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  1. Felix Xavier

    Felix nodded his head “sure the main bar sounds good to me I’ll be there for eight” he said not having actually been inside yet he spent most his free time in the adult bar. It wasn’t dirty or anything just no under twenty ones allowed meaning no children and no teenagers. That and he knew if one snuck in to kick them out which happened twice so far two boys trying to buy girls drinks. Yes Felix was uncool Like that so he was told. “I’ll stay with you until it’s time to leave, I’m sure there is something we can do ather like.. um dancing or even playing a card game or something” he said honestly he wasn’t going to just eat and leave. As she swam and grabbed the ladder and pulled herself out he watched her but stayed in the pool. He wasn’t done so he wound stay for longer. “Thanks I get that a lot.. from teenagers that’s why I stay away from them” he said with a wink. He pulled himself out but sat on the edge. Moving his legs in the water.
  2. Felix Xavier

    Felix watched as she moved in the water she was very beautiful he wound give her that. “Eight is fine where shall I meet you?” He said knowing there were many restaurants on board and adult bars and normal bars and food joints. He would need to know to make sure he was on time of course. “Few drinks it is but only two for me, need to be sober in case of an attack” that’s what he was being paid for. He shook his head “of course not” he said with a small poke to her nose with his index finger and chuckled. “I only speak to adults unless they approach me seeing as I’m just here for protection nothing more” that and he didn’t want to deal with young woman or girls rather fawning over him. He didn’t need teenage stalkers, he also didn’t want to spend hours trying to hide from them either.
  3. Felix Xavier

    Felix was a natural flirt he was single and enjoyed woman. However they came, but he didn’t always sleep with them. He had standards and he also has manners he wouldn’t be ungentlemanly about things either. For now they were flirting with some kissing which was nice but that was about it for now that was willing to do. One they were with dozens and dozens of adults and kids and two because she was beautiful and seemed like the girl he could get to know more and maybe date. Felix hadn’t been paying much attention to Samantha due to him trying to make her jealous right now. But hearing that she wanted dinner with him he turned to smile at her with a small nod. “Dinner sounds good when shall I be ready for?”He said with a smirk to his lips as he leaned closer into her.
  4. Felix Xavier

    Seeing her shake her head he smirked knowing he was deffiently a tease. “Always a tease”he smirked winking at her as he licked his lower lip as it was dry no other intention. As he swam on his back he moved softly in the water using his feet and hands to navigate himself. Feeling her hand on his foot as she dunk him down he held his breath before getting to his feet and surfaced. As she swam away he smirked and dove under the water and chased her into the adult area. Swimming underneath her he turned around so his legs is legs wrapped around her waist and pushed out of the water holding her. Picking her up he walked and then dropped her in the water and swam off and reached the wall first as he hovered in the deeper end not being able to reach the bottom. His head against the side as. Woman who was attending to everyone with drinks wore practically nothing, gosh she was hot. He whistled at her and smirked as she flustered, he did it on purpose wanted to see what Sammy did.
  5. Felix Xavier

    If he wanted something he generally had his way as he kissed her back, as he pinned her against the pool side, this was quiet hot from his point a view and not just because it was super hot outside in the pool. As she kissed him back he smiled pressing into her even more, he wasn't turned on as that would be weird there were kids around and they were in water, which reminded him they couldn't get freaky, here right now. Hearing her soft moans he pulled away, letting her go from the wall as he pushed back into the water on his back. "You aren't bad at kissing" he teased softly with a wink.
  6. Felix Xavier

    As she thanked him he just gave her a simple nod of his head, as he waited for some witty words from her he was surprised when she kissed him and pulled away instantly. As he smiled he cupped her cheek and leaned in and kissed her again, deepening the kiss waiting for her to let him, once she opened her mouth he invaded it slowly with his tongue, tasting her, letting their tongues dance before pulling away grinning, as he moved them against the wall of the pool. Trapping her between him and the wall he leaned in and kissed her again, deepening the kiss once more, his eyes closed as he held her tight.
  7. Felix Xavier

    He nodded his head "Well you don't seem rude quiet the opposite" he said smiling at her and nodded his head again at her next words. "That's fine I'll be looking forward to it" he smirked at her. As she splashed him and then swam off, diving into the water below her he swam underneath, wrapping his arms around her waist as he resurface he brought her closer to him and grinned. "I got you, what do I get in return" he smirked at her.
  8. Felix Xavier

    The water was cool on his skin as he moved a little down so the water was a little deeper. The swimming pool was massive, which was good thing as there were lots of students and other staff in it. "You too" he said with a grin. He couldn't help but watch as she pushed off the ledge and headed his way. "That's amazing, though I'm not into celeberities myself I find them dull" that and they were mostly stuck up and just plain rude in general. "Maybe I can watch you dance one time then when the next performance is on" he said splashing her.
  9. Felix Xavier

    Getting up at her words he made his way towards her and sat down sipping his legs into the water. "Nice to meet you, in Felix Xavier" he said with a grin to his lips as he moved his legs in the water. Before he pushed himself off the ledge into the water going under and then surfaced. Running his hair through his hair shaking access water from his body as he stood in the water it wasn't that deep. Well not in this area anywhere as it was waist deep. Catching what she said about teaching dance at beauxbatons he nodded his head. "That's awesome I work in the ministry head auror" he said with a grin. He was proud of his work.
  10. Felix Xavier

    Hearing that she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon he nodded his head still engrossed in the game. "Sure I'll come sit outside I suppose that won't hurt" he said with a smile as she turned to look at her. Seeing the breeze was blowing her hair, he didn't understand why girls didn't tie it all up so it didn't annoy them. He watched as she got up and walked off he nodded his head and went back to his cabin using his card to open the door. Inside he stripped off and pulled on a baby blue pair of shorts and grabbed his flip flops and a towel, sunglasses and cream. He made his way back to the pool and took up a sun lounger and kicked his flip flops off. Placing his things down he looked around to see the blonde beauty and smiled at her as she was by the pool.
  11. Felix Xavier

    Felix truthfully hadn't dated anyone in months, maybe a year he had slept with one woman since the break up with his ex girlfriend, they had both wanted other things she had wanted marriage and children right away and he didn't. He was just living his life he didn't want to be tied so he set her free. Sipping his drink even more as he watched the rugby teams throttle each other, by tackling each other and more he winced as there was a head to head collision. Felix had been stuck in the game as he heard a voice saying hello it took a while to realize that she was talking to him, "Um Hello" he said giving her a small smile as he turned to look at her. He didn't look at her to long as he turned back to look at the Tv. "I haven't been outside I've just woke up really" he said with a small chuckle draining more of his drink. "If you give me like ten minutes I would need to go dress appropriately" he said looking at her as he sipped more of his drink.
  12. Felix Xavier

    Felix had been asked to go on a school trip with the beauxbatons staff. He was French ministry worker so that made sense to him. He was currently in the food canteen on board eating a late breakfast, well brunch. He had a massive fry up with extra bacon with no fat, mushrooms and toast normal not fried. Felix worked hard to keep his body beautiful he needed to be fit for his role as head auror. Once finished he downed his water and cleaned up him plates and stuff before heading to the bar. He wanted to read a newspaper and catch up on sport if it was on. As he walked in he headed to he bar and ordered a mocktail he didn't drink booze. He never liked the taste of it, or enjoyed the effects of it. It was passion fruit infusion with lots of ice. Grabbing the glass he sipped it as he looked at the tv on the wall.