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  2. Link to Shipper [WIP] Tracker Character Building: - Birthday Blues w/ Ashley as Aleksander Feldt Memories: - Trip to the Beach w/ Ashley as Aleksander Feldt Other / Extra
  3. The room was nice and warm, he window slightly open to let in a breeze and fresh air, the aroma of their activities left a certain smell but kirirto never minded the smell. Still, it was in the living room and well.... If someone were to show up, he didn't want the smell lingering. The sound of a light rainfall echoed through the room. Alek's hand lightly caressing up and down his back gave him goosebumps, kissing his fiance lovingly and gripping him tight. "Always" he noted, indicating he would always be the mans prince charming. He felt protective, safe, loved and wanted. However, at the mention of a nap, he gave Alek a silly look. "I'm starving and no offense love, you are absolutely delicious but you don't count as food that I can necessarily eat... and no... I am not a cannibal" he teased as he removed himself and got up to go and wash off before getting out ingredients to make pizza. The rest of the day was mild but enjoyable. They immersed in each others company and enjoyed homemade pizza with a few more movies before night fell and it was time to sleep. The next day, they had to pack up and return home from their little vacation. w: this can be completed
  4. It was November and not only was Thanksgiving coming up but today they decided to spend both of their birthdays together, being that it was in the same month and with their busy schedules, today was going to be perfect! Both taking a few days off of work and a reservation set in Tromso to spend away from home and to see a whole new area of Norway. Tromso was known to have a wizarding area fully separated by the muggle area. It was camaflouged by a giant mountain, which Kirito was looking forward to seeing. There was also a dragon sanctuary and inside the muggle area, an actual university and so much more was offered by Tromso and they were both looking forward to it. The transit that runs beneath the earth connected to all the major countries; Bodo, Tromso, Lillehammer, Trondheim and Oslo. Kirito already booked passage a month or so ago for them to use the transit. Normally others would find other means, by portkey but this was a great bargain and deal on their behalf and came with stops in other places. A whole package deal with the promise of great sites and good food! It would take a day or so by transit so a sleeping compartment was necessary. They didn't need anything big or fancy so they got a cozy little room that had a small bathroom and a few muggle devices like a television. It was a quaint compartment and quickly stored their things away. Kirito was already excited about how their trip will pan out and couldn't wait for the vacation to begin. The last day of work till the vacation was hectic and Kirito delivered around three babies and attended to several appointments. He worked nearly 20 hours straight before getting home to shower and quickly leaving, having had packed his things two weeks ahead of time. His work kept him very busy, being the head of his own department. As they descended stairs to the station, he had found himself looking around at everything in awws and oooos. It was so fascinating and so new to him. He wondered if Alek had done anything similar to this before and clung tightly to his fiance. This was to be the best birthday ever. [w: The transit at some point will get stuck from a collapse and earth shake. They will be blocked from both ends and never make their reservation. Eventually it will get cleared but their birthday is spent inside the transit. By the time they make it to their destination, they will have to go home. Let's see how it pans out when plans go amiss and things don't turn out the way they're supposed to]
  5. Alek and Kirito practically had spent all day exploring each other. He couldn't even count how many times they had made love. Maybe it was something in the air? Maybe it had to do with this being their vacation? Maybe it was just outrageous hormones.... Whatever the reason, kirirto couldn't get enough and he felt so lucky to have Alek as his fiance. The man seemed so in tune with his own emotions and Kirito always felt so loved and wanted with him. Not once did he question the man or feel as though he couldn't trust him. Past relationships had left Kirito with trust issues, paranoia and a horrible self image. He had always thought there was something wrong with him and it didn't help that at the start his mother had been trying to set him up with girls but after awhile she seemed to get the hint. So when Alek showed up at their doorstep, it was the start of a beautiful relationship but it wasn't always like that in the beginning. For one, it must have been quite comical for his mother and Alek when they realized that kirito thought that alek was his mothers date. After all, the man was around his own age. Thing's were cleared up quickly however and Kirito's embarrassment didn't go away quickly. Alek was supportive and patient with him though. He was honest and open and showed that he was there and he was staying. To this day he wanted to apologize to Alek for being such a handful but it wasn't hard to tell for anyone to see how in love Kirito was with Alek right when he laid eyes on him. This man meant everything to him. He still couldn't believe he was engaged, had a place of his own and a wonderful job. Years ago while in Durm, if you had asked him where he would have seen himself, this would have been his dream. He never expected it to become his reality. Kissing Alek lightly he smiled. "Thank you for making my dreams come true" he whispered against the mans lips with a soft smile. He held him tightly and his fingers ran up and down the mans chest and arms gently, feeling his soft skin. "I'll make dinner soon. Maybe we should invite my mother over again sometime. We still have yet to tell her the news of our engagement and I would prefer to let her know in person" he insisted with excitement.
  6. The momentum made the couch creek and move, scratching up the wooden flooring. The TV sounds lightly humming for background noise as he listened to Aleks breathing and soft whimpers. The warm, soft hardness within his hands, he did move upon vigorously as his sex kept penetrating into his beloved. Kirito's heart beat a mile a minute as he breathed in to catch his breath. Smell of flowers perfumed the air from the hyacinths in the vase nearby, the natural scent of Alek which always captured his attention.. his breath, his skin, the scent of his very clothing was enticing. Everything about this man had enticed Kirito, right from the very start. Kirito gave permission and could feel his own release coming too. Felling the warm liquid spew into his hand and between them, their stomachs becoming sticky wet together, his own ecstasy trailing through his body as he as well, released deeply into alek. Their tongues dancing before a gasp of a loud moan from his release and instinctual tight grip upon aleks physique. It took a few minutes to come down from the euphoric high, breathing in deeply and simply laying there, holding his fiance tightly. "Thank you baby... I don't even want to move" he admitted with a soft giggle and nuzzle of his nose against alek's nose.
  7. Kirito felt this urge of power and confidence in himself. A form of control over Alek as he dominated over his fiancee. The man beneath him, knees captured up against his own chest and that look of vulnerability only allowed kirito to realize just how much alek truly wanted this. He must have.. the look of need lingering in the mans shining eyes. If others were to see the two men walking down the street, they would most likely see kirito as the one to bottom, to submit. Here they were though and this new feeling irradiating, had kirito hooked to leading and controlling everything. It was something rather new and brought forth a part of him, he didn't even know he had. He liked it very much though.. and with each movement of their hips, his thrust deepened and quickened. He smirked, hearing his beloved ask for permission to let his body release. Kirito pushed aleks hand away from his own sex and began to stroke the hard throbing sex for himself, to feel just how badly he needed that release. He thought about it, letting the suspense build and wondering if he should allow the pleasure just yet. Maybe wanting to hold it out just for a bit longer. Than decided to wait for such lengths during their honeymoon and nodded breathlessly. Capturing his lovers lips, he moved faster, closer to his own release and stroked upon him with equal rhythm. Moaning soft whimpers against those pink soft petals which he eagerly sucked upon, his tongue sliding and dancing into aleks mouth and against his tongue.