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  2. Blaine wasn't gonna lie, he'd been scared shitless when finding out Elisabeth was pregnant. He'd spent the first few months of her pregnancy wavering between trying to be the good, devoted boyfriend and father-to-be to fucking up royally almost on a daily basis. Yep! Blaine had panicked so much that he'd even thought of going back to his old ways of flirting with every female with legs and just pretending the baby didn't even exist. He knew Beth was getting pretty fed up and disgusted with his behaviour and probably pretty hurt as well though she didn't mention that to him, and in the end Blaine knew he had to make a decision. He was either going to have to accept the fact that he had fucked up and now there was a baby on the way and start supporting Elisabeth the way she deserved, or he was going to be 'that guy' that left his pregnant girlfriend and child to become a deadbeat dad. It wasn't even a question when he really came down to it. He loved Beth more than anything in the world. He'd just been scared. He didn't know how they were going to raise a baby just out of school with no careers and no money. Sure, Beth had her Quidditch career but until she gave birth she was going to be pretty much out of commision and that meant no pay. They'd managed though. Somehow they'd managed and now their little princess was here and Blaine had taken on more of the 'mother role' so that Elisabeth could get back into shape for her matches. Her career looked bright and while Blaine kind of wished for a career of his own, he wouldn't ever regret the time he got to spend raising their daughter and watching her grow a little more each day. He had such a close bond with his daughter, more than most fathers, and he even acted sometimes like the worried parent while Beth was the strong one reassuring him that she was just fine. Like now, for the first time since her birth, they had taken some time for themselves to reconnect before the new season started and Blaine was worrying about how their little girl was doing without them. "I just think we should call your parents to make sure she's okay. It's been several hours since we've last heard anything." Yea, probably not what Elisabeth had been hoping for on a romantic night under the stars. He picked at his food a little and even managed a few bites before trying again. "I just think we should call, that's all." Looking up at his beautiful girlfriend of two years now he could see it in her eyes, the amuzed and yet stern look. The baby was fine, enough was enough, and they were going to enjoy this evening together with no interruptions like it or not. Giving a sigh he vowed to himself to try harder. Beth deserved this time away and so did he. Besides, he had a surprise for her later and he didn't want to ruin the evening before it even began. "I'm sorry, Beth. I just miss her. But I'm happy we can spend this time together alone too. I won't bring it up again for the rest of the evening, I promise!" Sliding closer, he gave her a soft, gentle kiss and smiled. "I have plans for after dinner and it's a surprise, so eat up!"