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  1. Sure he might have been on tour with his bandmates but there was just one thing that Alek had still left to finish up which was recording the duet he was working on with Windsor. He didn't have any time to record it before since the both of them were on tour and they were never in the same place at the same time. He knew that since the rest of his bandmates went home for the holidays it would have been the perfect time to finish the duet with her. He put on his coat and made his way towards the park. He had missed her and he still had feelings for her. He just wanted to see her again so that they could catch up and maybe before either of them have to go back on tour again they would finish the duet and maybe he would find out how she really felt about him.
  2. Character Name:Aleksander Westguard Character Birthday:august 5th Character Age:21 Country of Residence:Norway Year:N/A House:N/A Job:musician Face Claim:Andrew taggart Abilities:N/A Creatures:N/A Additional Information:N/A
  3. Aleksander had spend most of his time during the summer thinking and creating new music. He wanted to see Windsor again since it had been awhile since the last time he had seen her. He quite enjoyed the time that he spent with her and if they were to hang out again he was thinking that they could go for a walk on the boardwalk. He had sent her a note saying for her to meet him at the boardwalk. In the meantime he enjoyed the view from the boardwalk while he waited for a response or for her to come. @Windsor Ashley