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    Uhtred was looking into her eyes as they stood there, so close. He had learned over the years how to read people, one of the few things his father had bothered to teach his children. In her eyes, he saw love. He knew he had her, knew that she was head over heels for him. It hadn't even taken nearly the amount of work that he had thought it would. But he saw something else in her eyes...a flicker of uncertainty, perhaps? He wondered, idly, if she was starting to see that this was all a game for him. But no, she couldn't be. He was confident that her feelings for him wouldn't let her see that. Her words seemed designed to confirm his thoughts, and he smiled another satisfied smile. "I know you do," he said, reaching up and brushing a lock of her hair back over her shoulder in what was, for him, a tender gesture. He heard her whispered words as he held her close against him. "Well, you have me now. All to yourself." He knew what she had meant by her statement, and while his words didn't quite carry those same meanings, he knew, as in love as she was, that it would be enough for now. He watched the blush steal up her neck and color her cheeks, but that didn't stop her from letting the dress fall from her, revealing all of her to him. He took her in, the pale skin, the soft, gentle curves. He let his hands find their way to her sides, and let them slide down her skin. "I can think of all sorts of ways to start," he said, looking back to her eyes. He bent and pressed his lips against hers, a gentle kiss that slowly began to increase in intensity. The kiss broken, he looked over at the doors leading out to the balcony, and a smile started to slowly make its way onto his face again. Time to stretch her boundaries again. "I have an idea. How about we move this out onto the balcony?"
  3. Uhtred Ragnarsson

    Uhtred smiled as she reached up and touched his cheek in return. She would probably see the smile as a tender reaction to her touch, and not the amused, self-satisfied smile of someone that has gotten one over on someone else. The poor girl was so much in love with him, and he knew that at the end of all of this, he was just going to end up breaking her heart. None of that stopped him from going ahead with the plan though. "It's not a matter of not believing you. I was certain you were going to do your best." His expression had turned serious, as though he were contemplating a question with a lot of weight. He looked around the street, up at the hotel, and then back to her. "But things happen," he said with a shrug. He let the smile show back on his face. "But you're here, I'm here...and we have a room waiting for us." She settled against him, and he held her, enjoying the feeling of her in his arms. At her whispered comment, he gave a gently, genuine laugh...not something he did often. "I know you do. But I could do this, so why not?" Which was, honestly, the entire extent of it. His family didn't care what he was up to, they wouldn't miss the money he spent, and they wouldn't miss him for at least several days. So why not spend a few days here before bringing her home and subjecting her to his...wonderful family. Her next question pulled him out of his thoughts, and brought him back to the situation at hand. "Nope, nothing. Just trying to decide what we should do first." He gave her a mischievous grin.
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    Uhtred knew how Rebekah felt about him…she told him all the time. He only rarely said the words back to her, and then only when it suited his interests, but she hadn’t let that stop her from falling head over heels for him. He winked at her, and saw her blush crimson, and let his lips curl in a self-satisfied smile. She had come a long way from that perfectly innocent girl he’d run into by accident in the kitchens that night, but he could still make her blush with just a simple gesture. “Well, you did prove it, that’s for sure. To be honest, I didn’t really think you’d go through with it.” He reached up and let his hand brush her cheek gently, noticing the look on her face and wanting to set her at ease. “But, I’m really glad you did.” Getting them checked into the hotel was a breeze. His older brothers’ ID didn’t even garner a second glance as the man looked up the reservation, and then slid the room key across the desk. The man offered his congratulations to the happy couple, and Uhtred smiled, amused. He had decided on the Honeymoon Suite when he made the reservation, just for his own amusement. He went back to Rebekah, hefted her trunk, and took her hand to lead her up. The room was situated on the top floor of the hotel, and he would have preferred to use magic to levitate the trunk up all of those stairs, but being out in public meant he’d have to just do it the old-fashioned way. Reaching the door, he set it down for a moment while he fished the key card out of his pocket, and unlocked the room. He swing the door open, and then gestured inside. “After you,” he said with a smile. He followed her into the room, and his eyes scanned the suite. There was a bedroom off of the main room, with the double doors open. He could see the large bed, covered in roses. He followed her as she wandered into the bedroom, and saw a large tub in the bathroom, and smirked. He was getting all sorts of ideas as he looked around this place. He spotted a set of French doors leading out onto a balcony, and his smirk widened even more. He set her trunk down against a wall, and turned to look at her. “Yeah, it is, isn’t it?” he answered. He really didn’t care much about the room itself, but he thought it might help to put her more at ease. He stepped close to her and put his arms around her. He could feel her shaking slightly, and favored her with a genuine smile. “And it’s ours for a couple days.” He bent and kissed her lightly, letting himself be a little gentle until she calmed down.
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    Uhtred smiled as Rebekah pressed her lips to his...more a smirk than a genuine smile. He remembered when he first met Rebekah, in the kitchens, long after they were supposed to have been in their dormitories. She had been shy, timid. She had warmed up quickly, but that girl would never have initiated a kiss on her own, especially not in so public a place. When the kiss ended, and she answered him, he did have to smile though. "I know. Trust me, the lie will be worth it." His smile turned into a devilish grin as he added, "I know just how to make it up to you." He emphasized his meaning with a wink. Her hand found his, and he subconsciously closed his hand around her own as they set off back towards the hotel. "Don't worry. It'll be great. You trust me, don't you?" They reached the door to the hotel, and Uhtred hoisted Rebekah's luggage in a rare gesture of chivalry. Given what was going to be happening soon, he felt like he could afford to be a little nicer than he ordinarily would. The door man held open the doors, allowing him to lead Rebekah into the lobby. Here would be the big test. He had snagged his older brothers' ID for making the reservation, because even at 17, he was considered too young to rent a hotel room. He bore a striking resemblance to his brother, but...there was always a chance it wouldn't work. He approached the desk and told the clerk his name, sliding the ID across the counter. The man gave it a cursory glance and then slid it back to him without hardly a second look, and then passed the room key over to him. Uhtred turned to Rebekah and smiled. "Shall we?" he asked her quietly, so as not to be overheard by the entire lobby. He offered her his free hand, taking her luggage in the other.
  6. Uhtred Ragnarsson

    Uhtred didn't even bother telling his mother that he was heading out; by now, she was probably well into her cups, so she likely wouldn't even recognize him as her son at this point. His father was out of the country on business, and had no interest in his son's wanderings or activities. And so, Uhtred left without a word to anybody, to go meet Rebekah. Ah Rebekah, he thought with a devious grin. He'd spent most of last term tempting and teasing her, making sure she was satisfied, and yet always wanting just a little bit more. And now, tonight, he was going to give her just what she'd been waiting for. He arrived in Tromso just a short time later. She was supposed to waiting for him, and they were going to go check into a hotel for the night before heading back to his family home. He wandered down the street, taking his time, not in much of a hurry. She'll wait, he thought confidently. As he neared the spot that they'd specified, he spotted her. She was waving enthusiastically at him, and he grinned in spite of himself and waved back. He saw her turn and speak to the door man nearby, and although he couldn't hear what was said at this distance, it wasn't hard to guess when the next moment, she left her belongings there on the sidewalk and came running at him. He grinned, and wrapped his arms around her as she reached him. "Of course I've missed you, beautiful. I was counting down the days until today." Which was true, but probably not in the way that she meant it. While he had a fairly good idea that she was falling in love, if she wasn't there already, he was really just looking forward to getting her alone and uninterrupted. "So, did you bring your things? Ready to spend a few weeks with me at my place?" And then he leaned down, kissing her lightly on the cheek, before whispering in her ear, "And are you ready for tonight?" He pulled back, looking at her with a smirk tugging at his mouth.