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  1. Nicodème Proulx

    RP takes place in August 2025. Catching the golden snitch never got easier or less magical. Those two facts seemed to wash over Nico as his fingers danced over the cold, shiny snitch and he heard the whistle sound. It was over - they had won. As he began to process this information, he was assaulted by his celebrating teammates, the cheering from the stand crashing over him as he regained his main senses. His eyes moved from the struggling golden ball to the stands - unable to see clearly through the rain and cheering faces. He was there, Nico knew that, and he hoped Roderick knew that he only wanted to see him in that moment. The team finally moved off the field and the crowds began to move to the exits, but Nico waited. This celebration wouldn't be right unless he had a certain someone in his arms right now! TAG; @Roderick Wilcox