after I watched you run off. I’m sorry I left you alone I didn’t realise that would of happened” he said honestly as he took one of her hands which made her flinch a little but okay as he patted it, he smiled and left knowing she needed time as she waited for nich to come back.