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  1. Kieran was quite content as he saw the crowd leaving, yet, the words of his muse had bother him. "Wizard? I beg your pardon, this might sound absurd, but I have a hard time believing in such Welsh folktales, witches and wizards are just a figment of human imagine. Am illusion craft by mankind to allow a mass purge of those free to think out of their time paradox." even thought he was not oblidge to do it, he felt like he should at least justify how a man who does not believe in magic can believe in the existence of vampires "Before you inquire, I shall clarify, for centuries the vampirism cult had been shared to mankind, not in isolated places, across the globe. Mankind may change their names, but they all share some mutual traces, I am a spetical by nature, yet, when I see countless evidences scatter across the globe is hard to not believe there might at least be some logical root to this tales, myths and urban legends. Thought... No, let's not waste your time." he ceased his line of thought and refrain for telling that contrary to everything else, as far he recall, he had always believe in vampires. Kieran went ahead and reveal a hidden door in his gallery that would lead to his upstairs apartment. "This way Mr.Cunningham." As they got upstairs he clamp his hands and the lights turn on, revealing his modest studio. "May I offer you anything, while I get the studio ready... Oh my apologzies, I was not counting meeting you Mr.Cunningham." he said quite agitated as he noticed that his parallel world sexual canvas was uncover, afraid he might judge him as a deviant, he did his best to cover the canvas. "I did not intead for you to see that canva... Even thought it is one of my favourites, I guess I cannot help myself to visualise some of the chapters where Mathew involve with his mortal lover, I read about vampires who could manipulate readers into slumber, yet, your words on those chapters make my mind fly, as if I was there in that room, almost like a vivid memory... You sure had heard that countless times by fans of your work. Well, I will get everything ready." with that Kieran left closing the mirror doors behind him, he had a set to compose because he intended to create a masterpiece on that day, a canvas that would put Dorian Grey's portrait to shame.
  2. Character Name: Kieran Ambrose Character Birthday: March 26 Character Age: 18 Country of Residence: United Kingdom Year: N/A House: N/A Job: Painter Face Claim: Ralf Javoiss Abilities: Parseltounge; Wandless Magic Creatures: N/A Additional Information: N/A
  3. 26th March 1795 Today, according to the stars and planets alignment it marks my 7th birthday, although these past years had not been so great, my parents like other nobles fear that our time is approaching, with the revolutionary making advances, some of us fear that we might be the next to fall, after all, it is still quite fresh in our minds the news of the fall of the French Monarchy. In light of these events, my father gave this journal where I can keep my thoughts safe of calamity, in spite of these events, our family can rest assure, after all, we are not like the others around the court, you see, my family like others among England, are from a magic bloodline, my great-great-grandfather has stolen the identity of a noble under a polyjuice potion and made it is way to the top of the royal rank, since then it had been our duties to keep an eye of the muggles world affairs and share our knowledge with the Ministry of Magic. I wonder... How many lives had been tricked by our magic, and how many of them had fallen on the ground breathless for nearly exposing our cover? It does not matter, our rules are simple, keep the ministry informed and under any circumstances cross our breed, we are pureblood and pureblood we shall remain. No muggle blood shall infect our cast, and even if such event befalls in our hands the penalty will be death. In spite of, I am glad my father had bestowed me this journal, ever since I master the art of writing I had been wanting a journal to record my thoughts, but mostly, my dreams... A few years ago I began having odd dreams of a dark angel seeking me, his eyes blue as ice, with a longing look as if they had witness time flowing ahead of his eyes. Although every night I had this dreams I could not help myself asking for his celestial touch... I could not share these thoughts out loud, what a scandal would it be if they find out I have been longing for something seen as taboo by both sides of the veil.
  4. Not only he had the author of the book but his muse right in front of him, all in one body (and what a marvelous body he had, he could tell how the suit perfect fits him, enhancing every line of his lean physics. In fact, as his eyes trace the immortal silhouette he had a sense of déjà vu, as if he had lay eyes on that body before, yet he could not, since this was the first time he had seen the man in flesh right in front of his eyes and not as a creation of his wildest dreams.) His eyes met his lips as he corrects him about his name "Of course, I apologize... I am just overwhelmed to be in your presence." he confess while feeling slightly bad as he recalls on the last chapters of the book series, the tragedy of his lovers death and his way of immortalizing their love by honoring in adopting the deceased lover name as his own, as if the two were bound for eternity... And perhaps that was what sad him, the idea that this man could be his muse but never his since his souls would forever belong to someone else. "Even if the tales were true, I could never truly that question... However, I might use the power I hold around here." he thought about his wish to get reed of those people of that gallery and suddenly, almost if there were in trance everyone left the gallery. He wasn't sure why but sometimes his will seem to have an effect on others, as if he had some power over them "I hope that is private enough for you Mister Cunnigham." he said with a bit of smirk emerging from the corner of his own lips, and then he listens to the man request "If that is your wish, I will leave the portrait in this gallery, although I would still be bold enough to request for let me painting you, I would like at least once paint Mathias Cunnigham without relying on my vivid imagination." he smiled as he seems interested in the other canvas he had "Would you like to see them now, or maybe in another time? I am sure time is something you have plenty in your hands Mister Cunnigham, so I will have always my studio door open whenever you feel like taking a peek or allow me to immortalize your features in one of my canvas." Kieran was amused, he might not say the words out loud, but he had confirmed to him all his suspicions, and for sure he had tons of question to drop on him, although, hopefully, this would not be the last time the two would encounter each other.
  5. He is real! Dorian who? He got nothing on my painting skills!

  6. His words hit him like a dagger and the dark atmosphere ceased a little "No, you are not the author..." he said sounding for a moment like someone in denied, yet, his deep blue eyes had a look of triumph, reinforce by the discreet smirk of his lips "You are him, you are Mathew Petrovic. Perhaps the real tale is not as embellish as your words had portraited, but as an artist, I know, sometimes, art require some sacrifices to captivate the World... So..." he leans forward totally not bothering with the other customers in room "Tell me Mister Cunnigham, how does it feel to be in power?" and then closing the space between them "Or... Even better how did it felt to stare death in their eyes?" he stare for a brief moment, with a look that evokes lust and danger at the same time, and then drawn back and smile "Well, glad you accept my invitation Mister Cunnigham, and please accept your portrait as token of my passion for your work. I would give you my card, but I am sure it will not take long for you to find me. If you are interested in my work, I assure there is plenty of more canvas that I had not show to the public." his apartment was filled with portraits of Mathew and Auto-Portraits of himself doing all sort of things, being his favorite the one where the two man are having passionate sex, while in the mirror of the canvas it is a reflection of the scene, however the roles had flipped, like an alternate reality where the dominant becomes the submissive, think on that canvas made him want to kick everyone out of the gallery except that man and make art right there, in the middle of the gallery.
  7. Kieran was in trance, dwelling in his fantasies of having Mathew cold hands wrapped around his neck, being on a verge of death and pleasure, he quite often had those visions after finishing reading again his words, although other times he wanted to just enter in that world and be Avery, he wanted to be the only form of desire and love of that sadistic being, who like him was wrap in a cloak of greed... That greed was what lead to the end of Avery, but would he not do the same? He was sure he would... Although, he often wonders if Mathew would be like Kieran when it comes to persuading the things he wanted the most. A man's voice awakens from his thoughts, still paying attention to his master piece, he answered the man without looking at them "That would be me, Kieran Ambrose, if you are interested in any of the canvas let me know, although... In Apollo's name..." he gasped as he finally made visual contact with the possible customer. "Had the Devil heard my thoughts? You... Please, excuse me for a moment, I need to take a break." he said pulling out of his pocket a pack of cigarettes and heading outside, nervously, lighting the cigarette. He took a deep blow while glancing now and then at the gallery and then toward the portrait, no, it could not be true, someone must have been pranking him... Such craftsmanship could not be real, yet, the more he observed the more he saw how the mysterious man and the Mathew Petrovic were alike, even the aristocratic posture was present, not mention those permanent frozen river eyes shade. He throws away the cigarette, after one last smoke, and step on it while blowing the inhaled smoke. Heading straight toward the mysterious man, ignoring others who called his name "I hope this is not a prank because I find a hell of a coincidence the likes of you being so on point with my masterpiece. You are aware I am the artist, but who are you?! And why you look just like him!?" he demands the answer as he point toward the large painting of the vampire in a blazer. As his temperament changed so did something in the air, the light flickered and some of the other customers felt a bit of alarming as if a storm was approaching.
  8. Forever You Said @Mathias Cunningham «The Price of Existence» by K. Ambrose Ever since Kieran stumble on that novel his art had drastically change, he used to draw the Irish landscape, but nowadays he found himself immersed in sketches and paintings inspired by the work of Mathias Cunningham. He read the first of his novels and once he turns the first page he felt compelled to read more, although, it was not the writing itself what appealed him, even thought it felt feasible, it was the protagonist who drawn him to the Dark Hearts book series. He dreamed of him, he felt his struggles and that unconscious feeling he had that there should be something else in store for him. His empathy with the protagonist gradually became an obsession and soon he found himself trying to track a way to contact the writer, he was not sure if it was his official email or not, never the less he gave it a shot and sent an invitation for his exhibition entitled Forever You Said, by the entrance was a canvas inspired by the chapter of the night the main character was Turned. «Mathew Petrovic» by K.Ambrose However, his most prized painting was a portrait of him, the vampire he wish it was real, his muse, his fictional lover Mathew Petrovic, he hoped if the author ever came across his gallery felt that his character was real, the same way Kieran felt, in fact gazing toward those painted glacial eyes, dazzled and willing to do anything for that man. In fact, if there was a way of bringing that painted soul to life Kieran would do it, no matter what was his price, he would even sell his soul to the Devil if he had too. He was so focused in his thoughts and in his wandering feeling of pride and lust for his masterpiece that he did not even notice the curious minds entering the gallery.