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  1. Stellar Rosenburg

    She smiles "Did you forget what I told you on our first date? I wanted to share someday my side of the story. this is what I meant so I am more than sure about this..." although, before she gave the journal to Hendrix's hand she said "But, you have to promise whatever you read in this pages you will not do anything harmful, I had long ago forgave those who had hurt me in the past, so will you promise me that? Do not make me cast a spell that I only intended to cast at our wedding." Stellar said before giving the book to his hands, in the meantime, Hendrix grab his own journal and gave to her. Stellar blush and confess "Guess I will know what had been going on that pretty mind of yours all that time... I wonder what you will think when you discover that I did not forget... No, I am not going to spoil you, I will let you read and find out by yourself." she took a seat next to her fiancé and began to dwell on Hendrix's calligraphy.
  2. Winter 2028-2030* - Engagement Year @Hendrix Thomas The Story of Us With their wedding date approaching, Stellar wanted to sort his things so that Hendrix & Themselve could move, along with their doggies, into their own home. The two had been living in Hendrix's parents home and at their sister's apartment, both families said that they could stay, but their job was paying well and both did not feel well abusing their families hospitality. While they were moving the box Stellar bump into an old box, unsure what had inside they open it to find to their amuse and nostalgia their own diary: Stellar had not write on it these last couple of months, mostly due to the wedding plan, it was a small cerimony, but the two wanted to be perfect and magical: a Winter Wonderland, as Stellar had said to their wedding planner. Cliché, they knew, but for once they would not mind to break their esthetic code and go with a classic winter fairytale cerimony. When Hendrix arrive to their bedroom, Stellar was on the floor quite amuse reading his journal, as if he was reading a romance. "Oh hallo, mein lieber hertz! Do you recall on our first date, I told you that someday I would like you to read our story, throw my eyes, well... I just happen to find my journal, would you like to read it?" Stellar said as they close the diary with a happy smile in her face, because, even thought some of the things were quite sad, it sure make them blessed by the universe to know the end of that tale.
  3. Stellar Rosenburg

    He could not help to laugh, quite amuse, with Hendrix reaction. He was a pure hidden gem and he was glad he could call him his own, after all this time, there was hope for the two of them in the end, perphaps Cordelia saw this coming, but Stellar would never guess that eventually this could become more than just a dream. Stellar smiled and rubbed his hand "I am sure she will be glad, knowing her, she might even joke about it. Just between us two, I think my sisters were secretly awaiting for us to get together ever since you visit us at our place." he said this because he recall Cordelia look after Hendrix left their apartment after the first visit, she look like she had spot something that Stellar did not back then, now he knew what it was. It is one thing having a hunch, another, is seeing all being confirmed by the one you love, and at that point Stellar had no doubt that he love Hendrix more than anything, especially, with his acceptence of his genderfluid nature, it was such a lift of the burden he had been feeling since the day he save him from drowning. "I thought it was impossible to love you more, but, now, I am sure it is. It makes me so happy to hear you say that out loud. You don't know how much my soul is at ease with that, I had been blaming myself ever since we met for not be bold enough to tell you about my genderfluid nature... I was so afraid to feel like I had felt in Russia, I hope you can forgive me." he said looking into his eyes with a sincere guilt look, it trully hurt him to had cover up all this time his truth. "Perphaps someday I might be able to look back and laugh at those events... And maybe someday, I might be willing to share my own side of our story." he said, hoping that someday he would feel confident enough to allow Hendrix to read his journal.
  4. Stellar Rosenburg

    She smile at him "I am so glad to hear that, in Russia it was everyone by themselve, asking for help was a sign of weakness. They are very strick in their education system, there is no double option, breaking their system is seen as a bad behaviour and you are right away sent to detention. I never experience myself, but I heard their detention chambers put Durmstrang to shame..." as she talk about this her hands shaked, Stellar might never experience detention but she knew why her parents sent her there and the memories of that oppresive society and education system still gave her nightmares. "I am sorry, that place always make me uneasy, but at least here in Beauxbâtons I can tell it is a different enviorment, also, I want to thank you for sparing your time to help with my French studies." she said, really grateful for Hendrix attention and kindness to aid her fit in and feel welcome at Beauxbâtons.
  5. Character Name: Stellar Rosenburg Character Birthday: September 11 Character Age: 15 Country of Residence: France Year: Fifth Year House: Reynard Job: N/A Face Claim: Cameron Clayton (aka Farrah Moan) Abilities: N/A Creatures: N/A Additional Information: N/A
  6. Stellar Rosenburg

    Stellar felt a bit bad for not been able to be honest with him about their nature, perphaps, with time she would be able to tell him about who was the person in the picture and reveal her little secret. "By the way, I have something to ask... Do all professor around here lecture in French? I am still adjusting to the language difference, not that I do not think I cannot easily adjust, but if is not to much to ask, would you mind to aid me? I do not ask much, but since classes had barelly start, could we now and then practice the use of French if you want I can teach you in return a bit of German or Russian, would you mind?" she asked with her charming looks, she might not be a Veela but Stellar androgynous beauty tend to had a smiliar effect on people around him... Well except toward their parents, they never like to see them dressing up as a girl, neiter dying his hair or wearing any sort of makeup, even some beauty cremes that now and then were offer to them they would quickly throw away. "If it is too much of a trouble is fine, since my sister is going to enroll me in a summer language course anyway, but if you do not mind would be a great help." Stellar said presenting the boy with a charming smile.
  7. Stellar Rosenburg

    It was way better than all his wildest fantasies, he could not deny, now more than ever, that moment was ment to happen. He blushes a little when Hendrix caress his cheekbones... Oh, for how long he had crave that gentle touch, those lips and to be his and only his; and now, here they were in the edge of starting a new chapter in their lives. "Which one of them? Cordelia and Misty tend to want know everything, I am not sure if I told, but Misty is my sister's girlfriend. They both are always looking up for me." he smiled and blush a little bit as he realizes Hendrix did not even put in question his teasing, could this mean he had his mind set in spending the rest of his days next to him? He was not sure how to react to that idea, it was a bittersweet sensation, it trully made him gleeful, yet, Stellar was not used to people linger around him for long. Never the less, he pull his chair next to Hendrix and eye him with his mesmerizing eyes. "So the thought of me lingering between feminine and masculine spectrum does not affect you at all?" he asked, a part because he want to make sure Hendrix had no problem with that, and an another was due to his past relationship "I just want to make sure, since... We never spoke much about that ever since you found out I was not a woman by birth..." Stellar comment, avoiding Hendrix eye contact, since a part of him still felt guilty for not had the guts to tell him sooner.
  8. Stellar Rosenburg

    To be honest, he had a feeling he knew what he was about to ask him, but one thing is imagining in your mind another is hearing out loud the thoughts that had been for years in Stellar mind being pronounced out loud. How did he know? Well, a few time ago Hendrix's sister send a letter to Stellar saying he was concerned with her brother and wanted to talk with Stellar, at the first he got worried, but when she warmly greet him she knew that this might be Hendrix's way of getting the answer to something he was eager to know, he thought about lying, just for his personal amusement, but he knew it was not worth, so he answer truthfully to Hendrix's sister, he told that he pretty much never was capable to see Hendrix as a friend since he had loved him from the moment he saved him. So when Hendrix asked him the question he had been longing to hear, he said no words, no more games, he pulls Hendrix closer and kisses him. Words could say a lot, but at that moment, that kiss was the only right answer to Hendrix, he loved him and if it depends on him he would assure he would be his for the end of their time, he did not step back not one single time as he kissed the lips of the boy he adores, until he was out of breath "I do, and I intend to keep being your partner until I lose my breath." he smiled and kiss his cheek and then tease him, because he could not resist "For the record, if you ever intend to propose me, I do not think you need to ask your sister to find the answer." and then wink at him, with a look of "Yeah, I knew already!"
  9. Stellar Rosenburg

    April 26, 2024 - 4th Year I sent a letter to Cordelia to reassure her that I had took care of the situation, although she and Misty insist that I should at least speak with a psychologist about the incident. I will, just to reassure them, but to be honest this pass weeks had been quite relaxing. Now and then Hendrix joins me and Liebe on our walks or in my trips to the woods, although now and then I catch him daydreaming, almost as if he is mesmerized by something or someone, it is a bit annoying specially when we are studying. Or perphaps is just me, I mean I had been enjoying be on my male uniform, or even on weekends, I had not been feeling like put make up or get all dress up, a comfy shirt and a pair of shorts are good enough this days. Might be that, after all he spent most of our school year seeing me dress up in girl garments. P.S. I still have not discover who is that girl he has a crush on, she most be on a class we don't have together.
  10. Stellar Rosenburg

    April 10, 2024 - 4th Year My curiosity had spoken louder so I found myself gravitating toward Hendrix more often, to see if I spotted this girl he had feelings for, to be honest, I do not think at this point it would affect me, since Hendrix clearly has his standards and I have mine, so a romance between us would be unthinkable, although, he is a good friend and has been a huge help in my recovery without even he been aware, so the list I could do is make sure he got a good girl to look after him. In fact, things almost seem to return to how they were before the Halloween as if those months of not talking had never been there. I was studying with Hendrix Divination, when I saw Liam, I told him I would be back and grab Liam by the arm and drag him out of the room, now that I think, from others point of view we must have looked like a couple eager to celebrate Spring, yet, they were far from the reality of our situation. We spoke, he tried to plead his case, yet, this time I could not forgive him, so on that day we broke up, officially. I return quite amused, it was as if a heavy weight had been lift of my shoulders. The rest of day I spent with Hendrix, studying and sharing some stories of my life at Germany and Russia, now there was nothing holding back, since he knew that I was genderfluid, and it felt nice to be able to share those stories I was afraid to share in the past.
  11. Stellar Rosenburg

    March 28, 2024 I have not spoken with Liam since that incident, in fact, I did not even check if he was still petrified by the hidden groove, I am scared to see him or even confront him, but I know that if he ever comes near me again I will put to use some of those spells I learn at Koldovstoretz! I just need to make throw a few more months and this nightmare will be over, I should contact Cordelia, she might know what to do... Ouh! On the other hand, today as I was changing my clothes (yeah... I had been dressing more often these days the boys uniform) I found Jess crying at the stall, I asked her what was the matter, she told me about everything, that Hendrix broke up with her, apparently he had feelings for another girl... I embraced her and reassure her everything would be okay, although, I am not sure if I was saying that to her or to myself, yet, I could not help to wonder who that girl might be?
  12. Stellar Rosenburg

    March 19, 2024 - 4th Year Things between Liam and I were returning to normal, I start to believe he was really willing to wait, yet on this day I was about to be proven wrong, as we walked outside, on my way to Care of Magical Creatures' class, Liam took a shortcut and in that hidden groove he kiss me, I could not help to follow his lead. Yet, the more we kiss the more hungry he looks, like the animals ready to mate, I could tell something did not seem right, I ask him to stop, he did not listen me try to pull my clothes off, I did not think twice and kick him in the groins and quickly cast him a petrifying spell. I sort out embarrassed and ashamed, I barely had time to fix everything until I arrive to class and saw a few glances at me, I took a quick look in my hand mirror and fix the best I could with a few charms I had learned. I somehow felt Hendrix gaze and that was the only gaze I did not want to feel because I knew like the rest of that class he was judging me.
  13. Stellar Rosenburg

    March 14, 2024 - 4th Year The first signs of Spring arrival were around, I thought it was the perfect time to head to the woods and harvest a few fresh herbs, on my way to the woods I ran into Liam who asked for forgiveness for being so distant lately and barely hanging out with me, quite true, he had not even shown up to our tutoring sessions, although I assumed it was due to his NEWTs studies, turn out he had felt brush off when I stop him during the Holidays (I knew it!... Why am I not surprised...), yet, he realized that he was being selfish and not think about me or if I was even ready to take that step, so he asked if I could ever forgive him? I honestly do not know if it was the guilt or my mind seeing that as a sign, but I accept his apologies and let me accompany me on my journey. We spoke a bit about the Holidays and some fun experiences in classes, but we kept casual, I admit I was impressed, I thought I would try again something, but he did not, the only thing he did was when he left by the Reynard Entrance to the Common Room, he hold my hand and kiss it and repeat that he would await all time it took for me to get ready.
  14. Stellar Rosenburg

    January 27, 2024 - 4th Year I cannot believe I thought of such foolish idea back then, all I needed was a Calming Draught, it was the perfect solution. I had a few books I need it to borrow from the library, and who do I run into? Of all people in that school I had to run into the one I did not want to talk, Hendrix, he was quite optimistic and wanted to hang out. I was blind by jealousy so I reply quite coldly, saying I had no time to hang out since I had a ton of supplement material to read, yet he did not give up that easily and insist to join me, so I harshly said I did not want to be bothered. The moment I said those words I immediately regretted. I swear I could hear his heart shattering as I said that to him, for a brief second I thought to say something, but, I just could not... I would tight my belongings and run past him. If by any chances this journal falls into his hands I hope you can forgive me, Hendrix... For not be brave enough to say what I really wanted to say... My lips said to stay away, but my heartache shouting "DO NOT GO!", I wanted to be your friend again, but above all, I wanted to be the one kissing you...
  15. Stellar Rosenburg

    January 8, 2024 - 4th Year I could not wait to get back to Beauxbâtons and give to Hendrix the gift I had in my dorm's trunk, but above all, I could not wait to be reunited with him and hang out just like the early days, before everything crumbled down and we grew distant. I meet with Liam, who was quite stressed due to his NEWTs, so I said I would let him study peacefully since I need to head to the greenhouses ask for permission to clip a few plants for a potion assignment. As I was heading out I saw Hendrix and Jess having a snow fight, I almost join them when I saw them kissing... I ran... I ran as fast I could... Because in my heart I realize two things, I cared for Liam but my heart was still spellbound to Hendrix. I could not let those emotions overflow again in my system... Yet, one cannot choose whose their heart belongs to... But I could trick my heart and a ridiculous idea cross my mind, I would drink a love potion and let my heart be mesmerized by Liam... Or someone else, everyone as long it was not Hendrix.