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  1. Blaise Mikaelson

    Blaise just hoped he would fit in well here like he had Norway before he would then head back to France, then to go around again in another 12 months, he loved his job but it didn't leave him room for romance or friends. As he left them all behind when he left, to return and people moved on which was fine of course but annoying. "A second dragon trainer, keeper I've met with that ability, can I see what you can do with it?" obvs it kept her fireproof but could she do balls of fire and special tricks like his Norway girl he had trained up though she was very feisty herself. "The fire proof comes in handy right?" he asked chuckling. "Nice I was Beauxbatons, from France" he said if his accent didn't give him away. "Who's your uncle?" he asked not hearing that until now and was puzzled.
  2. Blaise Mikaelson

    He nodded his head it was still a pretty big place for a small sanctuary. He had just worked in the massive Norway one and boy that hadn’t been fun not when a girl got smacked against the wall by a massive horn tail, it was awful. He just hoped the same didn’t happen here. “I’m sure I’ll pick it up quickly, just new location and all” he said honestly he was good at picking things up quickly. He never stayed in one place more than six months to a year. “What do you enjoy about dragons the most?” He asked with a smile as he continued to walk as he heard that she was a keeper. So she helped look after them and catered for their needs, where as he bred them and collected the eggs to either give to another breeding grounds or to a well trained dragon expert for observations or they generally stayed where they were created. “Newly graduated right?”he could tell she was so young looking.
  3. Blaise Mikaelson

    Blaise felt bad as she had her nose buried in a book, but once she looked up she closed it anyway. He noticed she was friendly which was good to, seeing as he was new and all and had no idea where the heck he was going. “Thank you, I’d be waiting forever trying to figure it out” he chuckled softly as she introduced herself. “Nice to meet you rose I’m blaise” he said folding and putting away the paper work. As they walked he look around slowly trying to get s feel and pin point certain things. “So what’s your role here?” He asked trying to keep the conversation flowing.
  4. Since he had been five years old he had been obsessed with dragons. That’s what he wanted to do when he graduated from school, and he had done however he was now being shipped off to another country to help out with their dragon breeding programs after setting up several back on his own work company. He was the best breeding expert from where he was from and he was sure he wound be he best when he arrived in England to see the crew there. Blaise had no idea who he was going to be working with or for. No one had gave him much information so when he arrived in magical attire his fireproof clothes, cap and hard boots he waited by the entrance unsure who he was talking to. when a red haired girl walked past he coughed to get her attention. “Excuse me, csn you help me? I’m the new breeding expert come to help set up several programs but not sure where I’m going or who I need to see” he said handing her some paper work just for proof.