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  1. Nicodème Proulx

    As was the usual case, Nico's breath caught in his throat when Roderick entered the room. Nico was certain he was over the veela charm, he was just so into the other guy - the beauty was seen from the inside, not just the outside. Not that Nico was angry at all that he had snagged a half veela. He couldn't help but close his eyes at the sound of Roderick's voice. Sure, he had heard it many times, but in the privacy they shared it always just sounded different. But, before a few moments passed, Nico opened his eyes and stood up. He was closing the space between them quickly and pulled Roderick into him. "One of the best wet dreams you are ever gonna have." And then they were kissing, so wonderful and absolutely effortless. @Roderick Wilcox
  2. Nicodème Proulx

    My warmth, Lyle got injured last night in one of the training sessions. Pretty brutal bludger to the skull. Might never play again. Most of the team is pretty shook up. Put stuff into perspective for us. Sorry to hear about the drama, but that director of yours seems pretty capable. And I am trying my best to get the approval, next year I am putting everything in early. Maybe. Probably not. Have the night off, going out to the pub with a few of the team to cheers Lyle. Will be thinking of you mostly. Miss you. Always, Nico
  3. Nicodème Proulx

    RP takes place in July 2021. The entire theatre was on their feet, the curtain call music dancing over them, as the cast took their bows. And boy was Nico happy he had been able to make it. It had been already planned, but keeping it from Roderick had been tough, and Nico had even had to mislead to get the ultimate surprise accomplished. The cast continued to take bows, the audience begging for more, and Nico was right along with them. He had gotten a seat, tucked back in a corner, but for a moment he was sure he was the loudest one in the room. As the curtain dropped, Nico knew he had to move fast. A few Confundus charms had done the trick and he was sitting, a bouquet of roses in his hand, in Roderick's dressing room. His eyes were trained on the door - nearly ready to pass out from antici---------pation. @Roderick Wilcox
  4. Nicodème Proulx

    Wil(l you suck my)cox, You will be holding much more than a promise soon. How are rehearsals going? You know that I am trying to get back before the show. No ensemble boys tried to get in those pants? Oh no, I forgot. That's all mine. I'm rooting for you and the whole lot of ya. I guess I don't say it enough but I am so proud of you. And so lucky you put up with my shit. Off to the next session. Thinking of you in each moment. Yours, A Super Fan
  5. Nicodème Proulx

    The Worst, Welp, I got caught wanking because of you. Hope you are happy about that. Please send more of those images though. Just arch your back more. And know that, once I am home, I am going to live inside of you. Just FYI. Practice time. Miss you more each and every day - and not just for the sex. I have so much to say and tell you. Hope you will wait around for me. Yours, Nico P.S. No nudes included. You have to wait for the real thing.
  6. Nicodème Proulx

    My Boy, This bloody training camp is for the birds. They have us up before dawn and running drills well into the night. And, as you know, there is only one thing I prefer to drill well into the night. Hope you are well. Miss you more and more and can't wait to be home in July. Two whole months of nothing to do but be with you. Yours, forever, Nico TAG; @Roderick Wilcox
  7. Nicodème Proulx

    RP takes place in August 2025. Catching the golden snitch never got easier or less magical. Those two facts seemed to wash over Nico as his fingers danced over the cold, shiny snitch and he heard the whistle sound. It was over - they had won. As he began to process this information, he was assaulted by his celebrating teammates, the cheering from the stand crashing over him as he regained his main senses. His eyes moved from the struggling golden ball to the stands - unable to see clearly through the rain and cheering faces. He was there, Nico knew that, and he hoped Roderick knew that he only wanted to see him in that moment. The team finally moved off the field and the crowds began to move to the exits, but Nico waited. This celebration wouldn't be right unless he had a certain someone in his arms right now! TAG; @Roderick Wilcox