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  1. Roderick Wilcox

    Roderick was super surprised but also super happy. A part of him couldn't believe that Nico was really here with him. Maybe he was hallucinating from being a bit overworked, one never knew. But then there he was pulling him into his arms. Mmm, those arms. Roderick was a very imaginative person but he didn't think that even he could imagine the way they felt. He smirked a little at Nicos words before responding to Nicos kiss eagerly, his fingers burying themselves into Nicos short hair. "I can't believe you're here, I missed you so much," he murmured between kisses, not wanting to detach himself at all. @Nicodème Proulx
  2. Roderick Wilcox

    Roderick was high on adrenaline and accomplishment as the curtain call music played and he took his bows. He only wished that Nico had been here to see it but figured the other man hadn't been able to get approval in time. Making his way back to his dressing room, he was immediately planning what to write in his letter to Nico. Opening the door, he wasn't sure that he was really seeing what he was seeing at first as his eyes drank in Nico sitting there with roses in his hands. "Is this a wet dream or are you really here?" He couldn't help but ask as he closed the door behind him. @Nicodème Proulx
  3. Roderick Wilcox

    Nico, I'm looking forward to that. Rehearsals are going great. We have had some drama but the director squashed that bug before it could ruin things. I do hope you get here in time for it. Ensemble boys can try but they would fail. This thespian only lets you into these pants. I'm proud of you, too and you put up a lot of shit too, I'm sure. I hope to see you soon. - Your biggest fan
  4. Roderick Wilcox

    Nico, That makes me very happy. I am glad that even the mere image of me can get you going. I will be holding you to that. I have rehearsal after rehearsal but I have cleared up my schedule for the weeks starting from when you are scheduled to be back. I look forward to seeing what you have to say. Of course I'll be waiting, keeping myself busy. Occupying my alone time and showers thinking of you. Yours, The Worst but also the Best You've Ever Had P.S. a new batch for you with requested posture is enclosed.
  5. Roderick Wilcox

    Nico, That sounds gross but I don't have it any better. Rehearsals from 4 am well into the night. Some days, I just fall into bed clothed and you know I hate it when people do that. I am becoming one of them and it is gross. I miss you too. I am not used to going so long without your attentions if you know what I mean. I've enclosed a little something for you to make you want to hurry home even more. Yours, Roderick enclosed is a GLOSSY 8x10 nude because roderick would >.> @Nicodème Proulx
  6. Character Name: Roderick Wilcox Character Birthday: August 7 Character Age: 19 Country of Residence: France Year: N/A House: N/A Job: Musician Face Claim: Grant Gustin Abilities: N/A Creatures: 1/2 Veela Additional Information: N/A